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Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year Celebrations - 2010

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January 1 2010 -- Hartzenburgfontein smallholdings, Johannesburg.

An unnamed 83-year old man was shot dead and his son injured after an unknown “person” shot them on their smallholding in Hartzenburgfontein, south of Johannesburg on Friday-morning at around 1am – only a few minutes after their guests had left.

Beeld has not yet published their names – although they did run a picture of the home with their story. Police constable  Ntshidiseng Phakwe told Beeld newspaper that when the guests had left the homestead at around 12:55, the two men remained outside to clean up after the midnight family-celebration. The man’s wife said she was just going upstairs when she heard “rifle shots”.

When she looked back she saw her husband and son lying on the ground. The father was declared dead on the scene, the son has been rushed to hospital. “The motive is unknown because nothing was taken from the house”, said Phakwe. She also said no-one was arrested.

Source: Censorbugbear


ic1male said...

Such sad stories. The BBC never reports on the plight of white SA farmers. One reason why myself and many others refuse to pay the BBC t.v license in Britain. Any news on Orania? It's about time the U.N recognized it as a state!

Islandshark said...

People living in Orania are doing well. The Afrikaners or rather Boere need a homeland of their own (like they had with the Transvaal and Free State) if they are to survive.

ic1male said...

Glad to hear that. As far as i understand Orania is in the Cape. That is the part of SA that would be best for a European homeland?

Islandshark said...

I think Western cape is currently the best bet. It is under Democratic Alliance control - the other provinces are under ANC.

The Boervolk want their original republics though - Transvaal, Free State and part of Natal.

People do not know this, but even under Apartheid the white government created homelands for the major black tribes where they could govern themselves. But they wanted it all.