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Sunday, 8 June 2008

At the heart of it all - by Toxicblogger from Verbal Enema blog

If I lived elsewhere on the planet I might feel sorry for the ANC government and it's endless monumental balls-ups. Since I live here however, pity makes way for disappointment, frustration and exasperation, all laced with copious embarrassment.

There are good reasons why professional qualifications take years to achieve: there is much to learn. Even after these have been acquired, all one really has is a license to refer to textbooks, because it is a well known fact that much professional learning occurs after qualification, in the initial years of practical work, whatever the field of endeavor.

Good management is an art, much like that of any skilled professional. The mental dexterity required to deal with diverse personalities in a work group, reduce complex situations to simple and foresee likely outcome scenarios is a pre-requisite, one with which good managers are born. Others are destined to fail or follow. True mastery of the art demands honing in a tertiary education environment, though mastery is not needed for simple effectiveness.

But with almost no exceptions, every single management position in the ANC is held by some unqualified nitwit obsessed by lining his wallet. Why?

Because the organisation was banned under the Nationalist government of the old SA, the ANC's 'struggle' was launched from 'training' camps in neighbouring states. Here, cadres who had returned from formal military training in Cuba, East Germany and the USSR imparted their warmongery to lesser cadres, eager to also plant limpet mines and car bombs in their pursuit of freedom. Many were functionally illiterate and most remain so today.

Besides illiteracy and general skills limited to those required for killing, destruction of property and sowing mahem, many of these poor greenhorns were also subject to detention and torture at the hands of others, if they dared object to the organisation's doctrine or methods. Some were executed.

When deployed, ANC operatives meted out similar punishment to any members of the township populace deemed unsupportive or uncooperative in any way, or thought to be informers of the government.

In short and despite lofty party-philosophical ideals to the contrary, the entire culture of the ANC is one of acceptable individual ordinariness and ingrained violence. Very, very few are/were educated or in possession of credible professional qualifications or useful management experience.

And yet it was from these individuals, mostly human barrel-scrapings, that seemingly random governmental and provincial appointments were made. Most persist today, perhaps shifted to a different ministry or portfolio but no less ineffective than before, while other, newer appointments are simply lecherous, nepotistic clones of their struggle forebears, equally unsuited to any position of responsibility.

To this mix of less-than-mediocrity and guerilla barbarism, add a gene pool in the embryonic stages of post-pastoral tribalism. The result? A cocktail of unsurpassed collective ineptitude stirred vigorously by the divine swizzle-stick of post-apartheid entitlement.

Simply put, it's hard to understand how the ANC could recognise the "need" for terrorist training camps to pursue the goals of their struggle, yet completely overlook the requirement for trained managers to ascend into newly-vacated government positions if and when such goals were reached.

Personally, I think they were fortunate disciples and vassals of ambitious cold-war communist expansionism, willingly exploited and 'programmed' in return for logistical and organisational support by their Soviet and Cuban masters. Which is to say they had white men planning and organising for them.

But now that white man has become a pariah in the country of his birth and following the demise of communism, the proliferation of mindless ANC pawns bounce aimlessly without direction and leadership. And of course, they would rather wither and die before turning to white man for guidance.

Hence idiots supervise fraudsters, thieves protect cheats and reason leaves the building, hot on the heels of Elvis and pausing only to turn out those few remaining lights still powered by Eskom.


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