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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

3,037th farmer murdered in South Africa

from Johann @ The Right Perspective

Johnnie Cilliers describes finding his father's body to Beeld reporter

Johnnie Cilliers describes finding his father

Digital Journal reported in the week that yet another white Afrikaner farm dweller was tortured and killed, bringing the death toll for this ethnic European minority to 3,037 since the ANC democracy ended Apartheid rule in 1994.

Mr Stephanus (Doppie) Cilliers (66) and his son Johnnie Cilliers, a sheep farmer from Bronkhorstspruit, lived in homes on the same agricultural smallholding. Mr Cilliers (sr.) was also a lawyer and very well known in the nearby town of Cullinan where he practised.

Mr Johnnie Cilliers was deeply traumatised after finding his dad tortured and murdered. He burst into tears as he described to Afrikaans journalist Viginia Keppler of Beeld how he first “ran up and down like a madman” after finding his tied-up dad lying in the blood-smeared hallway near the front door. His hands and feet were hogtied together. It was clear that he had been killed in a very cruel manner. He was strangled and also shot in the upper body.

Johnnie Cilliers said that he was very close to his dad. They often used to do stuff together, like going horseback riding.

Johan Paulsen, a lawyer and colleague of Doppie Cilliers for more than 15 years, said that all the staff at the Cullinan court was plunged into grief and shock over the horrific death of a much-loved colleague. Paulsen described the staff as one big family and told of his utter shock at learning of his friend’s death while busy in court.

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