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Monday, 12 January 2009

SA praises Security Council stint

from Johann @ The Right Perspective

A day before marxist dictator Robert Mugabe announced his government reshuffle (undoubtedly to remove any traces of rival MDC party members), the Department of Foreign Affairs in South Africa called the country’s membership of the United Nations Security Council “an historic milestone”.

Here follows some excerpts from Foreign Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s statement to the press:

“One of the primary achievements was helping to revitalise the debate on the relationship between the UN and regional organisations and enhancing coordination between the UN and the African Union”. Really, is that what you perceived to have achieved with your neighbour across the Limpopo? Is that why the MDC asked for ex-president Mbeki to withdraw himself as mediator in the negotiations between them and Mugabe’s Zanu-PF, because he was utterly useless? Did you really think the rest of the world was wrong and you were right when you blocked further action against Mugabe?

“In its council interventions, South Africa sought to help create an enabling environment in which the parties themselves might achieve reconciliation through dialogue.” At what point will you get the message that Mugabe (to name one example) isn’t interested in dialogue? Would it be when 10,000 people have died from cholera? Or when he has actually exterminated all of the opposition members? I have to assume then that bashing in the heads of opposition party members qualifies as “dialogue” in your definition.

“South Africa actively engaged all sides to better understand their views on the complex issues before the council”. I have a solution to many of your “complex issues”. Grab a copy of the Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus and look up the definitions of “dictator”, “genocide”, “criminal”, “incompetent”, “murderer” and “delusional”. Chances are very good you have by now pictured a very familiar face in your mind. Forget for a moment that you have held hands with this person, because that would just complicate matters. Do you still need a “better understanding”?

“South Africa also influenced a large number and diversity of council outcomes”. At first this statement sounded very promising. Until I realized the drug dealer on the corner of some street in Brixton have also “influenced a large number and diversity of outcomes”.

The department indicated that it would conduct an in-house assessment of South Africa’s participation in the UN Security Council. Hang on people, I can save you some money here. All you have to spend would be the cost of a good thesaurus…

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