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Saturday, 7 November 2009

ANC Govt Cracks Down On Bloggers



Boerevryheid VierkleurFTO also reported on the ANC crackdown during the last few days on people from a few websites and blogs that are critical of the ANC.  Three of which have been released with no charges made against them.

It seems that in most cases the police confiscated computer equipment. It is clear that the South African government is cracking down on bloggers that are critical of the way they run the country and they want to censor the information these bloggers and websites give out.

The Right Perspective already reported on the ZASucks case where the blogger Uhuru Guru was arrested, spent the night in jail and was released with no charges. No word if he got his computer equipment back that was confiscated.

fleeing_za3.jpgAt another site Boerevryheid, another two contributors got arrested, their equipment taken and was later released without charges  No word if they got their equipment back. A lot of people claim that this is because South Africa wants the bad publicity to stop before the 2010 soccer world cup, but instead of dealing with the crime directly, they now try to intimidate these bloggers and website contributors.

Another blogger of Boer Freedom has been arrested, also this time no charges after spending some time in jail. Some claim this is because they blog about the "boer genocide" that is taking place in South Africa.

Whatever the reason, the government is kicking down doors and arresting people that are critical of them.

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