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Thursday, 28 August 2008

World's greatest cops...

From SAS

Kimberley - A woman has told how she "screamed and screamed" while she was allegedly being raped by four men after she was locked up in a police cell with them early on Sunday morning.

The rape ordeal lasted about three hours, Monica Kanyane, 19, from Galeshewe, said on Monday.

"Police arrested me on Sunday morning and then locked me up in a cell with the four men. The men were at the back of the cell."

Kanyane was apparently arrested and locked up for being drunk in public. "There was a bed in the cell and I went to lie down on it. One man kicked me awake. I screamed for help, but nobody came to help me."

'The men took turns'

She said she was then repeatedly raped by all four men. "I was crying. The men took turns. At about 06:00 the police arrived and I told them what had happened. I had to make a statement and was taken to the Kimberley hospital. I also saw a counsellor this morning (Monday)."

She said the policemen had apologised to her, but she was angry at the officials who had locked her up with the men. "My stomach felt like it was turning inside out. They must lock up men like that in a separate cell."

Dan Morema, provincial head of the Independent Complaints Directorate, said on Monday the case had been reported to them.


"The complainant said police had called her a tomboy and said she had to be locked up with the four men in the cell. She was then raped."

Morema said the Independent Complaints Directorate's preliminary investigation had indicated that police had helped the woman to open a case of rape.
"They also helped her get medical care. The case file has been given back to police for further investigation. The official who locked up the woman with the men will be dealt with by the department."

Police spokesperson Constable Sergio Kock said police were investigating the allegations against the respective police members. "The investigation is continuing."
Kanyane gave permission for her name to be used.

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