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Monday, 7 September 2009

The type of Black South African BC drools about

The following anti-white hate speech and racist drivel was posted by some MonkeyBoy called pinvictor at Africans.  I can only assume that this is the type of “forgiving, mild-mannered” South African black one Black Coffee has wet dreams about.  As is so typical with the communist bunch of bastards which is the ANC government in South Africa, it is perfectly acceptable for such racist crap to be published, as long as it isn’t aimed at Blacks.  The savage creature writing the crap below even had a stab at Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, clearly displaying the typical black African mud hut mentality and tribal nature.  A note to all Caucasian foreigners – note the special attention awarded to you by this savage beast, that your capital is welcome in South Africa, but not you.  MonkeyBoy pinvictor, you receive my “Pikkewyndoos” (penguin fanny / penguin beaver) of the year award – you certainly are useless for man, fish and animal.

It has been a long while since I wrote about everything that is so sickeningly wrong with white people (part 1, part 2, and part 3), but I fear that just like an inflamed pimple ready to let out the pus, those crazy whites are rearing their pale nonsense filled heads again. As a patriot I have long resigned myself to listening to whites moan about the state of this country since real Africans took over. While they usually phrase their vicious lies with erudition, it doesn't take a genius to see through their self serving babble - every concern they ever raise, be it about corruption, crime, the environment, women's rights, road safety, AIDS treatments, Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Zimbabwe, to name but a few, are only rooted in their wish to screw real South Africans out of money and dignity.

The white who would be king, and leader of the Despotic Alliance.

You'll notice I differentiate between whites, and real South Africans, for the simple reason that Caucasians are as alien to Africa as a thorn is to a human foot. Having heard the argument that one's country of birth determines one's nationality, I can readily say that this might be the case in the cultural western wasteland of the first world - certainly there is a difference between Dutch cheese and German sausage, but step back and view the bigger picture - they all wear the same clothes, they all lust after money, and they are all as pale and hideous to the eye as swollen maggot feasting on the eye of an African child indirectly starved to death as a result of European colonisation. But come on, no length of time spent in a place can instill the vitality of that place in your DNA. To those who ask, I can tell in no uncertain terms that just because you were born in South Africa and your family has lived there for generations and you have no recourse to residence elsewhere, it does not make you African. Look at your face - it has the same hue as the gross underbelly of fish.

Just as black people in America refer to themselves as African Americans, whites in South Africa can accurately be referred to as "Europeans abroad, malingering on Africa's fair shores in the hope of suckling at her plentiful teat". I might also take a moment here to voice an objection to term "African American" as well - those unfortunates whose ancestors were taken from America in the days of slavery are technically not African due to their prolonged exposure to white people. It would be technically correct to refer to them as African-looking Americans. They have become addicted to dollars, "scientifically proven" cures to diseases probably invented by whites, business suits, and Mariah Carey. Through the centuries they have become unfunky.

A group of whites conspiring to cause trouble for real South Africans.

People could call me extreme for saying that whites simply cannot be Africans, but my reasons are twofold - Caucasianitus (a condition recognised by our own SA health department and dynamic health minister) is both genetic and neurological, and it attacks the very fabric of what it means to be African. The hideous palidity of the visage is the most blatant symptom of Caucasianitus, and can be seen afflicting every euro-pirate that has ever come here to plunder South African resources.

The neurological side of the condition is to the outer paleness, what the moist turgid centre of a dogturd is to the mildly offensive crusty shell. This pestilence causes a meanness of spirit in the suffer, along with an arrogance and reliance on white inventions and sciences. Almost every single victim I have ever met favours at least a modicum of progress over tradition, and eschews the African way. Ask them what is wrong with virginity testing, polygamy, circumcision in the bushveld, and lebola, and they will start whittering on about sexism, rights, progress and other such fanciful rubbish. The only right they should enjoy is the right to pack their stupid brand name luggage and leave.

Right now I must admit that not all whites are inwardly stricken by Caucasianitus. Some foreign investors have shown us that they are Africa compatible, and in doing so have shown that they and their capital can conduct business in an African style. Most importantly they never make any moves from their homes in France, Germany, the UK etc, to settle in Africa. These are the sorts of white South Africa wants - non intrusive and beneficial, and preferably loaded with foreign currency. Discretion also goes a long way in this writer's eyes!

This typical white hates noble African tradition.

This neatly brings me to my next point - with our current financial fluctuations and high unemployment, it seems to me that all those jobs occupied by complaining euro-pirates and foreigners should be given to real South Africans. These bastard grub people keep moaning about the SA government, the lack of SA standards under black rule, and the crime! If they are so concerned, then I would like to suggest that we send the whole bellyaching lot of them back to wherever they came from. I'm sure our well equipped armed forces could assist in nudging them off on their voyage back to Europe, and it would also create jobs, as we would need true South Africans to redecorate their hideous homes and make them fit for natives of this land. Nobody in their right mind wants twee pink hued floral curtains purchased from Biggie Best! That these things exist is simply an insult to those who perished for freedom of South Africa.

While the whites are sailing away, I would kindly suggest that any real South Africans tainted by homosexuality, dwarfism, albinism, a dislike of Jacob Zuma, or feminism, join them. South Africans have certainly taken to Crocs, running water, luxury German sedans, and chilled beer, so we already have enough white western imports than you very much.

This is a win-win situation, because real South Africans would be free to pursue their destiny unhindered by the constant badgering of palid tongues, and the euro-parasites would be back in the lands of their heritage. I doubt compensation for the possessions and properties they leave here would even be necessary as a one way ticket back to -insert name of white country here- would be payment enough, and fill their tiny poisonous hearts with whatever hollow joy they are capable of feeling.

At this point I must stress that this would not be an exchange program, and South Africa would certainly not welcome anybody sent in return for the delivery of whites. This country is facing enough challenges as it is, and only one who is a traitor to the spirit of Africa would come to South Africa seeking a better life and in doing so, soak up South African resources. It just wouldn't be cool, but I'm sure they'll understand the South African position - hopefully before they've been set on fire. Peace out.

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