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Friday, 13 June 2008

Burglars cut off ear, two fingers

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Johannesburg - "They just stabbed, hit and cut," said Carmen Rossouw of the attack in which her father, George, had one ear and two fingers cut off during an attack on Monday morning.

He and his wife, Bernie, were repeatedly stabbed with a knife and hit with a hammer and crowbar.

George, 53, a businessman from Olifantsfontein near Midrand, had his left ear and the index finger and pinkie on his left hand cut off with a knife.

He was repeatedly hit with a hammer and crowbar all over his body and stabbed 12 times with a knife.

Bernie, 50, was stabbed with a knife in the face and back. Some of her ribs were broken and her lungs were pierced.

The couple, who own a catering company, were lying in a pool of blood when their security company, the police, the ambulance service and their two daughters arrived at the house.

Ear was sewn back

They are in an extremely serious condition in the intensive-care unit of the Unitas Hospital in Pretoria.

George's ear was re-attached during an emergency operation.

The attack occurred on Monday about 04:00. Carmen said the attackers had used an unidentified object to cut open a gate in order to get on to the property.

"The electric fence was switched on, so they couldn't get over the fence.

The robbers then broke open the security gate at the kitchen door and broke in at the kitchen door to get into the house," said Carmen.

She said the alarm went off when the attackers entered the house.

"As far as we know, there were just two attackers. They were armed with a crowbar, a hammer and a knife.

"They were waiting for my father in the kitchen and overpowered him when he came down the passage. My mother was behind my father and saw them attack him. She ran to try to help him."

Carmen said that according to her mother, the attackers had repeatedly asked for firearms.

The attackers eventually left without stealing anything.

"My mother and father were flat on the ground by that time and couldn't do anything. They tried to crawl to the room to get to the phone.

"My mother said that as she inhaled, the air went out from her back. She did manage to get her phone in the room, though, and called us."



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