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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The word 'racist' is Hate Speech

The word “racist” is Hate Speech

White (Caucasian) people are often called racists. When you expose, say or do anything to a person of another race, you are called a racist. This is especially true when you speak / or expose the truth. As you are aware, there are enormous double standards at work here; e.g. when blacks do or say the same things- they are not racists.

When white people are called “racists”, they often try to proof that they are not “racists”. Unfortunately, this is impossible, because you will always be called a racists by these Anti-European / Anti-White race haters. It does not matter what you do. You can even mate with these Caucasian race haters; you will still be called “racist”.

The term “racist” is in actual fact Anti-European / Anti-White HATE SPEECH.

The term “racists” is always used when people of the white race is insulted.

These Anti-European / Anti-White / Anti-Caucasian race haters, does not like it when they are exposed / or when you expose the truth. They hate the truth, and the word “racist” is their only weapon. They think you are going to Shut-Up or go away when they call you a “racist”.

Blacks claim they can never be racist. Therefore the term “racist” is only reserved to insult white (Caucasian) people. This is fundamental proof of the HATE involved in this ugly word.

When a person tells you, you are racist, all you need to say is:

“ The word ‘racist’ is HATE SPEECH. You must stop this Anti-European / Anti-White / Anti-Caucasian HATE SPEECH.”

You may distribute / email this freely.

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All I can say to Labour is SO WHAT
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