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Monday, 8 June 2009

Lessons to be learned from local & Euro elections

Malcolm Moss

Malcolm Moss

NORTH East Cambridgeshire MP Malcolm Moss expressed his delight at the results from last Thursday's local and European elections, but he warned that lessons need to be learnt from both UKIP and BNP gains.

He said he was delighted that the Conservative Party had extended their majority in Cambridgeshire County Council to 16 seats and in North East Cambridgeshire all the county council divisions now have Conservative councillors.

However he said was concerned at the recent gains made by the BNP in the European elections, where they gained their first seats and in local elections where their share of the vote increased:

"Whilst I am pleased at the election results there is a clear wake up call for all involved in politics, in particular this crumbling government," he said.


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