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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Secret Paramilitary camps: training for Uhuru?

from SAS blog, quite shocking indeed


The past year has seen a chilling new phenomenon rear its head in Azania - secret paramilitary camps jumping up in a number of places. A few weeks ago this blog reported on a training camp supposedly run by the Inkatha Freedom Party being shut down, and 300 of the "trainees" getting arrested.

Just over a year ago, it came to light that a group of approximately one thousand black men had massed on a farm adjacent to the SA / Swaziland border. The alarmed White farmer summoned the police, who investigated. The group told the cops they were former ANC & PAC terrorists who were waiting to be led to a military training camp based in Swaziland. No follow-up was ever reported on this rather sinister story.

Yesterday, fresh reports have come to light of yet another training camp in Northern Natal - this time it would seem the camp is run by the ANC. Interestingly, this camp has not been shut down, nor has anyone (police, army) intervened, in spite of an IFP leader blowing the whistle to cops.

ANC provincial secretary Seno Mchunu has issued the usual denials, stating that although trainees in this latest camp are claiming allegiance to the ANC, they are in fact not ANC members. He further said that he had visited the camp in March 2007, finding that "someone" was recruiting and training these blacks, but he had "no idea" who, or why...
What is quite intriguing is that Mchunu had actually visited this camp as long as eighteen months ago, yet no attempt whatsoever has been made to shut it down or investigate such a flagrant breach of, and threat to state security. This is in stark contrast to the hurried intervention in the case of the IFP camp.

This raises a host of questions...why is the ANC, who happens to be SA's current government, secretly training black men in clandestine camps? To a degree, one can understand the IFP doing this - prior to 1994 there was much cooperation between the AWB and IFP, including the provision of arms and training to resist the ANC, all leading to ferocious "Third Force" fighting in Natal and elsewhere. However the IFP is not in government, nor do they control the SA Armed Forces as the ANC does.

One thing is crystal clear - had this been a reactionary White AWB style camp, it would have been shut down with indecent haste, the recruiters, trainees and financiers summarily arrested and charged with treason, along with a media circus trumpeting the evils of racist & subversive Whites wanting to "drag SA back to White hegemony"...
Could this possibly be the source of all those cash heist operatives, ATM bombers and other paramilitary groups who regularly attack entire shopping malls, banks and supermarkets? Or are there even more sinister issues afoot?

Considering the role played by clandestine militias in Zimboonia, such as the "Green Bombers" and other ragtag murderous bandits employed with great success by the Mugarbage regime against White farmers, business owners and the MDC, and read together with recent developments in SA where the ultra-left communists under Zuma have staged a bloodless coup d'etat, could it be a blueprint for a Zim style land grab, or worse, preparation for a civil war in the fashion of a populist class & race revolution?

Africa has a long and dark history of warlordism, and virtually every country which obtained self-rule from their former colonisers have regressed into factions fighting one another in a wild Mad Max style anarchic bloodbath. South Africa in particular (with its history of extreme racial animus) has often been the subject of conspiracy theorists darkly warning that the race war which is to befall it will make other conflicts seem mild and insignificant. "Uhuru" and "Night Of The Long Knives" are centrepieces of these seemingly wild and inflammatory theories.

While we on this blog cannot vouch for the veracity of these doomsday outcomes, it is troubling in the extreme that a growing body of circumstantial evidence is presenting itself. Why is the government of South Africa turning a blind eye to training camps ostensibly run by the ruling party? For what eventuality, "black ops" or "grand plan" are these men being trained, that the regular armed forces and police cannot be employed? Worrying stuff indeed folks. All we can say is, either get out while you still can, or else keep your guns oiled and stock up on ammo...who knows what the future might bring.

Parties angered over KZN camp
From IOL: Durban - Opposition political parties in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday strongly criticised the police's apparent inaction at closing down a paramilitary camp in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

The camp, whose members are allegedly aligned with the African National Congress, is located near an abandoned youth rehabilitation centre in the Vuma area, about 15km west of Eshowe.

Details of the camp and what training was being undertaken were not immediately known, but IFP national organiser Albert Mncwango said he had told police about the camp last month.

"I have raised this with the provincial police commissioner last month and he has not responded. This group is doing exactly the same work as the Mlaba camp was alleged to be doing," said Mncwango.

"I am very disappointed with the manner in which police are acting. They are allowing themselves to be used as pawns for the ruling party and this is precisely what the apartheid government did - use the police for their own political ends."

He said members of the Mlaba camp were arrested because of their affiliation to the IFP.
"Yet police are turning a bind eye to this camp because they are affiliated to the ANC."

In August of 452 people were arrested at Camp Mlaba near the Hluhluwe-Mfolozi game reserve. The members of that camp, who were alleged to be affiliated with the Inkatha Freedom Party's former self-defence units, were charged for contravening the Criminal Law Second Amendment Act of 1992. It prohibits the training of people for "the conducting of any military, paramilitary or similar operation".

ANC provincial secretary Senzo Mchunu said he was aware the camp, but denied allegations of ANC involvement.

"Even though those people are claiming to be ANC, they are not. We did not create that camp," he said.

Mchunu said he visited the camp in March last year.

"We found that somebody was training and recruiting these guys, but it was not the ANC. We also found that the vast majority of them did not qualify for the military, even though they claimed to be soldiers."

Mchunu said he had told people in the camp that the only way to join the military was to apply for military posts by filling out a form.

The Democratic Alliance's provincial caucus leader Roger Burrows said: "It's totally unacceptable that any military or paramilitary force connected to whichever political party is being trained.

"The MEC for Safety and Security Bheki Cele needs to immediately stamp down on this, close these camps and charge those involved. This must be seen to be fair, transparent, and open- handed."

He said that if Cele did not move to close the Vuma camp, it would suggest that "he is protecting his own political party".

Provincial police spokesperson Director Phindile Radebe said she could not immediately confirm whether provincial commissioner Hamilton Ngidi had been informed of the camp.

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