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Friday, 27 March 2009

Veteran murdered in retirement village

Mr Pieter Bosch (

Mr Pieter Bosch ("Oom Fietsie")

Beeld reports that a WWII veteran was shot and killed in his retirement home in the Oranjehof village of Kempton Park. This in spite of the fact that the retirement village has 24-hour security presence.

Mr Pieter Bosch (83), who earned the nickname “Oom Fietsie” (uncle bicycle) because his war injuries made it difficult for him to walk and thus he used his bicycle wherever he went, and his wife Hannie (71) were attacked around 01:30 am on 24 March 2009 by 4 black savages.

Mr Bosch tried to protect his wife by holding the bedroom door shut, but the black savages shot him through the closed door hitting him in the heart. Hannie then attempted to flee, but was tripped by one of the savages as she ran out the front door and broke her arm as she fell to the ground. She was then kicked and beaten. One of the savages threatened to kill her.

Hannie told the reporter from her hospital bed that the men broke through the sliding French doors and cut the telephone line. She then described their ordeal and how she ran screaming to the neighbours for help. The couple had been married for 49 years.

Mr Bosch had been an aircraft technician at South African Airways for 25 years. He dedicated his life to help less priviledged people and doing missionary work. To that extent he even built a church in Daveyton close to Benoni.

As is standard practice in South Africa today, incidents like these enjoy media black-out (yes, pun intended) in the English press. Only Afrikaans newspapers report on such matters. This of course limits the exposure to the international audience.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

South Africa to award Castro top honour

fidel_castro_deadNews24 reports former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is to receive the highest award South Africa can bestow on a foreign national, the Order of Companions of OR Tambo in Gold, the presidency announced on Wednesday.

But it is unlikely Castro, who resigned from office in February last year due to failing health, will himself attend the award ceremony set for later this week.

The presidency issued a list of names of 28 people who will have national order awards bestowed on them by President Kgalema Motlanthe at a ceremony in Pretoria on Friday.

Contacted for comment, presidency spokesperson Thabo Masebe said all the recipients of the awards had been contacted.

“Before names are placed on the list, there is a nomination process. All the people announced have been contacted, and have accepted the nomination for the award.”

Asked if Castro would be attending, he replied: “I don’t think he is. Talk to [the department of] foreign affairs.”

Foreign Affairs was not immediately available for comment.

According to media reports out of Cuba, Castro is too ill to travel.

Other recipients of national awards include Roelf Meyer and Cyril Ramaphosa, who will both be bestowed with the Order of the Baobab in Silver for their contributions during negotiations that led to the founding of South Africa’s new democracy.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Go flog yourself, Jeremy Clarkson

from I Luv SA (Source: Cape Argus)

Linda Pereira and Jeremy Clarkson can go and flog themselves.

Or if that’s not logistically possible, Linda can go and choke on a plate of sardines and Jerry can knock himself out at the wheel of a Lamborghini.

In recent weeks, both have written about the myth of crime in South Africa; that we citizens are probably just a tad paranoid. And we’re giving our nation a bad name.

From where I sit – behind our Maxidor, our grid of burglar bars, in the winking light of the house alarm pad – I don’t feel paranoid.

And the only people giving our nation a bad name are the bloody-toothed marauders who steal into our yards at all hours, procuring whatever takes their fancy – including our heartbeats.

Pereira is a “tourism expert” from Portugal. She says if we don’t stop exaggerating our crime levels we are going to scare people away from the 2010 World Cup.

An online travel advisory states that crime levels in Portugal are low, but you might get pickpocketed or mugged.

Portugal’s homicide rate? 1.79 per 100 000.
Jerry, as we all know, is from England. Well, not really… he lives in the Cotswolds.

The only things that attack people there are buttercups and kebab sticks. In a recent column, he described Johannesburg as a pleasant locale filled with nurseries and koi shops.

He said the city is tranquil – “Milton Keynes with thunderstorms” – and is baffled as to why we appear to relish marketing the city as one of the most violent places in the world, particularly when we are expecting 40 000 ball-crazy tourists to flock to our shores.

He brags about how he went to Soweto and swung his camera around his head, to no ill effect. How lovely for him. He also mentions how good the wine is, how good the exchange rate is, how good the weather is. He is a tourist motoring his way through the certainty of hotel bedding, a breakfast buffet and a steak that be perfectly cooked to perfection at that Sandton bistro.

England’s murder rate? 1.37 per 100 000.
I love this country. I don’t want to live anywhere else. I’ve even been trying to test whether we are indeed paranoid. When I told friends I was going to start catching the train to work, they became concerned.

“Isn’t it dangerous?” one asked. “Don’t people stab you with bicycle spokes?” asked another. “How will you walk to the station in high heels?” another mused. But then, she is a little stupid.

Turns out the trains are safe, and the only things I have had taken from me are my sense of trepidation and a 50c piece that rolled under the seat. So far, so good. When I moved to Cape Town, people warned me not to go down to the woods today. Alone. So, of course, I did.

And I haven’t been in for a big surprise. The only thing that has assaulted me is a large mound of yellow dog poo. So far, so good. But that’s the problem – we know things are so far from good that it’s just a matter of time before something happens. And it probably won’t involve being strangled by a field of particularly yellow buttercups.

A few days ago, a neighbour was robbed. A few weeks ago, another neighbour was cleaned out – twice. Last month, a teenage girl was stabbed 48 times, her naked body left in a field. Last year, a friend was shot and killed in front of her two young daughters. And that’s just me.

All across the country, innocent people are being burnt in baths, hacked to pieces, shoved into storm drains, left for dead.

Our murder rate? 38.6 per 100 000.
Right now, it feels as though we are a troubled family being asked to put on a show for the guests.
You know the scenario: the dad’s an abusive, out-of-work alcoholic, the mum’s got a black eye and the kids haven’t eaten a square meal in weeks. But, hark! The fancy guests are arriving. So they scurry around the house, cleaning up the broken bottles, applying makeup to wounds, washing their faces and putting on clean clothes, and then assemble in the front yard with smiles on their faces to shake the hands of the important people.

Yes, we want to feel proud.  Yes, we want visitors to have a good time.

But the reality is that when you’re Jacob Zuma, with his R1 million bodyguards, or Mr Clarkson and Ms Pereira – or, for that matter, Mr and Mrs “Score-A-Goal-For-England” Hickenbottom – your experience in this country is not everyday.

Because every day here is a double-edged Okapi knife, and the only people concerned about our “paranoia” are Mr Blatter and burglar guard companies.

In the meantime, while the likes of Jerry test-drive our nation’s psyche, we have to trudge back inside to confront the sick and the blood and the broken windows.

"We want to kill these dogs" - ANC supporters

from I Luv SA (Source: Politicsweb)

The Zimbabwefication of South African politics is underway. You'll see lots more of this. The end of the ANC is only a matter of time but they won't go quietly. While the ANC was certain of winning, it was quite content to play "Democracy Monopoly". The ANC will win this election but by 2014, like the Nats, it will have unravelled. This thuggery is typical of African despots who know their time is up. When in doubt, turn to violence. Unlike the citizens of Zim though, we must not stand back.

Ian Davidson calls for ANC to be banned from SABC election debates after DA members threatened and assaulted.

The Democratic Alliance will write today to the Managing Director of News and Current Affairs at the SABC, Dr Snuki Zikalala requesting that the ANC be banned with immediate effect from taking any further part in the SABC Election debate series. This request follows the violent conduct of ANC supporters at an election debate held last night at the University of Johannesburg.

During the course of last night's debate, ANC's supporters completely flouted the organisers instructions; firstly by bypassing the check-in procedure (which was followed by all other political parties represented in the debate) and then by intimidating DA members. As a number of DA supporters took their seats, they were actively blocked from doing so by ANC supporters who sang - "block them this side, block them that side, we want to kill these dogs". Once the debate had begun, the taunting continued with one ANC supporter attempting to physically assault the DA supporter sitting near to him.

When the debate had ended, the ANC's conduct degenerated even further. DA members were confronted by a group of ANC supporters outside the auditorium, which led to a DA member being attacked with PVC pipes. The attacks continued, with a further DA supporter, Sasekisa Mabasa being hit on the head with a brick. Mr Mabasa was subsequently taken to hospital in for order x-rays to be taken of his head injury. A charge of assault relating to this incident will be lodged with the SAPS once the medical report is completed.

The conduct of the ANC at last night's debate is not only criminal, but also completely undermines a free and open electoral process. If it is tolerated it will make a mockery of holding such forums and will ultimately endanger the prospects of a free and fair election.

The SABC's failure to take strong action against AZAPO after that party's supporters stormed the stage during a debate held in Port Elizabeth has only served to create a climate in which certain parties think they can get away with acting in a thuggish and criminal manner. If the SABC does not send an unequivocal message that such conduct will not to be tolerated, there is every chance that someone will end up being seriously hurt or worse and by then it will be too late to act.

The DA is also considering laying a charge in terms of the Electoral Act against the ANC.

Statement issued by Ian Davidson MP, Democratic Alliance chief whip.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Can Obama really be this heartless?

from No Sheeples Here!

What would make a president hate the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for this country and for him and his family that he would consider a plan to make them pay for the treatment of their service-related injuries?

According to a CNN report, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama Administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

In an unusually lucid moment for a Democrat, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), said the proposal would be "dead on arrival" if it's sent to Congress. Murray used that blunt terminology when she told Shinseki that the idea would not be acceptable and would be rejected if formally proposed. Her remarks came during a hearing before the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs about the 2010 budget.

"I believe that veterans with service-connected injuries have already paid by putting their lives on the line," Murray said in her remarks. "I don't think we should nickel and dime them for their care."

Eleven of the most prominent veterans’ organizations have been lobbying Congress to oppose the idea. In the letter sent last week to the president, the groups warned that the idea "is wholly unacceptable and a total abrogation of our government's moral and legal responsibility to the men and women who have sacrificed so much."

The groups included The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Realizing that he had set the table for a political Armageddon, Shinseki, the Anti-War Left Hero, tried to weasel his way out of the tight spot he’d created for himself by saying the proposal was under “consideration.” He said, “A final decision hasn’t been made yet.”

It’s perfectly alright to give away tens of billions of dollars to GM, Citigroup, AIG and a litany of financial institutions, but Dear Leader and the retarded Shinseki wants men and women injured in the service to their country to pay for the medical care that arises from these injuries? Damn them both to hell.

This is unconscionable. This is insane. Is it any wonder the military doesn’t trust their Commander-in-Chief?

President Bush increased the Veterans Administration budget by 56 percent from 2001 to 2008. He never once shirked his duty to America’s military service men and women; not once. NOT ONCE.

Every single veteran signed on the dotted line to serve their country, and each and every one of them should be eligible for VA health care. These men and women deserve our thanks for their sacrifices. They have fought our sadistic, animalistic, butcher-like enemies on foreign soil so that we would not have to fight them here in our beautiful homeland.

They are owed so much more than we can ever repay them. If this arrogant bastard is allowed to nickel and dime our veterans, then this country is too far gone to be saved.

What did you just call the USA?

from No Sheeples Here!

A day after his White House meeting with President Barack Obama, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the United States a "deadbeat" donor to the world body while making the made the rounds on Capitol Hill.

Ban's criticism Wednesday of the U.N.'s single biggest backer irked some members of the House Foreign Relations Committee. They were generally supportive of his leadership but voiced concern about U.N. efforts in areas from Sudan to Somalia.

"He used the word 'deadbeat' when it came to characterizing the United States. I take great umbrage [over] that," Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the panel's senior Republican, said after an hour-long, closed-door meeting. "We certainly contribute a whole lot of U.S. taxpayer dollars to that organization. We do not deserve such a phrase."

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said it was "beyond belief" that the UN Secretary General would describe the U.S as "the biggest deadbeat" donor. Statement of Ros-Lehtinen:

"Last year, American taxpayers ponied up nearly $5 billion for the UN system. The U.S. is by far the world's largest donor to the UN. The U.S. provides other assistance for peacekeeping operations. The U.S. responds to emergency appeals. We are always on deck. Yet, the head of the UN comes to Congress and scolds us for not doing enough?”

“He demands yet more money from us while making little progress in cleaning up the badly-broken UN? Yet, the head of the UN comes to Congress and scolds us for not doing enough? He demands yet more money from us while making little progress in cleaning up the badly-broken UN? The UN's ineffectiveness is not from a lack of cash, but the result of a corrupt system which wastes money and apologizes for dictatorships.”

"The UN has been hijacked by a rogues' gallery that uses our funds to undermine peace and security. Dictatorships use the Human Rights Council and Durban 2 Conference process to restrict universal freedoms and protect extremists. The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) aids violent Islamists and partners with money-laundering banks under U.S. sanctions or under U.S. investigation for financing Islamist militants. The UN Development Program (UNDP) pays the legal fees of its corrupt officials but refuses to protect whistleblowers.”

"While Iran, Syria, and North Korea endanger the entire world, the UN is pre-occupied with condemning democratic states like the U.S. and Israel. The American people are facing serious economic challenges here at home. How can a morally-bankrupt UN ask our taxpayers to bail them out?"

Asked if he'd used the word 'deadbeat' during the meeting, Ki-Moon replied, "Yes, I did—I did," then laughed mischievously.

Mr. “No-Regard-For-The-Burden-He-Places-On-The-Backs-Of-Taxpayers” Obama seeks a 9.5 percent increase in international affairs spending, which Peter Yeo, vice president for the UN Foundation, said would be enough to cover not only next year's U.S. dues to the UN, but also $1 billion in arrears.

It’s time to get out of the United Nations and it’s high time we demanded they move their headquarters away from the United States. What has the UN done for us? Not a damn thing—EVER.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Criminals target churches

From I Luv SA: (source: IOL)

Such is the sheer volume of criminals roaming our streets, the squeeze for new sources of income is pushing criminals into areas we previously deemed safe (as if anywhere in South Africa is totally safe). A night out to restaurants has became an exercise in looking at the door repeatedly to gauge the content of the clientèle entering. Now crime has arrived at another soft target: churches. Recently two priests were murdered and we posted about a dairy farm that had to close due to crime. It has become so that you must remember to take your gun with you when you go to church. Place your trust in your god if you must that you won't become a victim but it wouldn't hurt to bring Messrs Smith and Wesson along all the same.

An armed gang walked into a Randburg church service on Wednesday evening, shot and wounded a man and then robbed other worshippers, Johannesburg police said.

"Eight men and one woman armed with firearms entered the church and took cellphones and money from members of the congregation at the Riversong church," said Captain Douglas Trollip.

"Then they took the caretaker to his room which is on the same premises. They took his DVD player and cellphone and then they shot him in the face."

Earlier, ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak said the 50-year-old man was shot "execution-style" in the mouth and was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

"A 19-year-old girl was apparently pistol-whipped by one of the robbers. She sustained minor head injuries and is in a stable condition," said Vermaak.

South African Police Service lost 8,000 firearms

From I Luv SA (source: News24)

Cape Town - The SA Police Service has lost, had stolen or otherwise misplaced 8 286 firearms, including pistols, shotguns, rifles and revolvers, over the past three years.

Of these, it has recovered less than 900, according to a written reply by the Safety and Security ministry to a parliamentary question posed by the Democratic Alliance.

Up to the end of January in the current (2008/09) financial year - from April 1, 2008, to March 31 - the police force had 329 of its firearms stolen, and lost another 183.

SAPS can also not account for the whereabouts during this period of a further 1995 weapons, which are listed under the heading "not yet classified".

This is understood to mean it cannot determine whether the firearms have been lost or stolen, only that they are missing.

The reply also notes a total of 156 firearms were recovered during the current financial year, up to February 9.

In the previous (2007/08) financial year, 191 firearms were lost, a further 250 stolen and 1 484 are still "not yet classified".

A total of 294 firearms were recovered during this period. In 2006/07, a total of 1635 firearms were lost, 593 stolen and 1 628 remain in the "not yet classified" category.

A total of 442 firearms were recovered during this period. According to the same written reply, South Africa's municipalities have lost or had stolen over eight percent of the firearms issued them.

Of the total 15 311 firearms they own, the municipalities have reported 1 260 lost or stolen.
It is not clear whether this is over the same three-year period as the SAPS figures.

"The municipalities continually report lost and stolen firearms to the respective police stations," the reply states.

Before we can begin to address the mind boggling crime stats in this country, we first need to weed out corrupt, criminal and useless cops.

Until that day arrives, we are screwed folks.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Protest letter to African leaders

By Lord Aikins Adusei, The African Executive

Dear Presidents/Prime Ministers,

On behalf of the poor people of Africa, I send you this protest letter.

Colorful governments, empty talk

Colourful governments, empty talk

We are angry. Yes, we the people are very angry. We have endured your ill conceived, harsh and austere economic and social policies for quite too long. We have watched silently to see you and your cronies enjoy while we the masses continue to suffer. We have no jobs, no income, no savings and no place to lay our heads while you and your selected few live in mansions at the expense of the very poor you are refusing to take care of. You have consistently ignored all our cries for help even though you know our plights very well.

Are you not appalled by the scale of poverty and the living condition of the people? Are you not appalled to see children selling on the street instead of being in the classroom? Are you not appalled to see children scavenging for food while you and you cronies frequent five star hotels? Don’t you care about the dignity of the people you claim to be serving?

For years, you have asked us to sacrifice and even today we are still sacrificing. How many more years should we continue to sacrifice and tighten our belts while you and your cronies enjoy from our sweat? We cannot continue any longer. No we cannot.

We are tired of all of you who call yourself leaders of the people. We are tired of dictatorship, media censorship, torture, imprisonment without trial, war and political instability. We are tired of being refugees. We are tired of seeing our children die of preventable diseases. We are tired of sharing water from the same source with animals; water infested with bacteria and viruses. We are tired of lack of access to education, health, energy, food, medicine, shelter and clothing. We are tired of having to work with cutlasses and hoes in this 21st century. We are tired of having to rely on nature to plant our crops. We are tired of having to plant without fertilizers. We are tired of having to use 18th century seeds that yield next to nothing. We are tired of having to endure poverty, starvation, diseases, humiliation, torture, oppression, in your hands.

Above all, we are tired of your excesses. We are tired of your corrupt practices and the looting of the treasuries. Your foreign bank accounts are swollen with hundreds of millions of dollars, pounds and Euros while hundreds of millions of people live on one dollar a day.

We are tired of you using our money to procure arms for your own protection while children go to school barefooted and on empty stomach; while hospitals are without essential medicines; while factories are folding up for lack of electricity; and while harvested crops remain in the bush for lack of good roads. We are tired of all your inactions, the wait- see - and - do - nothing approaches to problem solving.

There are many of you that we have not chosen or asked to lead us yet are carrying themselves as our leaders. Such people we demand should retire and allow elections to take place. We demand an end to torture in Egypt and starvation in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. We demand an end to the dictatorial rule in Libya, Egypt, Cameroon, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Uganda and the Gambia. We demand an end to the instabilities in DR. Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Northern Uganda, Chad and Madagascar. We demand an end to the genocide in Darfur and the killing of innocent children, women and civilians.

We demand an end to the official corruption and graft in Nigeria, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Angola, DR. Congo, Chad, South Africa, Kenya and Guinea. We demand an end to the eroding of democratic values in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Gabon. We demand an end to the injection of tribalism in our politics. We demand an end to the use of the continent as a hub for cocaine shipment to Europe.

We demand better public services now. We demand better education, health, transport and telecommunication infrastructures now. We demand affordable housing now. We demand irrigation facilities, tractors, equipment and improved seeds for our farmers now. You’ve asked us to tighten our belts while you have loosened yours. This cannot go on any more. We are starving to death while you are developing protruding bellies. You are having lavish birthday parties while cholera and starvation is threatening us. Your greed and insensitivity are forcing the best of your people to seek greener pastures abroad.

We demand a share in the revenue from the sale of oil, gas, gold, diamond, timber, cocoa, coffee, coltan, manganese, copper, bauxite and tin ore. We demand a say in the running of government. We demand a say in the way you spend our money; and a say in the way contracts are awarded. It is not going to be business as usual anymore. We demand change now. We demand probity and accountability now. We demand political action to solve the numerous problems facing we the people.

Look at the world around you. Don’t you see or hear what is going in Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America? Can’t you see that you and your people are being left behind? When you meet with your colleagues in Africa or sit in your offices, how many of the things you see or use are made here in Africa? Aren’t you ashamed that after ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty years in power your people still use hoes and cutlasses for farming, tools their forefathers used before they were colonized? Aren’t you ashamed that after all these years of independence, your people cannot feed themselves; cannot read and write; rely on handouts from Europe and America; and the youth are in a hurry to leave the continent for you? Can’t you see?

Well, a word to the wise is enough. Remember, you can fool some people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. We are watching.

Lord Aikins Adusei

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Mandela Myth

Special permission granted by author to publish article at The Right Perspective

Mandela is widely held to be “one of the greatest statesmen in the world”. This seems to be based on these six pillars:


    1. Martyrdom. A closer look at this “self sacrifice” is not convincing. Mandela was jailed following an open trial, under one of the best judicial systems. It has never been suggested that this trial was perverted or corrupt. He was found guilty of contravening the laws universal to the land and more than that, he had promoted a policy of terrorism. He had plans to disrupt law and order and impose a terrorism which would result in the maiming and death of many good and law abiding persons, children and elderly. When subsequently imprisoned, he was offered release provided only that he would renounce his support of violence. He would not. Accordingly, he remained in prison. Later, by the most extraordinary inversion of innate justice he was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace. It may well be that the Nobel Prize committee will, in retrospect, attempt to distance themselves from it.
    2. He saved South Africa from a blood bath. When persons spoke, prior to independence, of an impending “blood bath” they were imaging the events as they had previously occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. These past “blood baths” were not as much exercises in retribution (the veiled threat to South Africans), but simply sprees of looting and rapine. There was probably no possibility whatever of South Africa as a whole rising in this way, because of a well formulated social infrastructure, with an effective police force (operating entirely within an open judicial system) and the other components of a stable society.

    Such was the relationship between the communities under apartheid rule in South Africa that an intrinsic stability, and for that matter mutual respect, existed [1]. There were, of course, the well recorded “insurrections”, but a critical look at the numbers will demonstrate that these were by a minute percentage of the population. “The Blood Bath will come” was an emotively convenient threat, much along the line “if you don’t give me your ball, I will ask my daddy to beat you up”. This phrase and its implied emotive threats, was something conjured by those who were intent on destroying an existing system by inducing fear.


              Far from demonstrating that Nelson Mandela was responsible for “preventing a blood bath”, the evidence points in the opposite direction. He founded and was the head of an organization which promoted bloody massacres of civilian populations [2]. Not only that, he was leading the ANC which effected a bloody suppression on their own “recruits” in the ANC army-in-exile. The truth and Reconciliation Commission ruled that these ANC activities were a “gross violation of human rights” [3].

              A blood bath did occur, but after “independence” and after universal suffrage, when Mandela was in command. Part of this was black on black violence during the build up to the first election, reported to have claimed more than 20,000 black lives. Did Mandela stop that blood bath? Short answer: No.

              The slaughter still continues with the selective execution of isolated (white) farmers by the thousand and the phenomenal homicide, mostly associated with robbery.

              Under a “liberated” black government the “blood bath” happened more slowly than the other African atrocities. The difference was that “world opinion” did not want to believe that this was happening after an “independence” which they had promoted. Slowly accumulating statistics of killings do not make headlines.

              The looting of South Africa did occur but in a different way from the rest of Africa. What distinguished the looting of South Africa from other historic rampages in Africa was that it was slower and politically engineered, under the leadership of Mandela. The initial looting was by “cold theft” engineered by the ANC by the subtle stripping of the assets under various legislated ploys such as “black empowerment” and “affirmative action”. This was followed by massive corruption, embezzlement and fraud perpetrated by individual members of the ANC, on their own account.

              Later the avalanche of confrontational crime, murder, hijackings and wide spread theft cascaded throughout the country as criminals began to appreciate that under a black government there were now no longer the same restraints against lawlessness as there had been under white government.

            3. Mandela exemplified pacifism, as claimed in his well publicized comment: “Our resort to the armed struggle in 1960 with the formation of the military wing of the ANC, MK (Umkhonto we Sizwe) was a purely defensive action against the violence of apartheid. The factors which necessitated the armed struggle still exist today. We have no option but to continue. We express the hope that a climate conducive to a negotiated settlement would be created soon, so that there may no longer be the need for the armed struggle.”

            Mandela founded the MK and became its leader immediately after he had been acquitted from his first trial. This gives credibility to his initial arrest since Mandela had been actively promoting terrorism. This earlier acquittal underscores the judicial objectivity of Mandela’s first trial, such that he was given the benefit of doubt and acquitted (although it subsequently became clear that he was intent on promoting violence).

            The reason for what Mandela called “the initial passive resistance” was not that he did not want violence, but simply because there were no funds to run a military campaign. Mandela was hardly the organizer it is claimed that he was. Further he had little support from the black population, despite the consistent emotive rhetoric about a “suppressed people”. At that date the “armed struggle” was an empty fantasy. It was later conceded by the ANC that this was no more than a propaganda strategy primarily geared towards mobilizing mass political support. Mandela was simply garnishing inability with virtue.

            4. Mandela was dispassionately objective. This attribution later allowed him to act as an international mediator over a wide range of political and legal issues. How objective was he? A demonstration of his lack of impartiality was his speech in Havana on 26 July 1991. Nelson Mandela supported the Cuban version of the battle of Cuito Cuanavale by saying: “The defeat of the apartheid army (at Cuito Cuanavale) was an inspiration to the struggling people in South Africa! Without the defeat of (sic) Cuito Cuanavale our organizations would not have been unbanned! The defeat of the racist army at Cuito Cuanavale has made it possible for me to be here today! Cuito Cuanavale was a milestone in the history of the struggle for southern African liberation!”[4]

            Chester Crocker, with his backing of CIA knowledge and with arguably a more arms-length objectivity, saw it quite differently [5]. If one accepts Chester Crocker’s countering opinion, Mandela’s views can be regarded as grossly distortive “Black Consciousness Propaganda”.

            5. Nelson Mandela personified opposition to black oppression. Undoubtedly Mandela was symbolic to the large and unsuccessful peasant populations, implying that they also, via their vicarious surrogate Nelson Mandela, could triumph over the white civilization. This re-ignited the symbolism of Mahatma Gandhi, who also had a reputation for pacifism. Ironically he was also a lawyer who obtained, from the British Government, the benefit of training in law. But his “pacifism” must also be doubted [6].

            Far from “rescuing” the masses from impoverishment, the income of most peasant South Africans has decreased since “independence”. Small numbers of selected elite blacks, on the other hand, have become exceptionally wealthy.

            6. He exhibited supreme statesmanship as President of South Africa. Nothing could be further from the truth. Prior to the release of Nelson Mandela and the truce offered to the ANC, Mandela and the ANC were approached by South Africa’s very successful financial and industrial cohort. This was as an “economic truce within a political truce”. It must be remembered that the entire population of South Africa, in distinction from the rest of Africa and most of the rest of the world, were the beneficiaries of the extraordinary successful system evolved by Colonialism. In pre-independence meetings with ANC, notably in Lusaka, the high probabilities are that the cohort wanted to explain to the ANC that they would be inheriting a jewel. It would have been pointed out to them that damaging this financial axis would damage the entire country, probably in an irreparable fashion. Those affected by damaging the South African economy would be the most vulnerable - the poorest.

            There could have been no other reasons for the Lusaka meeting other than that portrayed here. Paternal, as it might have been, for Mandela to heed this cautioning from the people then in power was vital to the future welfare of the entire population of South Africa and beyond.

            The preservation of South Africa’s economy depended upon Mandela’s leadership. With huge international and internal support no politician could have had a stronger mandate than Nelson Mandela.

            Despite such support and despite august warnings, Mandela failed totally to protect the existing structures and within a short period after “independence”, it became clear to the financial and industrial core of South Africa that the ANC would proceed on its own agenda, which would destroy the industrial/financial infrastructure of South Africa [7].

            This resulted in the financial axis, exemplified by Anglo American, Liberty Life and Old Mutual, rapidly exiting. While powerful companies in South Africa had sufficient resources to relocate into the First World, many lesser businesses did not and remained trapped. Therefore individuals, seeing themselves threatened, emigrated en masse [8], thus further reducing the professional and other skilled resources of the country and so by a cascade damaging the financial benefit which had made black South Africans the best cared for, best educated, healthiest and most affluent in (at least) sub-Saharan Africa.

            Once in office, Mandela took control of only one portfolio, Race Relations, which was unlikely to be controversial and could hardly fail. However, in the circumstances, this instantly invested him with more virtue. He took some interest in the military where he tried to ensure the language of operation was not English. He was rapidly over-ruled, having displayed an astounding lack of common-sense, let alone a lack of statesmanship. For the rest he delegated to his ministers showing little interest in their management and so effectively abdicating any leadership.

            Therefore Mandela failed as a politician by not recognizing the extraordinary infrastructure which he and the ANC had inherited. He failed to protect it and failed to support the existing structures in a way which could multiply South Africa’s past success. The jewel which was South Africa – in stark contrast to the rest of Africa - should have been obvious to the blindest. But Mandela permitted the progressive erosion of the South African infrastructure by nepotism and crime at an administrative level and by gain-seeking individuals - primarily those with political connections to him – and who were (nominally) under his “statesmanship”. Most of the “statesmanship” purported to originate from Mandela’s office was in reality orchestrated by the now defunct Thabo Mbeki. An illusion of his political capacity was thrust upon him by a surge of worldwide emotion which obscured his limited intrinsic abilities.

            Mandela abandoned his role as leader of the country after the least possible period and while it still needed stable leadership. However, he was in office long enough to accumulate a substantial wealth, which further distanced him from the increasing poverty of the population under his control [9].

            No saintly asceticism here.

          Conclusion. The greatest condemnation that must be levelled at Mandela was his failure to accept that with universal franchise all playing fields had been levelled. He failed to demand that the future success of individuals and groups would depend upon their intrinsic capabilities. Instead, he over-saw an astonishing exercise which effectively said that the groups coming into power should have their past inferiority recognized by being given advantageous benefits in the form of black empowerment, affirmative action and similar. This shows the hollowness to his oft quoted statement:

          “I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve.”

          Further, those persons who had previously created the successful socio-financial axis were intentionally and unfairly discriminated against [10]. This inflicted a substantial deprivation of human rights and an injury to those individuals who had historically created for their communities from the parched earth of what had been a derelict country when they arrived.
          This paper aims to be factually correct. To ensure veracity Mandela and others are invited to respond correcting any inadvertent errors.


          1. In a separate essay it will be posed that the black population, if extremists are excluded, fully recognized that the basis of apartheid was no more than the natural and expected protection by the white population of their complex culture and material social creation. The indigenous population recognized that apartheid was not a system of malice and far from exploiting the indigenous culture, it offered the opportunity for the indigenous population to enter the realm of capitalist Christian Democracy.



          4. Castro Ruz, Fidel Alejandro and Mandela, Nelson (1991). How Far We Slaves Have Come. N.Y.: Pathfinder Press. pp. 18–20. ISBN 0873484975.

          5. Crocker, Chester A. (1992). High Noon in Southern Africa: Making Peace in a Rough Neighborhood. W.W. Norton. ISBN 0393034321. “In early October the Soviet-Fapla offensive was smashed at the Lomba River near Mavinga. It turned into a headlong retreat over the 120 miles back to the primary launching point at Cuito Cuanavale. In some of the bloodiest battles of the entire civil war, a combined force of some 8,000 UNITA fighters and 4,000 SADF troops destroyed one Fapla brigade and mauled several others out of a total Fapla force of some 18,000 engaged in the three-pronged offensive. Estimates of Fapla losses ranged upward of 4,000 killed and wounded. This offensive had been a Soviet conception from start to finish. Senior Soviet officers played a central role in its execution. … Huge quantities of Soviet equipment were destroyed or fell into UNITA and SADF hands when Fapla broke into a disorganized retreat… The 1987 military campaign represented a stunning humiliation for the Soviet Union, its arms and its strategy. … As of mid-November, the UNITA/SADF force had destroyed the Cuito Cuanavale airfield and pinned down thousands of FAPLA’s best remaining units clinging onto the town’s defensive perimeters.” Crocker was U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during the Reagan Administration

          6. Gandhi, also famed for pacifism, actively encouraged the British to recruit Indians in Natal into the army during the Zulu war. He argued that Indians should support the war efforts in order to legitimise their claims to full citizenship.

          7. Anglo-American Corporation has moved almost all its gold interests out of South Africa.

          8. Semi-official figures state that one quarter of the white population has emigrated. The true figure will be considerably higher.

          9. The number of “Mandela Trusts” is obscure, but there are at least three. Best known is the Mandela Children’s Fund. Totally separate and less known is the Nelson Mandela Trust, holding funds available to Mandela personally. One of the scams relating to “Nelson Mandela Signed Artwork” was expected to make for the Nelson Mandela Trust (i.e. Mandela personally) 200 million Rand (USD 20million) in two years. Clearly there are immense funds in Mandela’s purse.

          10. See “The Parallels of Nazism with the ANC”

          Parallels of Nazism with the ANC

          Special permission granted by author to publish article at The Right Perspective

          Adolf Hitler and Jacob Zuma

          Adolf Hitler and Jacob Zuma

          Nazism is a benchmark against which ruthless human control and a demonstration of “evil” political behaviour have been measured. So great and so unfettered by external criticism was the political power allowed to it, that Germany destroyed itself and much more.

          The following describes aspects of the evolution of the Nazi party prior to the Second World War.

          A cascading adulation of the masses voted in what they were lead to believe was a heroic and charismatic leader: Having had a military history and been imprisoned he was seen as a “person of the people”, capable of bringing great changes. Acquiring overwhelming power and supported by the unemployed youth, he was in a position to overcome the constitution, abolish all controls & restraints on this power and so entrench that party into seemingly permanent control.

          However, the intellectuals had grave reservations both about the leader’s intelligence and about the unconstrained direction he seemed to be taking. Sadly, their limited numbers made them irrelevant. Many of these outstandingly capable people with a foresight left the country.

          In Germany the government began to target the vibrant, creatively and financially successful minority.

          The minority was then selectively and progressively excluded from earning a living. The rationale was that the majority had been prejudiced by the success of this group and the population had been “disadvantaged” by the creative skills of this minority. There was to be an enforced (and legislated) transfer of property and wealth away from those who had created it. Businesses were to be taken over by the majority race, whose members were to be awarded (by law) shareholdings which they had not earned. This minority was progressively deprived of their land, even when the title holders depended upon the land for their livelihood.

          The minority had their entry to the professions restricted via a stranglehold on university admissions where selection was by race, not merit.

          The majority race was pushed by propaganda into a “consciousness” of their “superiority”. The success of isolated individuals was projected, promoting any petty successes, which were minimal in relation to their numbers. Money was poured into projects designed to “prove” the superiority of the majority race. The propaganda machine began to emphasize examples of the success of selected individuals, claiming that they “represented” the capabilities of the majority race.

          An attempt was made to convince the world of the capabilities of Germany by putting it on the international stage. Sport was recruited and the Olympic Games were pursued as a potential grandstand.

          The ultimate goal of this selective prejudice against a minority race was to appease an electorate in times of economic stress and ultimately ensured the political “success” of the party in power, which meant ensconcing that political party into permanent power.

          Large arms and other industrial manufacturers funded both politicians and the party in power initially, notably Thyssen, in the belief that they were protecting their interests.

          The world outside Germany was impressed. “This is a country going someplace!” was heard. “This is a model for the capitalist world! A place to invest! This is a country aware of its moral high ground!”

          Eminent persons visited and then expressed their favourable impressions. The most senior ambassadors were dispatched to Germany. It was visited by Royalty.

          However, there were skeptics who comprehended the underlying dangers.

          One result was the silent but eventually massive loss of the unique creative skills possessed by the minority which had proven itself by its success, but was now so threatened. Emigration was propelled, leaving large skill vacuums: those emigrants subsequently added mightily to the capacities of their host countries.

          Now read the above again, changing only two words: Germany to South Africa and Olympic Games to Soccer World Cup.


          The last election gave the ANC an 80% majority, well over the threshold allowing it to change the constitution and entrench it in power.

          Comment on SABC news @ 19.00, 17 January 2007 “Makhaya Ntini, South Africa’s greatest sportsman, was given a Kaizer Chiefs jersey.” (Unless you watch cricket, you would have no idea who this guy is. His claim to fame is that he appeared in court for rape.)

          Jan Christiaan Smuts, internationally famous as a leader of the Western world, politician, Field-Marshal, jurist, scholar, classicist, botanist, philosopher and author, was remembered by naming South Africa’s main airport Jan Smuts International. The ANC removed Smuts’ name and replaced it with Oliver Tambo Airport.

          Thyssen-Krupp and the South African arms deal.

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