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Saturday, 19 December 2009

No More Dr Beetroot Slurs…

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Gareth Cliff IOL reports that loudmouth 5FM DJ Gareth Cliff has been gagged from making any comments about Manto Tshabalala-Msimang's death on air after his Twitter remarks sparked widespread outrage.

The shock jock received a stern warning from the public broadcaster yesterday not to try anything on air.

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago told the Saturday Star he had had a meeting with Cliff and told him they did not support his comments.

"He (Cliff) said he had not said anything on air and was not planning to do so. He gave us a clear commitment he would not," said Kganyago.

The furore began on Wednesday when Cliff responded on social networking site Twitter to Tshabalala-Msimang's death from complications relating to her 2007 liver transplant.

His first tweet: "Manto is dead. Good. A selfish and wicked bungler of the lowest order. Rotten and rancid liver - three of them..."

Many Twitter followers, bloggers and Facebookers called for him to be fired. The ANC Youth League and several politicians also added their voices.

But that didn't stop Cliff.

He posted: "Relieved about Manto. I was worried she'd finish all our phuza before 2010," as well as "getting a lot of heat about my Manto comment earlier: It's what I said while she was alive, and I'm not going to lie just because she's dead."

Later posts included: "Why do people think the dead deserve respect? They're dead... Even the law is unequivocal: dead people have no rights," as well as "That woman - Manto - and her policies on Aids sent many thousands of people to their graves early. She added no value to SA."

Yesterday Kganyago said Cliff was a freelancer and did not work only for the SABC.

"He has his own show on MNet. Why should the SABC be the only one to answer?" he asked. "It was not done on air. People should be outraged at Twitter. He did it in his personal capacity in a public forum, away from the SABC."

He admitted that the SABC had "become worried" and decided to speak to Cliff.

"He gave us his word. It is his view and we can't take it away from him. He has used a public platform. From our side we can't say he can't express his views on a public platform."

Cliff's manager, Rina Bloomberg, said Cliff was at several functions yesterday and his popularity on Twitter had shot up "by a couple of thousand".

She referred to his latest statement on his website, where he says: "My opinion of her in life was not a particularly favourable one and I am sure she might have thought the same of me - but this is of no import. Now that she is dead, it would appear I am required to put up the pretence that I am sad. I'm afraid I can't be quite so pious."

While he sympathised with her family, Cliff qualified his tweets, saying: "Minister Tshabalala-Msimang presided over the most disastrous policy decisions in South African medical history."

He quoted from the Los Angeles Times that she had been directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of about 300 000 people.

"These are the facts. The opinions, caricatured all over the world, were much harsher: 'Dr Beetroot' was hardly a figure of universal love and devotion," he said.

Cliff joked about ANC Youth League president Julius Malema running to the media over his comments, instead of just calling him, as he had his phone number.

"I couldn't help wondering why so much valuable time and space is given to a simple tweet. Some of us will agree... and others will agree to disagree. Great minds don't always think alike. But what we have to agree on is the power of Twitter. Who would have thought a little twit could evoke such a reaction?"

But this is not the first time Cliff has shot off his mouth. In 2004 he was wrapped over the knuckles by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission for making derogatory statements about mentally ill people.

The same year he was suspended for two days when he held a mock interview with Jesus Christ when the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ was being screened.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

BBC: The Boer War - Part 1

BBC: The Boer War - Part 2

BBC: The Boer War - Part 3

BBC: The Boer War - Part 4

BBC: The Boer War - Part 5

Monday, 7 December 2009

More farmers slaughtered

SA Mandela Marx White farmers are being killed faster than anybody could hope to keep a record of.  But no, there are no sinister motives involved.  And all of these farmers have been killed because they treated their workers badly.  All 3,000+ of them.  Even the women and children.  According to the ANC big shots, every single one of them had it coming.  Just ask scumbag Motlanthe – he can explain it all to you.  No, it’s still not sinister.  It’s not genocide either.  And peanut-brain “pikkewyndoos” Malema isn’t inciting hatred either by his remarks.  Where on earth do people get the idea that the criminal cesspool of Marxist thugs which is the ANC government is condoning the murder of white farmers?  “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer” slogans aren’t hate speech either.  And South Africa never had a terrorist as its first black president.  Neither does a once free nation have a Muslim Foreign Occupier in its White House…

From News24: Cape Town - A farmer was shot dead during a failed robbery on his farm outside Ceres in the Western Cape, the provincial agriculture department said on Sunday.

"Mr PM Pieter Malan Cillie Cilliers (57) from the farm Loraine, outside Ceres, was fatally shot on Friday in what is presumed to have been a fumbled armed robbery," said spokesperson Wouter Kriel in a statement.

Cilliers left his two children and two friends in the house and went outside when he heard a noise at the back door.

"Upon confronting the robbers, a scuffle ensued during which four shots were fired. His friends phoned their parents, who then contacted the police."

Cilliers died shortly after the police arrived. Nothing was taken from the house. No arrests had been made.

Western Cape Agriculture MEC Gerrit van Rensburg said he was shocked and saddened by the murder, as well as the killing of three workers on a Beaufort West farm on Saturday, allegedly by a caretaker with a hunting rifle.


STOP_GENOCIDE350 Also from News24: Pretoria - A man from a farm in the Roossenekal district in Mpumalanga has been "executed" with his own firearm in a revenge attack.

Gawie Hough, 42, was attacked two months after a former employee of his brother Deon, 41, threatened him with the words: "I'll show you what I can do with a white man."

Deon Hough, owner of the farm on the Steelpoort road, says his brother was murdered on Thursday night.

"I left the farm on Thursday at about 16:30. We were still chatting and joking. Our neighbours heard four shots at 18:00. Our domestic worker, who was at home with my brother, only went to the police on Friday morning to report my brother's murder."

According to Deon, the attackers overpowered Gawie inside the house before dragging him about 600m away. They were on a footpath when they shot him at very close range in the left side of his face, probably while he was looking at them.

A source close to the Hough family says the gunpowder from the firearm was still sticking to Gawie's face after his death.

"We suspect he bled to death in the path because he was lying in a pool of blood. Then they dragged him 15m into the bushes, but possibly stopped to rest before dragging him another 15m, before leaving him under a tree," said Deon.

Left to die

The attackers then dragged his brother a further 20m to a river bank and left him there in the bushes before they fled.

He was wearing only his underpants.

Deon says one of his farm workers disappeared after the incident. This worker's brother is a former employee of Deon. Both men are from Zimbabwe.

According to Deon, he sacked the one brother a few months ago because he'd been causing trouble.

"Two months ago, that worker phoned me and said: 'I'll show you what I can do with a white man.' I asked him what he wanted, and he replied he wanted R600 from me.

"I gave the R600 to his brother to give to him. I also asked the brother to get my cellphone back, which the other brother took when he left, but it was never returned."

Gawie's murderers fled with his revolver, two radios, two cellphones and about R1 000.

On Sunday Deon expressed his dismay that the police did not take fingerprints at the scene. They also did not take his cellphone number in order to be able to contact him.

Ronel Otto, police spokesperson, confirmed that the Houghs' domestic worker had reported the incident to the police. Otto says there is a possibility that three suspects were involved in the attack.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Frank Ellis letter to BBC Radio 5

I always enjoy the articles at Sarah’s Albion Blog as they have much in common with those posted at ILSA.  They are factual, intellectual and also tend to expose the truth about life in Marxist-controlled South Africa.  I regularly update Sarah on news of farm murders in South Africa and she exposes the hidden genocide without fail.

The following e-mail was sent by Dr Frank Ellis to Radio 5's Victoria Derbyshire in advance of her forthcoming visit to Zimbabwe and South Africa. Frank Ellis wrote to Ms. Derbyshire because, as he said: "Her purpose for being in Zimbabwe is to ask people in Harare how life is in that benighted country. I ask myself: is an expensive jolly courtesy of the license-fee payer really necessary in order to get an answer to that question? In SA she is going to examine the forthcoming FIFA World Cup and what it means for SA. I suspect she will be resolutely silent regarding the crime and homicide."

victoriaderbyshire Here is Frank's e-mail:
From: Frank Ellis
To: Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Radio 5
Date: 2nd December 2009
Re: Your visit to Zimbabwe and South Africa

I am contacting you in the hope that during your visits to Zimbabwe and South Africa you will confront head on with your black interlocutors (some of whom will be regime stooges) the racist and murderous behaviour of Mugabe’s regime and the tacit encouragement given by Zuma’s regime to black racist murderers in South Africa. There exists the very real danger – you work for the BBC after all – that you will refuse to tackle these questions since the organisation for which you work insists on presenting an anodyne, rainbow-coloured picture of South Africa to the rest of the world rather than the gruesome and savage reality that exists.

Some six years ago I met a farmer’s wife, Betty her name was, who had just been thrown out of Zimbabwe. Her crime consisted in the fact that her husband and she were successful, white farmers. Here is what happened. One day a gang of so-called “war veterans” (“war veterans” is the term used by Mugabe’s regime to describe the roving gangs who plunder white-owned farms and kill the owners) turned up at her farm. She was told that her husband and she would be thrown out of the country in one hour. Her husband died on the spot of a heart attack. Betty was only permitted to gather up enough personal effects sufficient to fill a small, hand-held suitcase. She was then taken to the airport and put on a plane. Betty and her husband had lived all their lives in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Not long after Betty related this harrowing account to me she died, broken-hearted and alone.

There is absolutely no doubt at all that Mugabe’s policy of dispossessing capable, productive white farmers and handing over the land and assets to incompetent blacks in the hope that blacks will simply continue what whites have created, nurtured and improved is the major cause of Zimbabwe’s miserable plight today. Indeed, inspired by Mugabe’s grotesque, Marxist policies of murder and mayhem, South Africa is already repeating the whole experiment and on a much bigger scale (see below). It is important that you and your masters understand these facts since Mugabe is solely responsible for turning a once thriving farming industry, with healthy surpluses for export, into a typical, Third-World basket case. No white person, man or woman, is responsible for this precipitate and dramatic decline. Mugabe and his fellow blacks confirm that when blacks are left to their own de(vices) regardless of any superior legacy bequeathed to them by the white man, the descent into murderousness and squalor is rapid and inevitable. Whites are not responsible for black failure. Nor do whites have any moral obligation whatsoever to make good the damage inflicted on Zimbabwe – disease, starvation, political violence and rampant inflation – by a deranged criminal and his peculiar brand of tribal, Marxist mumbo-jumbo.

If anything the situation is much worse in South Africa. The policies of the Marxist African National Congress (ANC) towards whites are racist, violent and entirely consistent with the way left-wing and communist regimes behave towards talented and competent minorities. Consider the fate of white farmers in South Africa. Since 1994, over 3,000 farmers and owners of small holdings have been murdered by black racist thugs. These murders frequently involve the most dreadful tortures being inflicted on the white victims before they die. Wives and daughters are raped in front of their men, tortured and then shot or hacked to pieces with machetes. The men are then tortured and eventually after the torturers have had enough are shot and left for dead. Babies, young children and the very old are not spared by these degenerates. In fact, the word “torture” cannot convey the unspeakable torments to which the victims - wives, women, girls, boys and fathers - were subjected before death released them. I have personally seen high definition digital images of white victims taken at the scene of crime by a Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO). They are the most terrible images I have ever seen in my life. Nothing in my military service could ever have prepared me for what I saw.

Publicly, the ANC tries to play down these racist atrocities by claiming that violent crime affects everyone in South Africa, black and white. Up to a point this ANC claim is true but this claim hides, as it is intended to hide, the racial dimension of black-on-white crimes: the deliberate targeting of white farmers and others by black racists. Now, imagine the politically-correct, anti-racist fervour which would consume the BBC if some 3,000 black farmers had been robbed, tortured, raped, sodomised and executed by whites since 1994. One thing we can take for granted: FIFA would never have awarded the 2010 World Cup to South Africa.

I recently encountered white South Africans who maintain that whites in South Africa are the targets of genocide. Initially, I was sceptical. I have now changed my mind. There is no doubt that much of what is happening to whites in South Africa meets the criteria necessary to satisfy the definition of genocide: a group of people (whites) are the subject of deliberate violence which the government (ANC) either refuses to acknowledge or tacitly encourages (and does not prevent); whites are routinely denied employment and other opportunities so that low-IQ and poorly qualified blacks can be employed in place of whites; white culture (above all Boer) is denigrated, attacked and cultural artifacts are vandalised; the government media encourage a climate of hatred towards whites which makes it much easier for black racist killers to rob, to rape, to murder and to torture whites since they believe they have ANC approval. Here we can note a disturbing parallel with the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Long before the communists started to slaughter the peasants in the Soviet Union and the Nazis implemented the mass murder of Jews in Eastern Europe the state propaganda apparatus in both states targeted their respective “enemies of the people”. In the Soviet Union hard-working peasants were denounced as “parasites” and in Nazi Germany Jews as “agents of Zionism” plotting to stab Germany in the back. And what do we hear in South Africa: “One bullet, one settler”. The languages are not the same but the malevolent, genocidal spirit is identical.

Your visit to Zimbabwe and South Africa provides you with a unique opportunity to highlight what is happening to whites. It is high time that the BBC behaved in a way demanded by its charter. The BBC has an obligation to speak out honestly and openly, without fear or favour, and far as the fate of whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa is concerned it has so far failed to do so.