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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Attackers kill 83-year-old at home

from Doberman @ I Luv SA


I ask again, nay, I plead for answers, what threat does an octogenarian pose? I challenge anyone, particularly those detractors of "there-is-crime-only-here-and-there" kind to name another country where home robberies are so violent, that often result in torture, rape and murder like South Africa? I despair for our country, I really do.

When we as a society cannot protect our young, our women and our old, we are essentially a failed society. Law and order has broken down. Our old folk deserve to live out their days in peace, that much we should be able to guarantee. A relative of mine has parents also in their 80s that NEVER leave their home for fear of being attacked. They have been cooped up in their home for years, mostly alone.

I fear our little tally below will just keep growing but it is important that we chronicle these incidents because no one else will. Tomorrow this death will be forgotten, doomed to join the 50+ murders per day list. This is South Africa's shame.

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Elderly man killed in Pretoria

An 83-year-old Durbanville man was murdered on Tuesday and his wife was seriously injured when two assailants attacked them in their home.

Police spokesperson Andre Traut said the men attacked the 76-year-old woman as she was preparing to take her dogs for a walk.

"Two unknown males hit her with what might have been a brick or a blunt object. They then came into the house and hit the husband over the head. He died from his injuries. The men then fled the scene with household belongings," said Traut.

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