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Monday, 8 December 2008

South Africa: 1970s and today

from I Luv SA blog

You have to see this video. The South Africa I knew. Observe the clean streets, the hustle and bustle of people with a purpose, jobs, places to go, blacks and whites living harmoniously, no high walls, no electrified fencing, no street hawkers. No decay, no grime. Notice the lack of any animosity between the races.

And then see the South Africa of the 2000s, more pictures viewable at The Death of Johannesburg.

I am prepared to bet my last dollar that given the choices between what was and what is, that even blacks today would prefer life before the ANC calamity befell the country.
You see, foreign liberal idiots reading this that participated in the so-called 'liberation' of South Africa into the shithole that it is today, this video is the image of South Africa your media and governments did NOT want you to see. What you got to see was blacks rioting, tyres and buildings burning and 'evil' white police shooting at poor defenseless blacks.

And then we have today's 'utopia'...

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