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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Name change meeting turns into racial war

from SAS

Emotions boiled over at a public meeting in Pretoria yesterday, where the Tswane Metro Council are hosting meetings with residents over the proposed street name changes. A huge fight broke out between whites and blacks after a black person attacked a white resident, hitting him over the head with a chair.

A Police and Metro cops intervened, summoning reinforcements and firing teargas. In scenes reminiscent of Zimboonia, predominantly black police and metro cops stormed into the hall in Pretoria North and started attacking White residents, while pointedly ignoring black troublemakers. They then kicked out the Whites and refused to allow them to participate further in the meeting.

Image: Black Metro pig assaulting what appears to be a young White woman

Kallie Kriel of Afriforum, a pro-White Afrikaans group was assaulted and man-handled by a shitskin Metro cop director who was in charge of the Metro police contingent. Kriel said he pointed out to director Ndumiso Jaca that the person responsible for hitting a White resident over the head with a chair was still in the hall – this after the Metro police had selectively intervened and thrown out only White residents involved in the fighting.

Jaca then attacked Kriel, who subsequently laid charges of assault against the director. “I made it clear that I had no part in the disruption and did not resist, and simply pointed out that the man responsible for the violence was still in the hall. The violence broke out when a black attacked a White, hitting him over the head with a chair. A White man was arrested, but the black who started the fight wasn’t even addressed or questioned.”

A spokesman for the Freedom Front + said the ANC’s reckless handling of the issue had reached crisis proportions and required urgent intervention. Willie Spies, FF+ MP said the police only targeted and attacked Whites but completely ignored black troublemakers.
Afriforum said that it was deeply concerned how the SA Police and Metro Police were being used as instruments by Marxist ANC regime, to target Whites who were opposed to the looming name changes.

In South Africa, we have approximately 8 000 unnamed streets and roads in predominantly black townships, yet the illegitimate terrorist regime, motivated by racist anti-White hatred, simian spitefulness and envy will insist on changing major street names in especially White Afrikaner towns and cities, ostensibly to foment racial discord and fan the flames of conflict.

Streets named after Afrikaner heroes and leaders like Pretorius, Schoeman and Potgieter are to be changed to honour communist dictators and murderers like Fidel Castro and Che Guavara. When the name changes are implemented, the United States Embassy in Pretoria will straddle Fidel Castro Street on the one side, and Che Guavara street on the other.

The cost of the street name changes are astronomical – in Pretoria alone, it is expected to be in the region of R 900 Million (approximately US $ 100 Million) – this while municipal service delivery and other essential social services like policing and medical care are in a state of virtual collapse, due to black mismanagement, incompetence, massive corruption and budgetary constraints. It is clear that the Afro-Nazi regime is driven by a consuming, mind-boggling hatred of Whites, and political parties such as the Freedom Front and Afriforum are openly calling it cultural vandalism and sabotage of the highest order.

A significant majority of blacks also oppose the name changes, as they feel the massive funds required for this would be better spent in service delivery. A number of factors are driving the new political party which is emerging as a splinter of the ANC (mooted the be called the South African National Congress or SANC) and insane name change policies costing billions, at the expense of grinding poverty alleviation and non-existent service delivery are adding to black discontent.

Yesterday’s violence at dissident ANC leader Terror Lekota’s first public meeting is a foretaste of what could very well be the precursor for a looming civil war in South Africa. The open racial clashes at the Pretoria meeting is also unprecedented – up till now, Whites have meekly accepted the ridiculous diktats and whims of the ruling criminal gang, but as is becoming obvious, Whites have now reached a stage where they will take no more. The temperature is being turned up tremendously and racial animus & polarisation is at an all-time high, and the potential for conflict at ominous levels. This Pretoria incident is but one of a rash of incidents in recent days, where violent clashes between White and black are becoming ever more prevalent.

Since taking power in 1994, the ANC has embarked on a deliberate policy of demonising Whites and fanning the flames of racial hatred. This served the purpose in uniting warring tribes and factions of blacks against a perceived common racial enemy, being the former “White colonialist oppressor”. However, with the outrageous corruption, theft and abject lack of social services resulting in a civic melt-down, a large portion of blacks are growing increasingly restless, turning their backs on the ANC. In April this year, the country witnessed unprecedented unrest & rioting in the form of “xenophobia attacks” on foreigners. A high level report concluded this week that the attacks on foreigners, which resulted in a hundred deaths and thousands of displaced indigents were sparked mainly by corrupt ANC officials taking bribes in exchange for giving housing intended for local blacks, to foreigners.

This in turn resulted in the hard communist left within the ANC to make insane promises upon which they could never possibly deliver, unless they embark on a large scale seizure of White assets and land such as encapsulated in the expropriation bill which was put on hold recently after a huge outcry.

As is usually the case, when you are stealing from Paul to pay Sipho, you can count on Sipho’s support, so the communist populists, led by Jacob Zuma was able to hijack the ANC with relative ease. This in turn led to the palace coup where Tarboy Mbeggi was replaced by Zuma proxy Mothlanthe now acting as caretaker president. Panic-stricken investors are repatriating massive amounts of capital from South Africa, and while the MSM is apportioning the crash of the Rand to international market turmoil, a significant component of our financial woes are being driven by the ascendancy of the communist faction.

South Africa has been in an economic recession for the past year, with growing numbers of both White and black people unable to afford their cars and homes. Inflation and skyrocketing food prices are adding to these woes. One can rightfully observe that South Africa has never been this close to the abyss. The bad news is that things are set to become much worse – the global financial meltdown is but one factor in this hair-raising mix, but the spark for complete chaos could well be Lekota’s new party.

It is significant that Lekota, formerly a loyal ANC stalwart, is now justifying his creation of a splinter party by the use of slogans like “save South Africa from tyranny” and bring SA back from the Warlords”. It could be said that Lekota, himself a revolutionary with his nickname being “Terror” is in a sense the pot calling the kettle black with these strong pronouncements. On the other hand the ominous possibility exists that he, as a former insider) might know a few things we don’t. If this is indeed the case, we have much to be concerned about.

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