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Monday, 5 April 2010

Open letter to Jacob Zuma

The following letter is by Jan Lamprecht, owner of African Crisis.

I would like to ask everyone a special favour. Please, please, please, spread this following message around via email, website or blog or by any means you have. It is a statement I am making and I want President Jacob Zuma as well as people inside and outside South Africa to read this. If President Jacob Zuma does want a racial war against us, then let's have it now. Jan Lamprecht.

I think we should stop pussy-footing around over the issue of ANC race-baiting which has been going on now for months. Julius Malema, as the head of the ANC Youth League has been stirring up race hatred and inciting racial hatred against whites for months now. Now he wants to sing “Kill the Boer” songs despite court orders against this and the ANC Govt is rushing to defend this in court. Julius Malema is constantly slandering and attacking white people and inciting racial hatred towards them, in public. Then he claims that white people want to kill him – a claim which I think is also fraudulent actually.

Let me state a few simple facts:

  1. We Whites in South Africa have NOT been plotting any kind of war against the Govt.
  2. We Whites have NOT been accumulating arms or ammunition.
  3. We Whites have NOT been building bombs, carrying out terror operations nor engaging in assassination.
  4. We Whites have NOT been engaging in any race hatred nor race hate speech nor singing songs about killing black people.
  5. We Whites have NOT been carrying out any strikes nor burning nor breaking any property.

We Whites HAVE been going about our business quietly. We have been paying our taxes and been law-abiding citizens.



<----- Julius Malema





We have noticed that:

  1. Julius Malema, the head of the ANC Youth League has singularly, for months on end, been making the most racist statements imaginable which have been spread in the mass media.
  2. Julius Malema has not been taken to task by the ANC.
  3. Julius Malema has in fact been defended by the ANC who are willing to go to court so that he can sing in public rallies, the song: “Kill the Boer”.
  4. Julius Malema has been defended in person by President Jacob Zuma who has told us that Malema is being groomed to be a future President.
  5. Julius Malema at this time is on official business, sent to Zimbabwe to speak to Robert Mugabe and to the ZANU PF Youth League. He has gone there on the instruction of our Govt. He is openly speaking and saying that in South Africa the White Farmland is to be seized using the same methods as were used in Zimbabwe in 2000.


During all this time of Julius Malema’s actions, the ANC has in its official capacity supported him and so has our President Jacob Zuma. Zuma has openly defended his actions in speeches.

Zuma and Malema ----->


So here is my message to President Jacob Zuma:


If you desire a racial war against us White people, and against the Afrikaners in particular, then let’s not play games any more – just come out and say you want to go to war against us. If you have been making clandestine preparations for our genocide and for a series of moves that will lead to our genocide, then so be it.

We do not have any arms or armies, except those personal firearms which we have been licensed to use, and if you wish to have a war against us, to exterminate us completely, then we will fight with what little we have right here, right now. Just tell us when you want the war, and we will meet you whereever it is that you wish to fight us.

Julius Malema is your agent. He works for you. If you do not shut him up with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, we will regard this as a CLANDESTINE DECLARATION OF RACIAL WAR AND INTENT TO GENOCIDE AGAINST US BY YOU.

Thank you,
Jan Lamprecht.
South African Citizen.
Owner of: AfricanCrisis website.

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