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Friday, 3 July 2009

Pre World Cup Agitprop BS

from South Africa Sucks

According to a report released in Europe earlier this week, the following astounding statistical assertions are made:

1. That Britain is a more criminally violent society than South Africa;

2. That even Austria’s crime situation is substantially worse than South Africa.

Yes, you read right. The European Commission’s report states the following laughable bullshit:

Violent Crime Per 100 000 people

Britain:                2 034

Austria:               1 677

South Africa:       1 609

Sweden:               1 123

Annual Murder Rate

Britain:                 921

South Africa:        20 000

Austria and the UK has more violent contact crime than SA? AUSTRIA, of all places! These figures are so patently false and laughably ridiculous, one is stunned that some imbeciles are actually taking them seriously! One of our regular readers is a wealthy Austrian (ALL SA-based Austrians I’ve met are stupendously wealthy, as is usually the result of having a stratospheric IQ, combined with a Germanic work ethic and that Teutonic entrepreneurial spirit, but I digress) - ZIPF, please let us have your views on the claim that the magnificent classical cities Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck are dangerous n---er-infested slums on par with, and even more dangerous than Soweto, Alexandra and Khyelitsha…

Various “experts” cited by the British media said that the concept of “violence” is interpreted differently in different countries. With their slew of insane peecee laws I’m not surprised…for example, glaring ominously at another driver while sitting at a traffic light constitutes a violent act. Farting in a lift is violent antisocial behaviour. Giving someone the finger is probably Assault with the intent to do Grievous Bodily Harm, not to mention Crimen Injuria and the endless list of thought crimes you can now be charged with.

At the same time, in SA a completely different set of rules apply. Six bullet holes in the back of someone’s skull is put down to “suicide” - having your head & hands hacked off with a machete is a bad shaving accident, being disembowelled with a rusted tomahawk axe and having your liver & heart ripped out & eaten while still alive is recorded as “domestic violence” or “death through natural causes” or “poisoning”. If you’re lucky, being gang-raped by eight rapacious beasts might be listed as “sexual harassment” but only if you can name your assailants and are in possession of their ID numbers, residential addresses and their genealogical records for the past 60 years…

OK, perhaps I’m exaggerating a tad now but his is the kind of comparison these idiots are making. Unless its part of some cynical propaganda campaign to butter up prospective FIFA 2010 tourists to the criminal hell hole of Arsezania.

As expected, the usual coon criminal-loving denialists (who sooo detests this horribly incorrigible racist blog but spend hours and days here trolling their revisionist crap) wasted no time in plastering these worthless “statistics” all over the SAS comments sections, eager to “prove” that the out of control warzone like conditions we so regularly feature is a mere “perception”.

Some wise sage once said you got “lies, damned lies, and statistics”. Its truly amazing what you can do with stats - another clever dick once ‘proved’ that the increase in Japanese motorcycle imports to Europe was directly correlated to a decrease in cervical cancer amongst small town dwelling Catholic women with perky boobs, between the ages of 30 and 45 who had a predilection for rubbing Old Spice aftershave behind their ears.

With regard to the crime situation in the UK, there is no doubt that crime has sky-rocketed in past few years. Its still nowhere near SA levels, but with a flood of mud races to the British Isles, and massive infestations of shit skins in major cities certain neighbourhoods (e.g. Bradford, Brixton) have become de facto no-go areas for White Britons. See the link below for some mug shots of who is held responsible for violent crime in the UK: I an an Englishman website

Some Brits are waking up to the creeping turd world erosion of their way of life and this has seen an astronomical growth in rightist parties like the UKIP and especially the British National Party.

Most notable has been the growth of the BNP in areas most heavily infested by Paki’s, Jamaicans, Nigerians and other turd world vermin. If anything, this little factoid again proves that the luxurious, self-righteous multi-culti position of being a bleeding heart non-racialist quickly dissipates as cold, hard racial truth forces one to revisit one’s premises. Except of course for those pathological basket cases who stalk & troll this blog, but then I guess every village has to have a few idiots.

These ridiculous stats amazingly show UK violent crime to be far worse than that in SA, yet the same report reflects a UK murder rate of 921 per annum, compared to the SA murder rate of 20 000. Said figure of 20 000 has strangely been stuck at the 20K mark since the late 1990’s - anyone living in SA has seen an astronomical rise in criminality in the past 14 years, so how this figure remains static at 20K is rather odd.

Interpol and various other credible agencies (insurance & vehicle tracking companies etc) have put the figure at anywhere between 30 000 and 35 000 murders per annum in SA. Instead of the supposed 50 murders a day, the Medical Research Council puts the figure at 89 murders per day (and this was back in 2003/4). Read that report here.


More violent crime in Britain (than in SA)

2009-07-03 08:08

London - Statistics compiled by the European Commission indicate that there is more violent crime in Britain than in South Africa.

The British public, who are often warned about the situation regarding crime in South Africa, were caught off-guard by this news.

As far as violence in relation to population size is concerned, Britain is at the top of the list according to these statistics, with 2 034 violent crimes for 100 000 people in 2007.

In Austria this figure is 1 677 for 100 000 people, in South Africa it’s 1 609 and in Sweden it’s 1 123. The South African figure was an average for the period 2006 to 2007.

According to the British media, however, South Africa is still the world’s murder capital, with approximately 20 000 murders committed here annually, compared to 921 in Britain.

Europe’s most violent

The statistics are derived from European Commission documents, and were also distributed by the United Nations.

The British Conservative Party presented the data in the form of a table, and said the Labour party is to blame for the fact that Britain is now being considered Europe’s most violent nation.

On the list, labelled the “list of shame” by the Conservatives, South Africa (3rd) and Canada (6th) are the only two non-European countries in the top ten.

The Daily Mail, however, was told by experts that the fact that “violence” is interpreted differently in different countries should be taken into account. For instance, where a disturbance is considered a violent offence under British law, in other countries such as South Africa, it’s only considered a violent offence if someone is assaulted.

Another fact which has the British public concerned is that the incidence of violence has risen by 77% since 1998.

News websites were buzzing about the information on Thursday, and South Africans in Britain took part in the commentary with great enthusiasm.


A certain Callum wrote on the Daily Mail’s website that he didn’t believe, even for a second, that the crime level in Britain is higher than in South Africa.

“Britain and Europe are safe places to live.”

In turn, Dean from Cape Town wrote that the news about Britain’s crime levels didn’t surprise him in the least, and that it was precisely for that reason that he moved to South Africa.

“I feel much safer walking down the streets of South Africa. Most of the crime that happens here is in Johannesburg.”

Another sceptic, Alan from London, believed the South African government’s policy is “not to properly record the true crime figures”.

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