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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Ex Fire Brigade chief killed on smallholding

I have not been able to find any articles on this incident in the English media, as is custom now in South Africa.  I hold the media as responsible as the ANC for the atrocities committed daily, as they are more interested in lining their pockets and portraying a magnificent image of South Africa prior to the World Cup.  Advertising revenues must be great.  This is translated from Beeld.

9a6f594e296243b89c02bc0cc870a50d Mr Gert Pretorius (67), ex fire brigade chief in Nigel, was shot and killed by one of his workers on his Holgatfontein smallholding yesterday.  Mr Pretorius had been farming on his smallholding for the past 12 years, but had more than 35 years service with the fire brigade.

Mrs Anel Pretorius, wife of the victim, was busy winding the week-old baby of the suspect worker in the kitchen of their homestead when he entered and threatened Mrs Pretorius with a gun, demanding the keys to the safe.  She was assaulted and tied up when she replied that she did not have the keys.

The suspect cut the safe open with an angle grinder and took a firearm and jewelry.  He then left the house, presumably in search of Mr Pretorius who was busy feeding the pigs (the four-legged kind).

Anel managed to free herself and went looking for Gert.  She found him lying outside the barn, shot in his chest.

The suspect fled with Mr Pretorius’ Mazda pickup.  The baby and its mother also disappeared, presumably with the attacker.

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