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Sunday, 16 November 2008

SA life expectancy lower than Iraq


from Doberman at I Luv SA But

Hmm, life in the New! Improved! South Africa!™ is so much better huh?  Read the glowing results below after 15 years of 'freedom'.

It's a good thing we got rid of that despicable yet highly efficient apartheid system where schools, hospitals, public services, government and infrastructure functioned properly and jobs were plentiful.

Hey, like they say, better freedom - in poverty and in illness - living till the age of 49 than a life under apartheid, employed and living healthily to a ripe old age.

Life expectancy lower than a country engaged in a brutal war. I despair.

Read also;
South Africa’s life expectancy of 48 is a national disaster.

The life expectancy of South Africans is lower than the average in Africa and that of war-ravaged Iraq, a UN Population Fund report showed.

The data is contained in a report on the state of the world population in 2008 which was released by the United Nations Population Fund on Tuesday.

Beeld newspaper reported that, worldwide, men are expected to live until 65 and women until almost 70.

But in Africa, men are expected to live until 52 and women until 54.
In South Africa, the life expectancy for men is 49 and for women 50.

In Iraq, those figures are 58 and 62 for men and women respectively.
Australians expect to live long lives — the life expectancy for men and women there are 79 and 84 respectively.

The report said South Africa's HIV infection rate of 14.5 percent among men and 21.8 percent among women places it among the highest on the continent.

Developing countries are also responsible for the most births in the world.
In developed countries, 23 babies are born for every 1,000 teenage girls aged between 15 and 19.

In less developed countries, that number increases to 57 and in under-developed nations, the figure is 116.

The report also showed that the number of illiterate South African men is more than double than those in Zimbabwe, a UN Population Fund report showed.

Illiteracy among South African men over 15-years-old is 16 percent as opposed to seven percent in Zimbabwe, Beeld said.

Nineteen percent of South African women older than 15 are illiterate compared to 14 percent in Zimbabwe.

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