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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cosatu condemns Israel: pot calling kettle black

from Johann @ The Right Perspective

The Congress of South African Trade Unions have called the Israeli air raids into Gaza “criminal”. COSATU want the South African government to break diplomatic ties with “Apartheid Israel” and is also calling for sanctions to be instituted against it.

Mainstream media, or the “ministry of lies” as the great Frank from Queens calls them, obviously fall over their own feet to broadcast their version of the truth, burning into our minds the images of wounded Palestine children being carried to hospital. Civilians are being shown as bearing the brunt of Israel’s “illegal” policy of “collective punishment”.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), Media Review Network (MRN) and other South African Islamic groups jumping on the bandwagon.

COSATU have criticised the “balanced approach” of the South African government towards Israel and Palestine. They are told to learn lessons from the Apartheid struggle in South Africa. Policies developed in this era need to be drastically changed and South Africans have to boycott Israeli goods, since support for Israel is now proclaimed to be an “apartheid” action.

I have a few questions for these intellectuals based in that hub of crime, corruption, racial hatred, incompetence, anti-white hate speech and idiocy, to the rest of the world known as post-apartheid South Africa:

1) These air raids into Gaza - were they a retaliation of some sort, or did these Israelis just decide on some sunny day that this sounds like something to keep them busy with for a while?

2) Did the thought ever cross your mind (and I am making some assumptions here) that somewhere there are some Israeli children being carried to hospital?

3) Explain to me the concept of Israeli attacks being illegal and criminal, but the same actions from Palestine not being. Provided of course your answer to my first question wasn’t “just some sunny day”.

4) How come, whatever your answer to question 1 was (and sorry folks, this really isn’t a trick question), you call the actions of Israel illegal and criminal, but your big, fat, senile brother across the Limpopo border can exterminate a whole tribe, kill his own people due to utter incompetence over decades which resulted in a total breakdown of infrastructure and bash in the heads of his opposition party members and STILL he isn’t classed as a criminal in your books?

5) Exactly how are you qualified to categorise the actions of the Israeli nation as criminal? Is it because you yourself are so experienced at being criminal? I am just asking based on your wonderful track record and also that of your “brothers” in the ANC and the SA Communist Party. And please don’t tell me it is one of those cases where the Tripartite Alliance is neither tripartite nor an alliance - you can’t use this relationship when it suits you and hide it in the toilet when it is an embarrassment. Oh well, of course you can, but I don’t accept it - neither does any person with an IQ slightly higher than that of a carrot.

6) To these “religion of peace” supporters I actually have a statement rather than a question. You don’t qualify to call any other entity “criminal” or “illegal”. Not when you murder when it suits you in the name of your peaceful religion. You lost me at “hello”.

7) Even if you have by some miraculous sequence of celestial events managed to convince yourself that action against Israel is warranted, i.e. the policy changes and sanctions, how do you intend to convince the lesser carrots amongst us to authorise such actions when you veto every action demanded by those same lesser carrots against that dictator Mugabe? You see, the problem with dealing with lesser carrots is that they actually remember what happened the day before yesterday. Bummer, isn’t it?

And no, the title of my post really does not have any racial connotation to it. Just accept that from a lesser carrot.

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