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Thursday, 5 February 2009

OK Blacks - you broke it. Now give us back our country

from South Africa Sucks blog:

By Mike Smith

That is right. You heard me. We Whites want our country, South Africa, back. In 1994 we gave you a perfectly functioning; first world country and you went and stuffed it all up. You have proved yourselves and your useless ANC government a monumental failure of epic proportions. In the entire history of South Africa there has never been a more corrupt and racist bunch of clowns in charge who masquerades as a legitimate government.

We gave you a chance to change everything that worked in South Africa into your image, but you stuffed it up. Our once excellent hospitals, universities, Police force, military…everything you have touched so far turned into crap.

We want our country back. What is it going to take? We gave you a working first world country, we will be receiving back a Third World, and crime infested hellhole. But we are willing to make some sacrifices. All we want to know is how much is it going to cost us?

We know how you blacks are suffering under the ANC. You suffer even worse than the Whites. You thought that when Blacks (like the ANC) take power everything will be moonshine and roses with unlimited partying everyday…well, be honest. Did it turn out that way? No. Not at all. Maybe now you Blacks can see it is better to work for the White man than for a Black man.

You blacks are today under ANC/ Communist rule poorer than you ever were. Most blacks are talking, whispering and thinking to themselves…”Things were better when the White man was in charge”.

We knew it all along. We told you this would happen, just like we told you what would happen in Zimbabwe. We told you the ANC and the Communist were lying to you, but you chose not to believe us. You chose to believe the Communists, because they were Black like you. The Communists promised you the sun, moon and stars and you believed them. Fifteen years later and the ANC have not delivered on a single thing they promised the Blacks of South Africa. They have just taken and consumed. Even exploiting their own Black people. The ANC are parasites… leeches on society. Everything has gone backwards and has been destroyed by the ANC. Soon you Blacks will be starving and dying of Cholera just like your buddies in Zimbabwe, but Zimbabweans still have SA to run to, you will have nowhere to run.

It is time you Blacks start thinking, before it is too late. What is it you want for the ruins of South Africa? We know you blacks do not really want to govern a country or have a job. You do not want to work at all. You just want to be given some money at the end of the week so you can give some to the wife for food and the rest you want to drink out with your buddies in the shebeen.

So what is it you want? You want a house? We will build you a house.

You want food? We will deliver it by the truckload to your door. You want a monthly allowance, tell us and we can make a plan. We can even deliver some Brandy and Whiskey for you. Anti retroviral drugs for HIV? The ANC cannot deliver, we will give each person with HIV a shithouse full. It is not a big deal to us at all. We know we can do this. If one drug dealer can churn out billions of Mandrax tablets then surely the government can churn out billions of anti-retrovirals.

So here is the deal. We want nothing from you Blacks. Not your labour, not your money, nothing. We just want our country back. That’s it. We will take it “voetstoots”, “as is”. We will charge you nothing for damages to infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, government buildings, roads, etc. We will even change all the place names back to what it was at our own cost. We will rewrite the truth about our history again and print new history books ourselves. The old ones that only contain ANC struggle history, you can keep. On top of it we will give you your own countries, the former homelands with a piece of land, a house, some corn fields and some cows. Further we will pay you a monthly allowance so you can live comfortably. We will build you again some schools and hospitals, even some universities. You don’t have to come and work on our farms and in our mines anymore. We will even chuck in a few free samoosas and some KFC for you guys, just to show you how sincere we are.

These are promises we know we can keep, because we have done it before.

All we ask is that you stay on your side of the fence from now on. Peace and quiet for us and peace and quiet for you. We do not want trouble with anyone. We will mechanize all our White commercial farms and our mines. In and around our houses we will do all the work ourselves. You Blacks can lie in the sun the whole day and in the evenings you can sit around the fire and tell stories to your children. We know it is what you really want to do. We know you do not really want to get up in the morning and work in the White man’s house or on his farm.

Don’t worry about us Whites. We will be fine without Blacks. We will show you it is actually possible to live without your help. We will get on with the job and fix everything that you have stuffed up. Raise our own children. We Whites actually do not mind work so much. If we need more people to do all the WORK, we will call on some European countries to supply us with some more Whites.

It is a win-win situation. You blacks get what you want, and we get what we want. Peace and happiness for everyone. You do not even have to vote for a White party. Just stay at home. Vote for nobody. Especially not the ANC or COPE. If you really want to, you can vote for a White Party, but otherwise, don’t bother. It is better to sleep late or have a braai on Election Day. Who wants to stand in a queue in the hot sun the whole day anyway? Have a nice braai and get drunk. Tell the ANC to stick their ballot papers. Nobody can eat or drink ballot papers.

Once we Whites are in charge again, we will look after you Blacks like we did before. We will guard you at night so you can sleep peacefully and not fear being robbed, raped and murdered by other Blacks. We will keep Zimbabweans and Nigerians out of the country that only comes here to sell their fake shoes and steal your women.

Just give the country back to the Whites and everything will be OK again. You will see.

We know that deep down; it is what you really want to do anyway.

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