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Friday, 30 April 2010

White Genocide in South Africa

Saturday, 17 April 2010

What Rainbow Nation?

blood_spattered_rainbow A man was beaten to death while his wife was gang raped and their four-year-old daughter seriously assaulted in the early hours of Saturday morning, Limpopo police said.

"It is believed a gang of 15 men entered the family's house on a plot at Dalmada, outside Polokwane at 3.30am," said Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.

The gang tied up the 40-year-old man and beat him to death.

Five men raped the man's wife before turning on the couple's four-year-old daughter and seriously assaulting her.

Ngoepe said the motive for the attack was unknown and nothing was taken from the house.

The wife and her daughter were take to a nearby hospital after residents alerted police about the incident.

Ngoepe described the woman as being "too traumatised" to give a statement to the police.

No arrests have been made and anyone with information can contact 10111. - Sapa

Source: IOL

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Ex Fire Brigade chief killed on smallholding

I have not been able to find any articles on this incident in the English media, as is custom now in South Africa.  I hold the media as responsible as the ANC for the atrocities committed daily, as they are more interested in lining their pockets and portraying a magnificent image of South Africa prior to the World Cup.  Advertising revenues must be great.  This is translated from Beeld.

9a6f594e296243b89c02bc0cc870a50d Mr Gert Pretorius (67), ex fire brigade chief in Nigel, was shot and killed by one of his workers on his Holgatfontein smallholding yesterday.  Mr Pretorius had been farming on his smallholding for the past 12 years, but had more than 35 years service with the fire brigade.

Mrs Anel Pretorius, wife of the victim, was busy winding the week-old baby of the suspect worker in the kitchen of their homestead when he entered and threatened Mrs Pretorius with a gun, demanding the keys to the safe.  She was assaulted and tied up when she replied that she did not have the keys.

The suspect cut the safe open with an angle grinder and took a firearm and jewelry.  He then left the house, presumably in search of Mr Pretorius who was busy feeding the pigs (the four-legged kind).

Anel managed to free herself and went looking for Gert.  She found him lying outside the barn, shot in his chest.

The suspect fled with Mr Pretorius’ Mazda pickup.  The baby and its mother also disappeared, presumably with the attacker.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Zimbabweans want Rhodesia back

I wonder how the Leftist Liberal Loser Lackey scum which is liberal mainstream media will put a spin on this.  Blacks in Zimbabwe saying they had better lives under white rule.

From The Right Perspective: (click on picture to follow)


Friday, 9 April 2010

Best description of Malema


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Malema swears at BBC journalist

The best trained chimp in the world:

Horrible, But True


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Would it be genocide if they were black?

Click on image for Andrew Bolt’s column in Herald Sun


More from the South African Police Farce

Letter received from an acquaintance.

Hi everyone,

I used to love South Africa , I used to say I'd never leave... my rose-tinted glasses were shattered last month!

Monday morning my mom was driving to work when she hit a pedestrian.  The pedestrian seemed fine, however, the other black people started stoning my mom's car.  She has a witness, a man who hooted at her to go, then followed her to the closest garage and told my mom to go to the police.

My mom was so upset, she then got my brother to take her to the police station to make a statement.  The superintendent at the station took the statement and told my mom not to worry, seeing as the pedestrian was fine and hadn't come forward with a charge, nothing would come of it.

My mom went to work - only to have a police van full of officers pitch at her office to arrest her!

As she hysterically tried to call me to say they were taking her to Roodepoort Police Station, they took her phone from her and simply threw her into the van. On route to the station they asked my mom for a bribe, my mom never had cash on her - then they all started laughing at her and told her what a useless white she is.

I raced to the police station and immediately got hold of a lawyer.... the lawyer was furious!  There was no charge! no pedestrian! and yet my mother was thrown in a cell - with a convict!  The convict told my mom she organised for other convicts to be let into the cell to rape and beat my mom that night.

When fingerprints were taken my mom asked for some toilet paper and was told to wipe her hands on her f---ing hand bag!  When I was at the police station I was treated with total disregard by the black police officers - who looked at me like something someone scraped off the bottom of their shoe!

Long story short, this entire nightmare cost four thousand rand in lawyer fees and bail to get my mom out.  The lawyer knew to act quickly to ensure that my mom did not stay in overnight.  The case was thrown out of court on Tuesday morning, as there was no case! My mom was put through hell and back by our joke of a police force - who should surely to God use their manpower where it's so desperately needed in our country.

My lawyer confirmed that white people are being victimised. The theory is that we have the money to waste on bribes and bail!

Please ensure that you have the number of a lawyer... the police aim to keep you in jail for at least one night - they only need one night to get you raped and beaten by other convicts - so that they got their revenge against whites.

My mom is terrorised and currently undergoing counselling...And simply wants to forget the whole thing.  But I refuse to let more people be victimised by an institution that's supposed to protect us!

ALWAYS HAVE A LAWYER’S NUMBER - and warn everyone you know to keep the number of a lawyer handy, as you have to act speedily to avoid staying even one night! (we've all heard scary stories about traffic officers arresting people without the necessary legal documents).

Racism is an ugly thing South Africans are trying hard to get rid of, yet racism against white people is so clearly evident.

God help us... let's pray we don't end up like Zimbabwe, as our government and law enforcement seem set on sending us in the same direction!

Johannesburg, SA

Monday, 5 April 2010

Open letter to Jacob Zuma

The following letter is by Jan Lamprecht, owner of African Crisis.

I would like to ask everyone a special favour. Please, please, please, spread this following message around via email, website or blog or by any means you have. It is a statement I am making and I want President Jacob Zuma as well as people inside and outside South Africa to read this. If President Jacob Zuma does want a racial war against us, then let's have it now. Jan Lamprecht.

I think we should stop pussy-footing around over the issue of ANC race-baiting which has been going on now for months. Julius Malema, as the head of the ANC Youth League has been stirring up race hatred and inciting racial hatred against whites for months now. Now he wants to sing “Kill the Boer” songs despite court orders against this and the ANC Govt is rushing to defend this in court. Julius Malema is constantly slandering and attacking white people and inciting racial hatred towards them, in public. Then he claims that white people want to kill him – a claim which I think is also fraudulent actually.

Let me state a few simple facts:

  1. We Whites in South Africa have NOT been plotting any kind of war against the Govt.
  2. We Whites have NOT been accumulating arms or ammunition.
  3. We Whites have NOT been building bombs, carrying out terror operations nor engaging in assassination.
  4. We Whites have NOT been engaging in any race hatred nor race hate speech nor singing songs about killing black people.
  5. We Whites have NOT been carrying out any strikes nor burning nor breaking any property.

We Whites HAVE been going about our business quietly. We have been paying our taxes and been law-abiding citizens.



<----- Julius Malema





We have noticed that:

  1. Julius Malema, the head of the ANC Youth League has singularly, for months on end, been making the most racist statements imaginable which have been spread in the mass media.
  2. Julius Malema has not been taken to task by the ANC.
  3. Julius Malema has in fact been defended by the ANC who are willing to go to court so that he can sing in public rallies, the song: “Kill the Boer”.
  4. Julius Malema has been defended in person by President Jacob Zuma who has told us that Malema is being groomed to be a future President.
  5. Julius Malema at this time is on official business, sent to Zimbabwe to speak to Robert Mugabe and to the ZANU PF Youth League. He has gone there on the instruction of our Govt. He is openly speaking and saying that in South Africa the White Farmland is to be seized using the same methods as were used in Zimbabwe in 2000.


During all this time of Julius Malema’s actions, the ANC has in its official capacity supported him and so has our President Jacob Zuma. Zuma has openly defended his actions in speeches.

Zuma and Malema ----->


So here is my message to President Jacob Zuma:


If you desire a racial war against us White people, and against the Afrikaners in particular, then let’s not play games any more – just come out and say you want to go to war against us. If you have been making clandestine preparations for our genocide and for a series of moves that will lead to our genocide, then so be it.

We do not have any arms or armies, except those personal firearms which we have been licensed to use, and if you wish to have a war against us, to exterminate us completely, then we will fight with what little we have right here, right now. Just tell us when you want the war, and we will meet you whereever it is that you wish to fight us.

Julius Malema is your agent. He works for you. If you do not shut him up with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, we will regard this as a CLANDESTINE DECLARATION OF RACIAL WAR AND INTENT TO GENOCIDE AGAINST US BY YOU.

Thank you,
Jan Lamprecht.
South African Citizen.
Owner of: AfricanCrisis website.

“News from the dark continent”

 a phrase coined by the great Frank of Queens





Eugene Terre’Blanche latest farm murder victim

from Sarah’s Albion Blog

Terre-Blanche South African white nationalist leader Eugene Terreblanche has been murdered, local media reports say.

Mr Terreblanche was beaten to death on his farm in the north-west of the country, the reports said.

Mr Terreblanche and his Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement - AWB) came to prominence in the early 1980s.

He became the champion of a minority determined to stop the process that was bringing apartheid to an end.

Mr Terreblanche is the 3,100th white South African farm genocide victim to be murdered since the end of Apatheid in 1994.


Developing news and commentary at My South Africa Sucks

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The unspeakably vile BBC and CNN continue to refer to Terreblanche as a White "Supremacist", that word they always use to mislead the public about Nationalist and Separatist leaders.
Apparently two of Terreblanche's workers have been arrested, the police claim that they killed him because they had not been paid, which seems rather a convenient explanation.
News 24