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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mad Bob Now Targeting White Non-farmers

carimugabeZimbabwe is falling apart quicker than you can say “Foreign Occupier”. South of the Limpopo, Showerhead Zuma is throwing more money at the circus whilst shouting “bring me my machine gun”. Guardian Angels reading this should spot the obvious opportunity of eliminating automatic-weapon-wielding-bafoons from the face of South Africa’s crime ridden streets (a word of caution though - AK47s shoot REAL bullets, quite unlike imaginary Uzis. Also, criminals might confuse red berets with attire worn by security guards, which would make Angels open targets. And believe me, the average gun-toting thug in South Africa is not put off by “scary” tattoos, rolled-up t-shirt sleeves or Ursus arctos horribilis type sideburns).

The Times: Ian Campbell-Morrison, 46, lives in the Vumba Mountains in eastern Zimbabwe, next to a tourist hotel where he is the green keeper for its golf course. He and his wife live in a cottage on a plot not much bigger than a suburban garden, where she tends flowers.

The Campbell-Morrisons used to farm tobacco and coffee there, but the government seized their land and the farmhouse and gave it to a government official, leaving the couple their cottage and the garden around it, said Hendrik Olivier, director of the Commercial Farmers’ Union, made up mostly of Zimbabwe’s remaining 350 white farmers.

A magistrate in the nearby city of Mutare nevertheless sentenced Campbell-Morrison to a fine of 800 US dollars for “illegally occupying state land” and ordered the couple to be off the property by Saturday.

The Campbell-Morrisons are one of 140 white farming families facing eviction from their land in the latest tactic regime in Mugabe’s violent, lawless campaign to force white landowners - numbering about 5,000 when it started in 2000 - off their farms.

The action is in the name of a redistribution of white land, but which has instead made a million former farm workers homeless and set off the collapse the once-prosperous country’s economy into famine and ruin.

Mugabe has declared all white-owned land to be state property and banned farmers from taking the government to court.

The evictions and violence have continued despite the establishment in February of a power-sharing government between Mugabe and former pro-democracy opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, with an agreement to restore the rule of law and to “ensure security of tenure to all land holders.”

Tsvangirai, now prime minister, began by promising to end the lawlessness, promising that “no crime (by invaders on white farms) will go unpunished,” but police - under the control of staunchly pro-Mugabe security chiefs - continued to refuse to act against the mostly well-heeled Mugabe loyalists grabbing productive farms and selling their crops.

Western governments have refused to provide finance for the recovery of the country’s economy from world-record inflation and decimation of production under Mugabe, until there are “clear signs of reform” in the re-establishment of the rule of law. The restoration of peace and security on the farms is cited as a key condition.

But there was shock this week when Tsvangirai, referred in an interview to “isolated incidents of so-called farm invasions” that had “been blown out of proportion.” Said a Western diplomat: “He’s talking like Mugabe now.”

Throughout Tuesday night on Mount Carmel farm in the Chegutu district, farmer Ben Freeth and his family were terrorised by a mob of invaders who rolled blazing tyres at their thatch-roofed homestead.

At the weekend, an 80-year-old woman was assaulted by police removing her son from his farm. On Friday, another farmer was beaten up by a Mugabe supporter trying to force him to leave.

“There has been absolutely no resolution or even recognition that there is even a problem,” said CFU president Trevor Gifford, who is trying to stop a government official cutting down what is left of his timber plantation, and is selling it to the government of neighbouring Zambia for telephone poles.

Gifford is due to appear in court tomorrow for “illegally occupying state land.”

“This is happening in a country that has become the world’s most dependent on donors for food,” he said. “Until this government respects the rights of its own citizens and investment agreements, no-one will look at this country.”

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Friday, 29 May 2009

Thank you, Sarah

As a Boer expatriate living in the United Kingdom, I want to thank Sarah (Sarah Maid of Albion) from the bottom of my heart for her continued efforts to expose the genocide of white farmers in South Africa.  Sarah keeps a running total of farm murders (plaasmoorde), as depicted in the image below.

But Sarah does far more than report on farm murders.  Regular readers will enjoy Sarah's refreshing take on European and world politics, amongst other subjects.


More White crosses on the hill

Sadly I have again updated the figure marking the total number of white South African farmers who have fallen victim to the unreported ethnic genocide, the total has now risen to 3,058.

The latest victims are 74 year old Koos Maas of Elandsfontein, bludgeoned to death on his farm on May 21st, and 66 year old Bernie Liebrandt, shot execution style, at his smallholding in Mnandi yesterday (28th May).  Full English language details of both killings can be found here.

Now wasn't that a surprise

You can always rely on Sarah Maid of Albion to provide hard-hitting facts:

Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Female, Puerto Rican and with a history of appeals court decisions supporting racially biased anti white discrimination, you can be sure that the Democrat loaded would vote for a coma patient with those qualifications.

Didn't you just know that Kenya's favourite son would use his first Supreme Court nomination to make yet another politically correct gesture. Whilst all that was prophesied swiftly comes to pass, does anyone want to lay a bet as to when, if ever, Obama will actually get round to doing something, anything, which is about the mundane process of governing a country, rather than playing to his fan base?

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Zimbabwe's destitute Britons repatriated

Up to 500 destitute Britons living in Zimbabwe are to be repatriated after their savings and pensions were wiped out by President Robert Mugabe's economic policies.

By Peta Thornycroft in Harare
Last Updated: 5:08PM BST 27 May 2009

The first five will return this weekend after the British embassy in Harare arranged for them to be flown home.

The group, which includes former colonial administrators, wives and civil servants, have seen their assets destroyed by hyperinflation.

Their air fares are being paid by the British taxpayer and officials said each person would be given permanent accommodation in Britain and the same entitlement to state benefits as any other pensioner.

Fred Noble, a 78-year-old Scot, will return to Fife this weekend, 51 years after he and his wife departed with £100 for what was then Britain’s Crown Colony of Southern Rhodesia. He worked for Rhodesian Railways, retiring on a pension with medical aid 13 years ago.

“I helped more people than helped me and I deserve a Christian burial. I don’t want to get ill in Zimbabwe,” said Mr Noble, who lost his wife four years ago and was the second pensioner to apply for “repatriation” at the British Embassy.

Mr Mugabe’s bankrupt regime stopped paying his pension five years ago, leaving Mr Noble dependent on his investments.

When Zimbabwe’s inflation reached more than 230 million per cent, the value of his portfolio plunged to less than a penny.

“We didn’t do anything wrong, we paid taxes, invested for our old age. My wife used to say, 'All this place has is sunshine, we are wasting our lives here’. My sister, Gwen in UK, sent me £1,600 and it’s gone now,” said Mr Noble. “I was second to apply to go and we had two weeks to prepare to leave.”

To fund his new life in Britain, he will sell his 1967 car and a television for about £250. But some prized possessions will stay behind. “I have an elephant-skin waistcoat - I was a dandy you know - and two pairs of handmade shoes, the best Rhodesia produced,” said Mr Noble. “I’ll give them away. I will take photos, the Bible my wife gave me and my Robbie Burns.”

Anne Budden, 83, is leaving the land of her birth because she can no longer bear to be “a burden on my daughters in Zimbabwe”. She added: “Their husbands are nearing retirement age. They keep on saying I should change my mind, but I must go. My hip operation took my last money. Our three pensions, on which we lived well, disappeared about five years ago.”

Mrs Budden, who was widowed two years ago, lives in a rented flat in Harare, paid for by another daughter in Britain. “I have a lovely life, shielded from what is going on outside, with space, nice people, and my own garden, and I will miss that and especially my two daughters in Zimbabwe who protect me from hardship.”

Although she has spent a lifetime in Africa, Mrs Budden has always cherished her attachment to Britain. “I am leaving the country of my birth but going to the land of my ancestors,” she said. “I love the Queen and I have a daughter in the UK.”

She will move to Farnborough, near another friend from Harare who will also leave this weekend. “We need to support each other as we start new lives,” said Mrs Budden.

British diplomats in Harare have quietly identified pensioners with British citizenship and no means of support. But the Embassy declined to comment on the official repatriation scheme.

About 1,500 other Zimbabwean pensioners have no foreign citizenship, no family and no means of escape. As each penniless Briton departs, a new charity will be able to give more help to those who are left behind. The charity, Zimbabwe: A National Emergency (ZANE), will be their only lifeline.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Criminal South African Cops

from The Star

A Nigel police constable is facing a charge of murder in the Pretoria High Court after a suspect was allegedly beaten to death in the holding cells of the police station shortly after he had been arrested.

Constable Kyonya Josias Kgotle, 30, earlier in the Circuit Court in Delmas pleaded not guilty to beating Christopher van Rensburg to death on September 27 2005.

The trial has now been moved to the Pretoria High Court.

A certain Constable Vilakazi, who was allegedly also responsible for the death of the detainee, committed suicide shortly after Van Rensburg's body was discovered in a pool of blood in the holding cell.

Van Rensburg, along with a David Nkosi, was arrested in the early hours of the morning and taken to the Nigel Police Station, where Van Rensburg was assaulted. He died of trauma to the brain.

Nkosi, a security guard, testified that he was waiting for his girlfriend that night and that a man, whose name he did not know, but who later turned out to be Van Rensburg, was standing nearby, chatting to him. Nkosi said officers patrolling the area spotted them and started to chase them.

They were arrested and taken to the police station. Nkosi said they were questioned in the charge office, where they were accused of drinking in public.

Nkosi explained that he was not drinking, but he was instead hit in the face by one of the policemen.

The court was told that Van Rensburg asked the cop why he hit Nkosi, but he too was assaulted.
According to Nkosi a fight broke out between the police and Van Rensburg. A traffic cop who was present tried to separate them.

He and Van Rensburg were handcuffed and taken to separate holding cells.

Nkosi said he could hear the police assaulting Van Rensburg and the man was screaming. Nkosi said he also shouted for help, but nobody came to help.

Chicago Tea Party In-Depth Report

Do you still allow the kids to watch CNN?  Maybe you shouldn't.  Not if you intend to teach them honest, real values...

Monday, 18 May 2009

ANCYL says Zille is sleeping around

Try not to crack up when you listen to this audio clip of 702 radio in South Africa.  Floyd Shivambu, spokesperson of the ANC Youth League, has accused Helen Zille of the Democratic Alliance of sleeping around.  This apparently relates to the appointment of certain individuals in Zille's Western Cape cabinet.  So 702 dj Redi Direko wanted to know exactly what the ANCYL means when they say something like that, i.e. are they accusing Zille of having sex with these men?

Listen to Floyd's response and you will realize why we refer to mud hut mentality of certain inDUHviduals (hat tip to Scott Adams for this term) in South Africa.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Profile of a residential robbery in South Africa

from South Africa Sucks:

These are extracts from research done on residential robberies and interviews with arrested/convicted robbers by Dr. Rudolph Zinn from UNISA’s School of Criminal Justice.

* House robberies have increased by 13.5% in the past year.
* Of the almost 15 000 residential robberies committed in 2008, 50% took place in Gauteng.
* Average age of a house robber is 19 - 26 years.
* Average of 30% of all house robbers have committed murder or are willing to commit murder.
* 17% of house robbers are foreigners.
* 90% of arrested robbers had no matric (grade 12) or were unemployed.
* The 10% who were employed gave up their jobs when confirming how much they could make from a robbery.
* Most victims/targets are affluent persons who openly display their wealth, i.e. expensive cars, jewellery, upmarket homes.
* A lot of the MO revolves around gathering intelligence about the target home and residents, i.e. inside information from domestic workers.
* 8 out of 10 residential robberies are committed with the help of information from domestic workers, gardeners and former employees.
* They will monitor the home and movements for as long as is needed to formulate a plan of attack, sometimes up to 2 weeks.
* All gangs research and monitor the response times of armed response companies.
* Most attacks occur between 19h00 and 00h00 as people are relaxed, busy cooking or watching television and the security systems and beams are not activated.
* The biggest deterrent confirmed by robbers themselves are small dogs that are kept inside the home.
* Alarm systems and armed reaction services are not a deterrent.
* Electric fences, CCTV and detection beams do however deter robbers.
* An average of R5 000 is stolen during each robbery.
* Victims of house robberies are only seriously injured in 2% of all incidents.
* 35% of robbers rob for basic needs (hunger, poverty). 65% enjoyed the money and spent it on clothes, cars, houses.
* The average robber commits 103 robberies over 7 years before being caught.
* 97% of robbers are armed.
* Most attacks takes place 10 - 30 minutes drive from the attackers home or base.
* Women are more often tortured or hurt during house robberies.
* On average there are 4 members in an armed robbery gang.
* Conviction rate for house robberies in South Africa is 7.67%; in the USA it is 53%.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

African witchdoctor charged with muti-murders of white farmers


Source: Afrikaner Genocide Archives

Accused murderer of Jan van Wyk, 82 and Basie Venter, 65, Viljoenskroon, Free State April 1 2009 tells police he’s a ‘traditional doctor’:
On April 1 2009, two elderly white South African farmers were found murdered in South Africa – two of many. Forensic experts established that their genitals had been cut off while the victims were still alive. Strong suspicions that ‘witchcraft’ was involved were confirmed this week when Moeketsi Mokoena, 25, a Lesotho citizen arrested at one of the victims’ Viljoenskroon, Free State farms, claimed he was a ‘traditional doctor’.

AIDS epidemic fuels demand for ‘AIDS-curing’ body parts:

While some 300 ‘muti’ (traditional medicine) related killings are reported during an average year in South Africa, see whites usually aren’t targeted for such African witchcraft rituals. And what makes this case doubly unusual, is that a self-claimed witchdoctor is actually being charged in any court of law. Witchdoctors are so feared throughout Africa that they are hardly ever questioned, arrested nor charged for initiating or funding such crimes. They are increasing rapidly: with AIDS devastating the South African ruling elite, muti-killings to harvest body parts, sold for giant profits, have soared as the increasingly desperate demand for ‘AIDS-cures’ are reaching new heights.

  • The Institute for Democracy in South Africa reported that in the last eight years, nearly half of South Africa’s local elected councils have died before reaching the age of 50 – the result of the AIDS plague that has infected (at least) 5.4 million people in the country. “If you look at the statistics, MPs have been dying relatively young and dying in large numbers. These trends are not dissimilar from the general population,” said Kondwani Chirambo, the lead author of a new study commissioned by the Institute. see Chirambo also reported that 2.6 million registered South African voters have died from AIDS since 1999.

It’s the live-harvesting of the farmers’ body parts which has so deeply affected the Afrikaans-speaking farming community in South Africa when they heard of the gruesome suffering of these two farmers, Jan van Wyk, 82 , (a retired police inspector) and Basie Venter, 65, of Viljoenskroon near Kroonstad, in the maize-growing Free State province.

More than 3,050 white farm dwellers murdered since 1994

More than 3,050 white farm dwellers have already been murdered in South Africa since 1994, with many cruel mutilations, gang-rapes and hangings recorded in this long list of horrors – but very few of these had been forensically linked to witchcraft-related crimes until this incident.

Mokoena was handed over to the Kroonstad police on April 1 after he was discovered by local farmer Johan Engelbrecht and other volunteers of the Free State Agriculture's rural safety unit. When spotting them, the arrested man had allegedly been sweeping the porch. He had run inside the homestead and threatened the citizens’ farm-security detail with gardening shears. They were able to apprehend him, however, reported South African journalists Tom de Wet and Marisa Phillips of Beeld newspaper. see

The security team then found Van Wyk's mutilated body was found in the dining room of the house. One of the suspected murder weapons and beads covered in blood were also found buried in the fields next to a lion camp on Venter’s homestead.

According to the forensic evidence contained in the Bloemfontein court docket, Van Wyk, a retired policeman who only alone stayed on his farm over the weekends, was allegedly lured outside where he was bashed over the head with a shovel, dragged inside the homestead while still alive -- and then his genitals were mutilated. This is a clear indication that this was a 'murder to harvest body parts for ‘traditional medicine’, as this is inevitably done while the victims are still alive.

Engelbrecht said he and the security-unit had been with police, investigating the muti-murder of another neighbouring farmer, Basie Venter, 65, just a few hours before when another farmer had stopped him on the road and warned him that he ‘suspected trouble’ on the Van Wyk farm next door, too. “Van Wyk wasn’t on his stoep as he usually did early in the morning, reading his Bible,” Engelbrecht was quoted as saying.

There seems little doubt that the same man was also involved in the murder of Basie Venter. Venter's widow Mary, 68, had witnessed the attack against her husband around 21:15 from the outside, through a window in the house. Venter was attacked with an iron rod, police said.

Free State police spokesman Maselela Langa said Mokoena’s case, scheduled for a first hearing at the local Viljoenskroon magistrate’s court, was postponed to Friday, when the psychiatric report would be examined and the psychiatrist was scheduled to appear for testimony. see

The brutal ‘muti-related murders’ of the two old farmers at Vierfontein were condemned by the Free State Agricultural Union. Its president Louw Steytler said these were ‘cowardly and gross acts.’ He also urged the country’s rapidly-shrinking number of commercial farmers to get involved in Free State Agriculture's rural safety plan. see


Muti-related murders occur very frequently in South Africa. However, very few of the ‘traditional healers’ who order body parts to be ‘harvested’ for the use in tibal medicine, are ever charged. The ‘harvesters’, i.e. the murders are charged very rarely too, however one such case occurred in August 20, 2008, when three men were found guilty for murdering a relative, and harvesting and selling ‘traditional medicine’ made from his body parts in Bushbuckridge, Limpopo province. This was an unusual event: and the witchdoctor was not charged.

Left to right: South African restaurant-owner Floyd Mokoena, son Toto and friend Justice Ndubane in the Bushbuckridge Magistrates' Court, for the muti-murder of Floyd's nephew Clarence Brown on 15 August 2008. They slaughtered Brown alive for body parts on 23 February 2008 on behest of a witchdoctor which made 'lucky potions' out of this human flesh for them, and were found guilty. The witchdoctor who ordered the ‘harvesting’ was not charged.

SA Police captain L Hlati reported that on 15 August 2008, these three suspects were arrested by his team. They readily admitted that they had murdered Floyd's nephew Clarence Brown (25) on 23 February 2008 and harvested certain body parts, to be sold as ‘good luck medicine’, and were jailed.

Desperately needed body parts:

Their testimony was that Floyd told his son that he desperately needed human body parts 'to make his four businesses quickly churn big bucks'. The suspected businessman owns the Lebohang Bar Lounge, a restaurant in Tekamahala Trust, another in Oakley near Hazyview as well as a liquor-outlet in Oakley.

Body parts had to come from a family member said the witch doctor:

His son Toto asked his friends -- Mjojo Justice Ndubane and another unidentified suspect -- to help. They went in search for Floyd's nephew Clarence Brown -- as the witchdoctor's advice was that the body parts needed to be of a family member. The victim was found drinking at the Sizanani 2 Bar Lounge in Oakley with his friends. The suspects waited at a bridge where the nephew was supposed to pass when going home - and offered him a lift.

The suspects made formal admissions to the arresting police that they 'cut his body parts while he was still alive' - while seated inside a blue Venture people-carrier belonging to Floyd. They then threw the victim's lifeless body in the middle of the road in Oakley, under the false pretense that the victim had been involved in a hit-and-run accident.

The three suspects were arrested by the Organised Crime Unit between 13 and 14 August 2008 while sitting relaxed at their homes, thinking that their evil deeds had gone unnoticed, Captain Hlathi wrote in his police report. see

Witchcraft and killing people for being witches or for harvesting their body-parts is widely practiced all across Africa south of the Sahara.This gruesome video of the burning of witches was shot at Kisii Nyamataro, in Kenya http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=dae_1236854361 Also see the recent incident in Nigeria here.

By Censorbugbear

Thursday, 7 May 2009

SA Cops in daring daylight city robbery

dsc_0169Have you ever wondered how difficult a job the police force in South Africa must have? They must be overwhelmed with all the crime. But before you sympathise with them, I need to remind you that it is Africa we are talking about here. The effective police force of the “oppressive” Apartheid regime is something of the past - this is what is left.

Hat tip: I Luv SA

A gang of police robbers have struck in Pretoria, stealing thousands of rands during a daring daylight robbery.

The attack saw a Tzaneen police officer, who is believed to be a detective, along with several other men, also believed to be police officers, allegedly attack a Pretoria North petrol station on Tuesday and make off with tens of thousands of rands.

The gang is believed to have used their getaway car, which they stole during a robbery in Ivory Park, to ram open a drop safe.

However, the robbers’s luck ran out when two of them, including the Tzaneen detective, were caught after a high-speed chase with members of the Pretoria Flying Squad and Denneboom Railway Police Unit.

Police on patrol in Mamelodi East realised they had found the robbers when the suspects stopped next to a Denneboom Railway Police Unit patrol van to ask for directions after they lost their way in Mamelodi.

It is believed the two men got lost while making their way through the township to Cullinan.

As the suspects drove off following the directions the police had given them, the officers realised that the vehicle the two men were driving was the one reported stolen in Ivory Park earlier in the day.

Chasing after the vehicle, the police officers, along with members of the Flying Squad, forced the car off the road and arrested the occupants.

The Tzaneen policeman was nabbed as he tried to throw away his state-issued service pistol. Searching the car, police recovered two cellphones, which are believed to have been stolen in another robbery in Pretoria over the weekend. Police said that while searching the vehicle they discovered several bullet holes which had been masked by stickers.

“We believe these bullet holes are from an earlier shootout with police and security guards who narrowly missed arresting the gang after another robbery.

“These guys are part of a well-organised gang which uses their knowledge as policemen to carry out crimes such as violent armed robberies,” said an officer.

He added that they were investigating whether the policemen supplied police uniforms and equipment such as guns and bullet-proof vests to robbery gangs. Police spokesperson Mirna von Benecke confirmed the arrests and said the men would appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court soon.

“Investigations are under way into their alleged involvement in other armed robberies,” she said.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

image-831I will not beat around the bush here. I don’t respect anybody in the ANC. That includes Nelson Mandela. I definitely don’t have time for Jacob Zuma. It doesn’t really matter what he said about Afrikaners being the only white tribe of South Africa. I just don’t trust the man. In fact, I can’t trust any man forcing himself onto a woman and then argue that her dress was too short. We won’t go into the details of this woman being HIV positive and old Jacob reckoning a quick shower will solve the problem. I also assume then that he can’t be much of a lover, because if he has to resort to such behaviour whilst having five or six wives (I lost count), it only means most of them have lost interest.

Having said that, when it comes to utter stupidity, you’d have to go far to beat one Julias Malema, the president of the ANC Youth League. When he isn’t busy making a fool of himself with hate speech in public, he gets caught on camera with enough food on his fork to make the designers of front-end loaders at Caterpillar really concerned about the capacity of their equipment. And that is when Julias decides to use his fork.

Malema is the epitomy of everything that is wrong with African politics. Incompetent, uneducated fools only interested in lining their own pockets and doing it to such extent that it starves their own people.

To get back to the topic, I leave you with this image.


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Mandela and Obama

mandela_obamaI posted an article a while back called The Mandela Myth. It contains a wealth of information you won’t find in mainstream media, for obvious reasons. The news of Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain, backing the Mandela Day campaign [1] again made me aware of the fantasy image this “icon” enjoys in the world. The same icon who openly endorsed Jacob Zuma’s election campaign in South Africa. I subsequently received a short piece from Gordon McLeod, where he posed a very valid question.

If the heroics of Mandela prove to be no more than illusions [2] fed by propaganda [3], could this have implications for the United States?


It might be so, since the mystique and adulation attributed to Mandela are likely to have had a significant impact on those people who voted for Obama [4]. That part of the electorate may have been beguiled by a fantasy image of Mandela – a benign, avuncular, all-forgiving figures, of wisdom and mature interpretation. These voters may well have believed that they were obtaining these qualities for their President in the material form of voting for Mandela’s metaphorical nephew, Obama.

Jacob Zuma, Nelson Mandela & Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Jacob Zuma, Nelson Mandela & Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

If Mandela proves to be an empty shell [5], what could the effect be on Obama’s support?

There would seem to be a research possibility here for the social demographers. Is there a Doctorate near The House?

Gordon McLeod


1. Get ready for World Mandela Day!
2. Mandela and the Church Street Massacre
3. The Mandela Myth
4. How Obama got elected
5. Mandela endorses Zuma

It's time white South Africans accepted defeat

Musa Xulu writes that the DA still harbours hopes of taking SA back to the ugly years of minority domination

It is time that white South Africa accepted defeat and move with the times

The title of this article was inspired in part by the recent article which was written by Mr. Thula Bopela (see here) and largely by events which I have seen unfold over the last 15 years. These events have led me to conclude that Whites in general will never accept that they lost power, especially to a so called lesser race in intellect or that they are under a Black led government which is not going anywhere, anytime soon. The veteran comrade made a compelling argument in his article whose sentiments I fully agree with hence I decided to advise my White counterparts and fellow Black people who are in their pockets that the game is over.

They need to accept the fact that we have a Black government in power that was given a mandate by the masses and it is answerable to the general populace and not only them or their narrow interests. They must realise that we won't allow our government to succumb to narrow capitalists', selfish and/or self serving ambitions anymore which the latter successfully lobbied in the past 14 years. We expect government to forge a mixed economy where all this country's citizenry will have a say in the running of its affairs. The Whites I'm referring to must accept too that no amount of abusing or manipulating the judicial system, the watchdog institutions who are but toothless when it comes to matters which affect Blacks and the media plus all forms of communication channels, will sway the South African voters. This confidence on my part is deduced from a Zulu idiom which goes "ukubona kanye ukubona kabili" or once beaten twice shy in English.

The days of apartheid era tactics, manoeuvres and tendencies of White people which were designed to force their will on our people will never return and are long gone albeit economic power still very much rests with them. As a people, we won't ever again allow a minority to dictate terms to the majority of this country and those days which were characterised by the marginalisation of Black people and Africans in particular in all spheres of life will never again grace our shores. The sooner some people accept this fact the better for everyone concerned because then we can learn to coexist. Their silly innuendo in various radio stations and newspapers with an audacity to (ab)use courts in an attempt to discredit and vilify those who represent the majority are annoying though.

No longer will our people subject themselves to being ridiculed and embarrassed for taking principled positions which are seen as an inconvenient truth by the minority. Of course the comments made by the honourable state president in waiting Dr JG Zuma in Sandton at the BPF/BBF joint sitting, encouraged one to expect that the abuse levelled against our people is a thing of the past and that the wrongs committed back then will be corrected, if not reversed in the new administration. The president in his heartfelt address (see here) attested to the need to redress the economic imbalances and correct the misalignment of the past. He added that we need to utilise the Black middle class in order to make a lasting and far reaching impact in forging economic reforms.

He went further to say that the reason that an apartheid created middle class couldn't work or make any impact was because they represented a minority group and thus they didn't extend a helping hand to the majority whereas a Black middle class will be expected to reach a larger pool of people. He made a call to the Black professionals to go back to serve the public sector and help it to become efficient before they can have aspirations of going out to business.

We urgently need to transform the economy so that it becomes representative of the demographics of this country lest we risk the poor revolting against our government which they will see as colluding with their oppressors. That way our people can stop being useful idiots and servants to the highest bidder 'cos that makes us compromise our being. Those White folks who are still stuck in memory lane need to subscribe to the adage, "if you can't beat them, join them". Zuma cited a perfect example, using the Afrikaners whom he said realised that they were no longer in control and were feeling left out, hence they started engaging various key stakeholders in an attempt to become part of the new dispensation and/or its processes instead of bickering or leaving the country and jokingly inferred about those who hold two passports in certain instances.

Without exonerating this grouping, but they realised that this is their land too albeit stolen with bloodshed and murder of our forefathers as Bopela rightly pointed out. Those resident dreamers, who remain fixated in the past, are like children who have skipped some developmental stages and in later years/adult life regress to the stage that they skipped. If anyone of the White people I'm referring to are hoping that may be some day power will revert to the oppressors, they have another thing coming.

Activists like myself will die first before we can allow any domination of the majority by the minority. This promise includes Black on Black oppression by the way, which further translates to a warning that the Black middle class is forbidden from oppressing our brothers and sisters who are still in the lower ranks of the various classes in society because we will fight them with the same venom we fought against Whites. It is for this reason that we need to guard against complacency in our midst, particularly the upper echelons of our party because it is they who are tasked with implementing these reforms as such it can turn out to be counter productive and discourage a lot of people if they abdicated their responsibility or neglected their duties.

The White folks were for instance given ample opportunity by their forefathers in a racially discriminatory, divided and exclusive government but they refuse to allow adequate time for change to effect equality in all respects. Their forefathers had to succumb to pressure from economic sanctions after 300 years but not until they were sure that they had starved us long enough to be able to get moles within or in our midst to continue to do their dirty work. Organisations like the Confusion of Angry people, is but one such example of initiatives and/or formations with leaders who are being used to fight against the government of the people, for the people and by the people (i.e. the ANC). Actually, the less said about COPE, the better because all they offer is confusion, anger, zeal for power, greed for economic wealth and selfish interests.

It is the Disgruntled Alliance (aka Democratic Alliance whom I've christened because there is nothing democratic about their practices) that I should perhaps devote a lot of attention to because of the constituency they represent. This is another such party which cannot escape my criticism and what with their futile exercise of a campaign to stop the ANC's inevitable two-thirds majority. They are splashing out millions on propaganda ad campaigns instead of concentrating on their own programmes and what they have to offer the SA voters. More recently, Mrs. Helen Zille showed her true colours, when she threatened to take her attempt to stop democratic processes where South Africans are expected to vote for Zuma as head of the ANC into the presidency come April 22, by ab(using) the discredited constitutional court (see here).

This just shows the lack of tolerance from her party and again without failing to disappoint me about her racist tendencies, she also threatened to send the army in order to bully the taxi operators, in Cape Town, into accepting a BRT system that she neither consulted them about nor did she have any intention of doing so at any stage of her consultation with all the affected stakeholders. This of course is a typical White mentality that, "you don't negotiate with a Black (as they regard us) but you simply give them orders and if they don't comply/carry out those instructions you beat or lock them up". They are so used to our brothers and sisters being their garden boys and kitchen girls respectively that even when they meet their match they fail to realise it. They can't transcend from a home economics mode to a real life situation where they cannot only accept us as equals but perhaps having an upper hand in certain instances.

The afore mentioned despicable behaviour by the un(honourable) mayor of that city is a typical Terror Lekota (her new comrade in arms who is prepared to die for her, as he once claimed in their fuss of a convention in Sandton) bullying tactic which had one outcome - an egg on his face. We all still remember how he tried this stunt to disastrous consequences in Khutsong a few years ago, when he sought to force the people of that part of Gauteng to accept being moved to a smaller and impoverished province, thus forgetting a valuable lesson taught to the oppressors that no matter what weaponry the army has, the people will come up tops or with alternative tools to withstand their might and succeed at disorganising them.

In order to bring down the apartheid regime and render this country ungovernable, our people used stones and petrol bombs thus we were able to face and brave rubber bullets and at times live ammunition plus teargases against the oppressor's dogs of war and emerged still united even in defeat. The DA represents backward politics and a White minority group which still harbours hopes of taking us back to the ugly years of being in the dungeon when we were regarded as second class citizens. This party of the affluent, particularly English speaking Whites still dreams that they can determine the future direction of this country by using any means necessary to enforce a minority rule with racially exclusive laws and dictate terms to us including who should become our president and/or who should occupy certain key positions in government. I am astounded by their arrogance which proves one thing and that is that these people only know democracy when the results suite them otherwise democratic processes are simply meaningless.

In conclusion, I want to say that I love White people but these parties and individuals who claim to represent them are doing a disservice to them. These parties won't succeed in their evil intentions and those Blacks who collude with them will fail too. For my part I welcome everyone to join the ANC branch in which I belong or elsewhere, be it White, Yellow or green because I believe that everyone has a role to play and can add value thus making the ANC a party of choice which can make a better life for all a reality.

Musa Xulu is head of ANC media & communications in the greater Johannesburg region. The views expressed in this article are made in his personal capacity.

[See Paul Trewhela's reply here - Editor]

Racial discourse and the ANC

Paul Trewhela responds to Musa Xulu’s article calling on whites to 'accept their defeat'

What is interesting about the article by Musa Xulu, "It's time that white South Africa accepted defeat and moved with the times" (Politicsweb, 15 March 2009, see here), is its overt and highly racialised character. The history of the past fifty years, say, is described in terms of the "defeat" of one race, and suggestive of the race victory of another.

This is at odds with the entire character of the public discourse of the African National Congress over nearly the whole of the previous period. Luthuli did not speak or write like this, Mandela did not either, nor did Tambo, and while Thabo Mbeki certainly made use of racial constructs it was never in such a crude form.

In this sense, Xulu's reference to Afrikaners is cast in the mould of the racial thinking of the National Party regime of the Verwoerd, Vorster and Botha decades, in which races were conceived in terms of racial blocs, making conceivable the project of an ad hoc racial alliance under certain conditions between "race" (or "tribe") A and race B or C. This was in fact the subtext to the manipulation by the apartheid state of the isiZulu-speaking warrior-corps of the Inkatha Freedom Party, as led in the Eighties and early Nineties by Daluxolo Luthuli, Thula Bopela's old colleague from Umkhonto weSizwe in the Sixties, and his co-author in the writing of Umkhonto we Sizwe: Fighting for a Divided People, Galago, Alberton, 2005. (In his article Mr Xulu refers in the first paragraph to a recent article by Bopela - like Mr Xulu also a Zulu-speaker, and also a member of the ANC media and communications team in the Johannesburg region - available here).

Of course, this race discourse of Musa Xulu on behalf of the Zuma electoral campaign is also given a populist, sub-marxist, anti-"the rich" character, so as wed as many of the poor as possible to the chariot of a new aspirant elite in its grab for the spoils of state office.

But then, even the fascist programme of Benito Mussolini in Italy did the same, with its appeal to the "proletarian" nation (Italy) against the "plutocratic" powers (Britain and the United States). And if one were to remove the words "National" and "German" from the title of the National Socialist German Workers Party (the Nazis), then one is left with... the Socialist Workers Party.

It was with great care that the old ANC constructed its "Congress Alliance" in association originally with political organisations composed of members of different races, and then step by step in exile removed the racial criterion to membership within its own ranks. This was a precondition to its success as the overwhelmingly dominant party of post-apartheid South Africa. Resurrection of the racial criterion as a primary text of politics in South Africa in the 21st century would lead eventually to the disintegration of the ANC, irrespective of the outcome of the coming election.

It's an old game, this one of racial mobilisation added to by a populist appeal to the poor, played to an old tune, with a predictable outcome for the poor. What is new is the emphatic coarseness of this new/old language spoken by the ANC, through Musa Xulu, head of ANC media & communications in the greater Johannesburg region.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Truth Spares No One

A good article by Diamed. I don't necessarily agree with all the statements, but a very well written piece nonetheless.

‘There is not a truth existing that I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.’ — Thomas Jefferson.

There are two types of people on earth. Those willing to accept the verdict of truth, regardless of how it reflects on them personally, or their pet causes, or how uncomfortable it might be; and those who don’t.

If you adopt only those truths which suit you, while denying those truths which you find distasteful, like some sort of Chinese menu, you are a coward, a hypocrite, and a cur.

Race realism has a wonderful purpose. Its purpose is to shatter people’s illusions and force people to accept the truth through continuous presenting of evidence, science, genetics, history, geography, the news, whatever reveals the essence of racial differences that so invalidate the fantasy world of equalitarians. But race realism does not exist to serve whites, it exists to serve truth. If Jews are found to be smarter than whites, then race realism requires we accept that. If East Asians are found to be less criminal, have fewer illegitimate children, or a lower divorce rate, race realism requires we accept that. If blacks are better endowed and can sprint fast, race realism requires we accept that.

Race realism is a tiny subset of the truth that exists about this world. There is plenty of truth out there. Evolution is real, religion is false, gender matters, homosexuals are mentally ill, HIV causes AIDS, the free market is the best generator of wealth, democracy is fundamentally flawed, divorce causes lasting harm to kids, and star trek sucks compared to star wars.

People who wrap themselves in their pet causes and start clamouring on about how offended they are, how insufferable those who question their delusions are, how everyone on earth has to cater to them and never speak ill of anything they want, are no better than blacks insisting they’re equal and they built the pyramids or invented the refrigerator. Either people cleave to the truth or wrap themselves up in a lie that becomes the basis of their self-worth, and rise or fall on the basis of how many people are forced to acknowledge this lie. The problem with this is, for every person who gets the glowy satisfaction of having some self-satisfying lie told to him or her, there is another person humiliated and killed inside for having to speak a lie.

Solzhenitsyn lived through the gulag archipelago and came out the other side with this fundamental lesson: Live not by lies.

The cold could not break a person, starvation could not break a person, sleeplessness could not break a person, but once you could get them to tell a lie, they were lost. From there on, they could take no pride in themselves, they could not stand up for anything, they knew in their hearts they would buckle next time too. There is nothing more harmful to the human heart than knowing something is a lie, but having to say it’s true. And yet every day people heedlessly, selfishly, callously, demand dozens of lies be told about them, about their group, about their pet cause, to soothe their ego. Unthinkingly, these soul harvesters go around humiliating and defiling everyone they meet, demanding no one notice the Emperor Has No Clothes. You don’t deserve such tribute, no one does. No one deserves to be told lies just so they can feel good. Requiring others to lie about you, or your group, or your pet cause, is a slavery deeper than any whip or collar. It is enslaving even the inner conscience of man. It is making a man acknowledge he is a dog, which no amount of treating someone like a dog could do!

The Soviet Union was largely an all-white nation, but it was still hell on earth. Why? Because everyone was forced to mouth lies. You could not even speak your heart amidst friends or family. Any of them could be spies, informers, traitors. You could never, ever know. The furnace of your true mind and feelings circulated round and round your soul like a pressurised volcano, but it could never come forth! It could never be expressed! You could never be yourself! Exist! Live!

Ayn Rand aptly described the Soviet Union in We the Living: "In a totalitarian world, you can either kill yourself, kill your mind, or leave." Enduring the hell of lies is impossible. One or another part of you is lost forever. Nor was she grandstanding, look at Russia today! The majority of children are aborted, alcoholism has taken the men to third world life expectancy, despair and depopulation hangs over people like the ghost of Christmas past. What horrible tragedy must occur to make people kill their babies, kill themselves, kill their mental faculties with alcohol and drugs, abandon all hope and all wish to live? Simple–communism required people to say nothing but lies for the last 70 years. God help such a nation! God help such a soul!

So no, we can not accept ’some’ lies for the sake of civility, or Machiavellian policy, or any other excuse. Life without truth is worthless. Never ask that of anyone.