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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Police arrest white VICTIM of black death threats


A good post from Doberman at ILSA.

Translated from the Afrikaans newspaper daily Beeld. You will not find too many articles like this in English newspapers, seems they are too busy dismissing such claims. How many stories like this are needed for people to believe that the claims of white persecution by blacks is real?

By CensorbugbearReports
Linda de Beer of Beeld newspaper reports that an Afrikaner farmer from De Wildt near Brits north of Pretoria was granted $300 bail after being arrested the previous day by a massive 20-strong police contingent at his farm.

The arrest followed after the farmer had lodged two formal complaints against unknown black men who had threatened to kill him. Mr Short (shown left with wife Rene after he was granted $300 bail by the Brits magistrate’s court).

He said he was threatened by four black men at his farm on the day of his arrest. Short tried to make a citizen’s arrest of the four men during which a scuffle broke out between his dog, himself and the men. He fired a warning shot into the air to stop one would-be assailant from running off but he got away.

When he tried to contact the police by phone to have the remaining three men arrested formally there was no response at the police station telephone – at all. He then contacted a local security company who collected the three men and delivered them to the police station. Short then lodged formal charges of ‘intimidation’ for the death threats the men had allegedly made towards him.

The civil rights movement AfriForum is preparing counter-charges at the police’s Independent Complaints Directorate about the way Mr Short – who was a clear victim of an aggressive group of black men who had threatened to kill him – was treated by the police, said Nantes Kelder, head of its community safety department.

Security-conscious white farmers
Short’s arrested attackers lodged counter-charges of attempted murder, assault, failure to control a dangerous dog and pointing a firearm. Kelder said Short lodged formal charges against two of these men, both Zimbabweans, for threatening to kill him.

The farmer’s small homestead was targeted by earlier farm attacks and he was being, as are most other white South African farmers, very security conscious. It’s a matter of life and death. More than 3,085 white farmers, their kin and workers have already been murdered since 1994 in many tens of thousands of inexplicable armed attacks against their homesteads in South Africa.

Kelder: ‘Short was arrested in a massive show of force, with at least twenty policemen in some 7 police cars showing up at high speed at his homestead, dragging him out of his house.’ He was held in the Mmakau police cells, denied treatment for a bite-wound while the arrested men who had threatened to kill him were taken to a hospital for examination,’ said Kelder.

“Short was also denied the use of a mattress in the police cell and had to sleep on the floor while two black cellmates were given mattresses and blankets". Kelder alleges further that the Mmakau police officials failed to carry out the legally-mandated night-time inspections of the cell Kelder was held.

Police captain Adéle Myburgh confirmed that charges of attempted murder were laid against Short and that Short had also placed charges of intimidation against the men because they 'threatened to kill him.’

Chris Louw, a well-known local freelance journalist who lives in the Silkaatsnek region near De Wildt said land-owners ‘have reached breaking point’ in this region with the ‘incredible high level of crime’ targeting them over the past three months.

Since 27 July, he himself had also already had five break-ins and two days earlier one of his dogs was poisoned – a well-known warning sign that crime-gangs are planning to target his home again.

Kobus Oosthuyzen, chairman of the De Wildt Helpmekaar Company – a non-profit organisation founded to help fight crime in the region said that over the past few months there have been seven armed attacks against white-owned homesteads in broad daylight.

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