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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Roots of Apartheid

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Popular myth as propounded by the vexatious Mass Media has it that Apartheid started in 1948, when the Afrikaner-dominated National Party won that year's General Elections. This revisionist fantasy holds that prior to the evil racist Nats assuming power, South Africa was this wondrous multi-racial, multi-cultural Utopia under righteous, benevolent Brit rule, where White, black and all hues in betwixt & between sat around the campfire hand around waist singing kumbajaa in everlasting peace & harmony.

Alas. until these hateful, racist, jackbooted dutchmen came goose-stepping along in 1948 and changed this wondrous multiracial fairyland into a seething cauldron of racial animus. Err, well, not exactly.

The basic truth is that the Nats simply perpetuated racial policy & legislation as implemented by the British. Consider the following laws, generally considered to be the pillars of Grand Apartheid:

• The Native Pass Law (1809) of the British Government compelled Black people to carry pass books;

• In 1865 Sir Theophilus Shepstone made it impossible for Black people to vote in Natal;

• Cecil John Rhodes in 1894 stopped a Brown man, Krom Hendriks, from taking part in a South African cricket tour to England;

• Rhodes and Milner in 1905 introduced compulsory division between Black and White scholars in Cape schools;

• The Native Land Act 2(1913) prohibited land ownership by Blacks;

• Min. H.W. Sampson (1925) introduced job reservation as regards the Law pertaining to Mines and related industries;

• The Immorality Act in Natal (1927) prohibits sexual relations between people of different race and colour. (This was confirmed by Law 23 of 1957);

• Gen. J.C. Smuts in 1936 introduced separate representation in Parliament;

• The Native Urban Area Act 25 (1945) stated that Blacks may not, without a permit, remain for 72 hours in an urban area;

• The National Party in 1948, defeating the SA Party at the ballot box, respected all land- and provincial legislation, and stuck to existing entry and non-entry signs at all state departments, public places and businesses which indicated where the various races would be served.

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