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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Mom takes four bullets to save her son

By Vivian Attwood

A mother was shot four times while trying to stop her son tackling robbers who had just held them at gunpoint while ransacking their house in Mayville.

The family of Sangitha Nagar, 52, said she was shot four times, in the abdomen and arm while trying to stop her 24-year-old son, Samith, from tackling a robber on Monday night.

Samith was shot in the right arm and is in a satisfactory condition. His mother is reported to be in a serious, but stable, condition in the intensive care unit of a local hospital.

Deepika Nagar, 26, was watching television with her mother when the family's nightmare began.

"It was a quiet night and mom was heading to bed," said the shocked young woman.

"I went to my room to get a towel for my shower, and dad and Samith were just relaxing.

"Suddenly I heard my father shout 'Hey! What do you want?' There were six armed men pushing their way into the living room. I screamed, and one of them flung me down onto the tiled floor. My parents and brother were also knocked down and the four of us lay there, too terrified to move.

"My cellphone was lying on my bed and I knew I had to hide it," she said. "Our landline often doesn't work and I wanted to make sure we had some means of calling for help, so I dashed into the room and threw the cellphone under the bed," said Deepika.

She was spotted by one of the armed men and roughly flung to the floor again.

"He took my rings and demanded to know where the safe was. The more my dad tried to explain that we didn't have one, the angrier he got.

"He started to beat dad, and then I just snapped. I didn't care if they shot me, but they weren't going to carry on hurting my father. I knocked the attacker so hard he hit his head on the wall. I can't remember clearly, but one of us pushed the panic button and our security company phoned immediately.

"The men forced my father to say that nothing was wrong and then they headed for their escape car, which was parked in the driveway.

"While I was phoning my boyfriend for help, I saw my brother trying to tackle one of the men and pull him back out of the car.

"There was a lot of shooting and I saw my mother was badly injured and bleeding from her stomach. My brother was nearby, also bleeding."

Neighbours and family tried to stem the bleeding from the two victims' wounds while they waited for an ambulance.

"They were absolutely amazing. Everyone has really rallied round in our time of need," said Navin Nagar, Deepika's father.

"While we are still very worried about my wife, we pray she will make a full recovery. Samith is doing much better."

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