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Saturday, 22 October 2011

South African Police Farce

sapgoggles-420x315You should know by now.  It all goes tits up when Marxist terrorists run the show.  In actual fact, you only need socialists in power for a country to be destroyed or millions to be killed.  Or both.  Just ask any of the 200 million killed by communism and socialism.

But the right wing poses the real threat, or at least according to the media.  Just like the Tea Parties in America.  Real racist terrorists they are, even cleaning up behind them after a rally.  Unlike the 60s hippie wanna-be “Occupy Wall Street” movement whose members defecate on police vehicles.  Which brings me back to my point.

The good old South African Police Farce.  If it’s not former chief Jackie Selebi (pictured below) dragging its name through the mud (mind you, he hasn’t started his sentence yet, so maybe this is another Shabir Shaik case), it is the fact members manage to lose 20,000 firearms or that 10,000 of them are already in jail.


SelebiYou have to feel sorry for those members of the force committed to upholding law and order.  Those who go about their duty in the face of ever increasing danger, even from within the force itself.  It is a difficult occupation in any first world country, let alone the environment many find themselves in with SAPS.




Just look at the following incident reported on by Censorbugbear and Beeld.

Afriforum was contacted after constable Angelique Kok, an Afrikaner police woman, was allegedly cursed by Brig Ndebele for “not driving with her blue lights on” when they were on patrol Friday-night in Sunnyside, Pretoria.

Ndebele was in a police car next to hers and yelled out the window.  The young female constable then stopped her vehicle and climbed out - gesturing to Mrs Ndebele to repeat her comments because she couldn't hear them properly while driving.

Ndebele was in another car with a police-colonel.  Ndebele then walked over to constable Kok's car, took the keys from the police vehicle's ignition and climbed back into her own car with the colonel.  Constable Kok then went to Brig Ndebele's vehicle asking for her keys back as her police-dog was not allowed to remain alone in the vehicle.

Ndebele responded by telling Kok “don't you salute the colonel?”.  Kok responded by saying that she had 'not seen the colonel' (it was at night), but then Mrs Ndebele snarled at the young Afrikaner police officer: “You think you are special because of your skin colour, because you are white”.

W/O Kok's police car was then driven away from the site by someone else.  This occurred at a notorious prostitution spot on the corner of Schoeman and Wessel Streets in Sunnyside.

The young police constable was left standing alone without any transportation or any other colleagues.  She was carrying only her police-revolver.

Kelder said: “Police management claims to be so worried because so many police-officers are being murdered, but then an SAPS-brigadier leaves a young female constable, armed only with her service pistol, alone amongst a bunch of drunk men and prostitutes”.

W/o Kok had to contact a friend to come and fetch her.  She was so traumatised by the racial abuse and the entire experience that she's undergoing psychiatric counselling.  W/o Kok, accompanied by Mr Kelder, placed a charge of crimen injuria at the Lyttelton-police station in Centurion.

This was confirmed by SAPS capt Pinky Tsinyane, provincial police spokesman. “The police are aware of the case.  Once the investigation is complete, the dossier will be referred to the directorate of public prosecutions for a decision whether the case will be prosecuted in the courts, or not”, Tsinyane said.

If you think for one moment that this black, racist “senior officer” in the force will be reprimanded, you haven’t been paying attention.

Monday, 17 October 2011

SA loses billions to negligence and corruption

from: LA Times

zuma-noteREPORTING FROM JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA -- A South African government minister reportedly spends the equivalent of nearly $70,000 of taxpayer money on a trip to Switzerland to visit his girlfriend in jail (facing drug charges), then tells the president that he was on official business.

Now that was embarrassing. (He's been on sick leave since February).

Then there was the minister and the police chief who were implicated in an unlawful deal to lease police buildings at inflated prices, which cost taxpayers more than $250 million.

But those incidents pale beside the sprawling, routine corruption and negligence in South African governance exposed by Willie Hofmeyr, head of an anti-corruption agency called the Special Investigating Unit. He told Parliament this week that around 20% of all government procurements, or about $3.8 billion, go missing each year -- some of it stolen, the rest untraceable because of negligence.

Twenty percent. The government didn't fall. It barely blinked.

Hofmeyr said his unit was investigating more than 900 cases of questionable contracts and conflicts of interest, valued at more than $635 million. But with only 700 investigators, they were scratching the surface. Ten times that number would be needed to do the job properly, he said.

The worst theft, he said, took place at the local level, where there wasn't much oversight.

In a speech in June, the head of the trade union council, Zwelinzima Vavi, condemned a "powerful, corrupt, predatory elite" and called on President Jacob Zuma to act against corrupt ministers.

The council, COSATU, this week called on Zuma to take swift action against Sicelo Shiceka, the minister who is said to have spent nearly $70,000 visiting his lover in a Swiss jail in 2008. Shiceka is also accused of staying in a luxury Cape Town hotel instead of the official house provided by the state.

Shiceka, a close Zuma ally, was investigated by another corruption buster, independent Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, who released her report Friday.

"What matters to me is that something is done, and within a reasonable time frame, so that justice is speedy," she said on television Friday.

Shiceka is one of the government's most controversial figures, with a reputation for a love of bling and a lavish lifestyle. The Citizen newspaper reported that he built himself a luxury mansion in his village of Ingquza Hill in the Eastern Cape and had the local municipality construct a new road to the village. It also claimed he took a helicopter to go shopping.

Shiceka rejected the public protector's findings Friday, saying they were baseless and unfair.

A presidential spokesman said Zuma would respond to the recommendations when he was ready.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mud hut dwellers at it again

26578_358413915816_537235816_4273322_3720906_nWhat do you do when a court accuses you of hate speech for singing “Kill the Boer”?  Why, it is obvious.  You sing “Shoot all the white people” instead.

In case you wondered, “mud hut dwellers” is a term which has nothing to do with people in a specific abode.  It refers to a type of people with a specific mentality and mental capacity.  You wouldn’t expect from mud hut dwellers to understand anything beyond the boundaries of their huts.  Malema is therefore also a mud hut dweller.

HT: Censorbugbear.  Source: Rapport

A group of ANC youth league supporters of Julius Malema sang the song “Shoot all the White People” at the university of Witwatersrand on Friday-evening, 14 October 2011.

Tokelo Nhlapo, a member of the Student Representative Council at the university and also a member of the ANC youth league sang the song while the group was waiting for Malema's arrival to deliver a speech on 'economic freedom'.

Nhlapo started singing the first phrases of the prohibited hate speech song Ayesaba amagwala, but replaced the words  ‘Shoot the Boer’ (dubul'iBhunu) with “dubulu lekgoa”, which means Shoot the White People.

Asked what he meant by singing those words, Nhlapo replied: "I have the right not to comment. I prefer not to say what I meant'.

Co-ruling ANC-party spokesman Keith Khoza commented that this was an unknown version of the Shoot the Boer song. "We have never heard of this version'.

ANC youth league secretary-general said this ' Shoot the White people' song was 'not the song of the youth league'.  The president of the co-ruling Cosatu-trade union movement, Sdumo Dlamini, said he 'rejected the song, it sounds like hate speech'.

Prince noted that Judge Colin Lamont had earlier prohibited the singing of the song "Ayesaba amagwala" because it WAS hate speech.

The ruling African National Congress party has however lodged an appeal against this decision by Lamont in the Constitutional Court.

It was also reported by SAPA that the ANC under the chairmanship of Derek Hanekom continues its internal hearing against Malema and five other youth league leaders behind closed doors.

Keith Khoza confirmed that testimony was given by Housing Minister Tokyo Sexwale - a member of the ANC national executive committee. The hearing is taking place behind closed doors at the Nasrec stadium in Johannesburg.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Madness of Malema

from Before It’s News

malema12In the fashion of racial madness likely to determine the fate of Afrikaners in South Africa, the ANCYL has announced a mass action against 'the oppressor-colonialist-imperialist' that will occur on October twenty-seventh and eighth. The sudden and unexpected arrival of military equipment shipped into South Africa from neighboring Zimbabwe is yet another indication that, for Afrikaners, the threat of UHURU may be at hand. 

The concept of a violent, nationwide purging of Afrikaners (oppressor-colonialist-imperialists) is openly advocated by Julius Malema and other members of the African National Congress - including Nelson Mandela. Malema and his intellectually and morally depleted followers employ 'social justice', 'economic justice', 'climate justice' and a host of other illusory concepts to rationalize and validate their destructive intentions for colonialist-imperialist-oppressors.

In contrast, the ANCYL makes no attempt to disguise its intended use of violence to fulfil the agenda of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR). That agenda is the force behind uprisings across the globe - including the United States.

Malema and his followers are precisely tracking the dictates of Dr. James Cone's Black Liberation Theology - the theology Obama practiced for twenty-plus years. Black Liberation Theology is a component of Black Nationalist ideology. In short, the 'religion' of Black Liberation Theology denigrates oppressor-colonialists to the level of vermin while Black Nationalism rationalizes exterminating that vermin "by any means necessary".

The NDR agenda is foreign to a large percentage of those people targeted for extinction, especially in the United States. That agenda is in-line with the demands of countless Black Nationalist organizations. Those demands include reparations, full redistribution of wealth, the advancement of Socialism and Communism, the creation of nations under the exclusive control of Black Nationalists, the destruction of the oppressor's means of oppression and a host of unearned benefits.

Black Nationalist practitioners - like Van Jones, Julius Malema, Barack Obama, to name a few - have neatly snuggled their NDR agenda within the Progressive Movement; this concealment avoids the unnecessary disdain some oppressor-colonialists might feel towards an ideology advocating their extinction.

The unabashed praise of Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and other notables provides some insulation to the ANC from the consequences of on-going 'colonialist' genocide. Recently, the first lady had a pleasant meeting with Nelson Mandela, the iconic head of the ANC who, in his prime, and beyond the world's purview or concerns, was involved in the murder of countless oppressor-colonialists - Mandela and Obama have much in common

Now that the Afrikaner population is sitting at stage six of the eight stages of genocide, all that remains is a single, explosive interlude to finalize the 'purification' of the African continent and the extermination of 'colonialist-imperialist-oppressor-racists' - This outcome meets or exceeds the expectations of Dr. Khalid Muhammad who, like Obama, modelled his ideological madness after the Black Nationalist artistry of Malcolm X.

Given that Malema shares a kinship with mass murderer Robert Mugabe - who violently purged 'colonialists' from Zimbabwe - and Hugo Chavez - who owns his own legacy of madness, is it any wonder Malema is eager to etch his name in the history book titled, "Madmen And Their Evil Deeds"?

Within the moorings of the concept of UHURU is the tragic reality that, since the day the ANC began destroying South Africa, the Afrikaner population has been systematically and horribly liquidated. All things considered, the mass ravaging of South Africa's 'oppressor-colonialists' on the 27th would merely be an expansion of efforts already well underway and not an expression of hastily planned insanity.

No. Even in a world of moral misfits, the issue of Afrikaner genocide cannot long be concealed nor its consequences to those committing the act, restrained. 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Black traffic officers assault white farmer

76d0135118ca4c6fb679eb249632a56aYou know, the demented psychotic blind fools praising the ANC government for supposedly building houses (for illegal immigrants) and supplying electricity (which is never paid for by those “previously disadvantaged”), never care to tell the other side of the story.  Like the liberal socialist left, the truth remains a scarce commodity.

This is the latest example of a corrupt criminal government, whether you are referring to provincial or national level.  This is what happens when Marxist terrorists are handed a civilised country and expected to govern it.

A white farmer, being stopped for a non-functioning brake light on his vehicle is harassed and assaulted.  When he indicates that he will be laying charges, he is left to drive off, only to be pursued by 4 traffic police vehicles, forced off the road and attacked like only savage beasts can.  Two of his workers grabbed his two hysterical kids and ran off with them to protect them from the vicious attacks of the traffic officers.

One can only imagine that it must have been a traumatic experience for the two workers as well.  So this is yet another example set by the Marxists in charge.  While they are supposedly providing for the poor (read enriching themselves), they couldn’t give a rat’s bum who is the victim, as long as it isn’t them.

Now any sane person realising they have done something stupid, will either attempt to cover it up or own up to it if they possess any moral standards.  These criminal thugs actually boasted about their “achievements”.

The post has been translated from Beeld, an Afrikaans newspaper,  by a friend.

"This is what a white c*nt looks like after we f*cked him up"

This is how Mpumalanga traffic "officers" bragged after they seriously assaulted the 42 year old farmer from Grootvlei.

Mr. Rikus Ras' two toddlers went hysterical while about ten traffic "officers" assaulted their father.

Little Heinrich (2) and Rikus (3) were with their father when he was stopped by the traffic "officers" at a t-junction.  "I have never in my life been so humiliated and afraid for my life. Fearing the very people who were 'appointed to protect the public'..." he said.

One of the traffic "officers" told mr Ras that his one brake light was defective. Mr Ras got out of his car and checked the light. An argument started and the traffic "officer" started pushing mr Ras around and head-butted him.

Mr Ras informed him that he was going to lay a charge at the police station for the assault.  He then drove of towards the town to go to the police station.

A couple of kilometres further he was forced off the road by 4 traffic police vehicles.

That was when all hell broke loose. One of them tried to break his window while another was choking him through the back window of his pickup truck. One of the "officers" sprayed teargas into the cab of the vehicle.

Two of Ras' workers who were on the vehicle pulled the children through the window and ran away with them for their own safety.

The traffic "officers"dragged him from the vehicle, swore at him, made racist remarks and assaulted him.

He was handcuffed and taken to the police station where he was charged with assault, crimen injuria, and refusing to comply with an order from a traffic "officer".

He was later taken to the Grootvlei police station where he laid charges against the "officers" and he was released on a warning - no bail required.

Mr. Joseph Mabuza, spokesman for the department of safety and security confirmed the incident.

Lt.Col. Leonard Hlathi, police spokesman confirmed that they are investigating the case.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Black-run municipality in total disarray

zuma-noteHere is a prime example of the state of affairs at the typical local municipality in South Africa.  In short it can only be described as a total breakdown of financial controls and corporate governance.

Related links: The state of our municipalities




Source: Praag

Bloemfontein - Managers and officials of the Setsoto local municipality could face criminal and disciplinary charges over allegations of theft, fraud and corruption, the Free State government said on Thursday.

Free State Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC Mamiki Qabathe ordered a probe into the municipality after protester Andries Tatane died in service delivery protests earlier this year.

In an executive summary of its report released on Wednesday, it found that the municipality was in total disarray with no proper management and financial control.

It was totally unstable because of widespread theft, fraud and corruption.

The investigation found that supply chain management department staff were often coerced by senior managers into making orders that were against policy.

It recommended that the municipality's director of corporate services be suspended and investigated over alleged illegal staff appointments and the unauthorised buying of vehicles.

The chief financial officer should also be suspended and disciplined for allegedly buying 90 desktop computers at inflated prices.

The municipality’s IT officer should also face disciplinary charges over the employment of his fiancée at the municipality.
The investigators also recommended that two demand and acquisition clerks be suspended pending criminal investigation of fraud and corruption.

Another clerk in the same department should be sent on precautionary leave pending a forensic investigation.

Co-operative governance spokesperson Ntai Mokhitli said the full report could not be released because of the pending disciplinary charges against some officials.

In the summary, investigators indicated that the Meqheleng Concerned Citizens (MCC) group under whose leadership most of the protests were conducted had some "personal interests" in the Setsoto local municipality.

One of the findings was that the MCC wanted "our comrades" to be appointed at the municipality.

The investigators said that in a letter from the MCC to the municipality on March 25, a request was made for "intervention and collaboration in the filling of the vacant advertised posts".

In the letter, the MCC said it would be "appropriate" for the accounting officer to give 18 of "our people" employment in the municipality.

"All this will count in your favour as the municipality," the MCC wrote.

"We’ll provide you with the list of all our comrades today, March 25 2011."

Earlier, MCC spokesperson Sam Motseare said this allegations and others were not true.

"It's a blatant lie," he said.

The Setsoto municipality covers the towns of Ficksburg, Senekal, Clocolan and Marquard.

Mokhitli said the report and recommendations were tabled before the Setsoto municipal council last week.

The department would closely monitor the implementation of the recommendations.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Corruption eclipses sunshine

I don’t have a very high regard for journalists.  One only has to look at liberal and leftist bias in everyday reporting, especially with the major media outlets, to realise that most have forgotten the concept of supplying worthy reading material.  Objective reporting is as scarce as rocking horse poo.

But once in a while somebody comes along to set the standard again.  Somebody with the ability to look beyond political correctness, playing the race card and peddling the blame game.  Somebody who, well, says it like it is.  No strings attached.

I might actually be convinced that journalism isn’t dead…


From Times Live, by Justice Malala:

justice_malala_COLUM_39830aIn the early 1990s South African cynics coined a phrase that they gleefully used to denigrate journalists who saw the positive side of the changes the country was going through.

As Nelson Mandela and his comrades were released from jail, the ANC and other liberation movements were unbanned and exiles returned home, these "optimistic" journalists wrote about the non-racial country we were being given and the inclusive future we had the possibility of building.

Yet the cynics kept having a go at them. South Africa, they said, would go the way of all Africa: wars, poverty, and corruption.

The journalists were accused of "sunshine journalism". They were told they were blind to "the real ANC" and its communist allies. They were told the country would implode in 1994.

South Africa did not implode. Instead, under the wisdom of Mandela and the steady hand of Thabo Mbeki, what followed were 14 fat years of economic growth and stability. Don't get me wrong - there were massive failures as well under these two presidents, but the trajectory was upwards and onwards.

I have always been a sunshine journalist. Whenever I have attended ANC meetings and been confronted by angry loyalists asking why I criticise them, my answer is simple: "I criticise out of love for this country."

I see a future for South Africa and, therefore, like the members of the ANC and other parties, I also want the best for it. The most patriotic thing I can do for my fellow citizens is to write, and write again, and continue writing. Even when I am at my most critical, the point is that I am critical to help, somehow, right the wrongs that afflict us.

I am making this point because it is becoming harder to be an optimist in South Africa. Corruption is becoming endemic and it is destroying virtually everything that we stand for and hold dear.

It is becoming impossible not to, every so often, shake one's head and wonder if the cynics were right.

I am reminded of Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel's report a few weeks ago. It contains three haunting paragraphs. They read: "Political change brings no guarantee of social, economic or indeed political progress. Throughout history many civilisations, empires and countries have experienced dramatic decline rather than progress .

"The indicators most often associated with decline include rising corruption; weakening of state and civil society institutions; poor economic management; skills and capital flight; politics dominated by short-termism; ethnicity or factionalism; and lack of maintenance of infrastructure and standards of service.

"Elements of these indicators are already visible in South Africa, though their strength and prevalence is uneven and differs from sector to sector. If they become more prevalent, the country's progress could be stalled, its gains reversed and even the foundational aspects of democracy unravelled."

Corruption in South Africa has now reached unspeakable levels. It is spoken of as if it is part of the norm. For many of us, it is now part of doing business with the government. For many citizens, it is just part of what we have become.

I spoke to a group of women last week who casually agreed that they would buy their driver's licences. Why? They believe that driving inspectors will fail them just so they should pay bribes. These are intelligent individuals with degrees - and they have lost all faith in the system.

Can I blame them? Last week, Cosatu asked why President Jacob Zuma had not lifted a finger on acts or accusations of clear corruption in his administration. Cosatu cited several of these acts.

First, Co-operative Governance Minister Sicelo Shiceka allegedly used taxpayers' money to visit a girlfriend in jail in Switzerland. Months after the scandal, Zuma has done nothing.

Second, Northern Cape ANC chairman and finance MEC John Block is still in his office despite charges of corruption and fraud.

New allegations on the arms deal have come up. Zuma has not acted. Why not?

When a newspaper sent questions to Zuma's spokesman, Zizi Kodwa, he sent an SMS saying: "No comment."

There are so many instances of cronyism, downright corruption and bribery, the whole thing has become farcical.

The ANC as a party is not much help. Its investment arm, Chancellor House, is an example of high-level looting of state resources.

There is no leadership on the issue. The Zuma family is so mired in controversy, the president cannot move.

South Africa has brilliant sunshine even in the middle of winter. Increasingly, though, it seems that's all we've got. And that cannot build a country.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

12 Reasons why Africans are poor, miserable & pitiable

african_dictatorsI share the same sentiment towards some of my own race as this African does towards his countrymen.  There are few things on this planet which abhor me more than people with a sense of entitlement only whilst displaying no responsibility whatsoever.  For all the good done by social benefits to those really in need, the evils created in allowing those whose only intent is abusing the system and living an entire life off “government” hand-outs greatly outweigh the good.

You will search far to find better examples of “white trash” than in countries like the United Kingdom.  And I use this term sparsely, as I find it a disgrace to my race.  People, totally able and capable of working, with no intent of ever doing so.  Because they have tasted the life of never-ending provision paid for by the sweat of others.

A close second on my list are those that lack the will to think for themselves.  In many cases you will find they are the same people covered in number 1 on the list, as it appears that living a life off continual supply by others has the very unfortunate effect that it also strips you of the will to think.  Which probably explains why these people think it is government which “supplies”.

Apart from finding these people without apparent ability to think for themselves in the bowels of society, they seem to frequent the elite circles too.  Think of the typical white liberal and it isn’t difficult to see they will never be prepared to live in the world they so insistently preach for others to accept as the norm.  You find many of them with their grounding in some private school where their comprehension of other cultures are based solely on interaction with those from similar elitist backgrounds.  And of course I am not referring to everybody here, but just as the majority of those “benefits for lifers” lack thinking caps, the elitists seem to lack reason and sense of reality.

The above explains why I don’t believe in unconditional aid to Africa either.  Over and above the inefficient application due to corruption, is the overriding fact that you are applying the worst practices of the first world (the social benefit system) to the worst problems of the third.  It could only ever work when people realise they have to do something themselves, which essentially entails that they have to work.  Strangely enough, in some of the poorest of eastern and Asian countries, people know this is the only solution – to work, do something for yourself.  Which means that you need to think first…

from Idang Alibi, All Africa:

Albert Einstein who is acknowledged as one of the brainiest men that ever lived on the surface of the earth once said that the average human uses less than 10 per cent of the brain God has given to him.

Whether out of a sense of modesty or he was seriously speaking the truth, he said further that even he himself (who had such a high reputation for accomplishing much with his brain) did not use more than that 10 per cent. . If this assertion is correct and if other races use less than 10 per cent of their installed capacity for production, I can safely say that we Black people use less than one per cent of our installed brain capacity for reasoning, inventing and producing things.

Why do I say so? Our race seems so averse to thinking and this helps to explain why we have achieved so little in terms of socio-political organisation, scientific and technological inventions, economic and material development and in all other indices of human progress or development. Please do not accuse me of being harsh on ourselves. I say this out of patriotic anger and disappointment and there is truth in what I am saying.

I have said several times that this earth that God has made our habitation is a work-in-progress. God deliberately did not 'complete' creating a perfect world for us his children to just dwell in it without a care for anything but to tend it, subdue it and make it to suit our requirement because he did not intend us to be robots, but to be thinking and creative beings who will be his partners-in-progress.

That is why God did not build houses for us to just inherit and live in, once we are born; but He created limestone, clay, sand, water and granite for us to figure out how we can convert them to building materials and use them in making for ourselves habitable houses. God could have made us furniture but he instead made for us tress so that we can fashion out from them wood and turn them into the kind of furniture we desire.

With thinking or creative faculty bestowed upon us we are meant to put our brains to work. But we the Blacks are the least willing or the least able of all the races to put our brains to productive work.

Our refusal, so to say, to use our brains and think out solutions to the challenges confronting us is the number seven reasons why we are the way we are--poor, miserable and pitiable.

We Blacks everywhere are too willing to resign ourselves to any situation in which we find ourselves. The Black man can remain in a ghetto environment for centuries without thinking about how to improve his circumstances. Government will not care about him and he will not care about himself. Go to any African country: the same type of grass-thatched round mud house that our ancestors of pre-historic times lived in is the same type of houses many of our people are still living in today. This does not in any way show a people who regard life as a continuing battle to conquer and subdue the earth so we can live a better life than our forebears did. This shows a people who do not sit down and use their brain for their own good.

From the little reading I have done, I have discovered that every great civilisation that has ever been built was done so based on certain ideas: the wise elders of the people of that material time sat together and reasoned among themselves and decided that they needed to follow certain principles of life before they can grow and develop. It is said that ideas rule the world. They indeed do. Every country that is known as great is built on an idea or a set of ideas. Any discerning person who visits any country for the first time, will know what ideas, or if any ideas at all, informed the building of that country. You will know if a country is built to confer the greatest good on the greater number of the people or is meant for the elite or is a looters' haven.

Europeans who fled from religious persecution to the new world of what is today America decided that they will embrace what we call today Protestant Ethic namely frugality, liberty, hard work, discipline and the pursuit of happiness. Employing these principles they proceeded to build a country that has become an empire still bulling the rest of us in the world today.

About fifty years ago the tiny city-state island of Singapore was a dirt poor place, even more backward than some of the countries in present day Africa. One man, who can be called the island's philosopher-king according to the prescription of Plato, sat down, thought hard and decided that certain things needed to be done to take Singapore from a backward Third World nation to a successful First World country. That man is called Lee Kuan Yew.

He said the country must embrace a sort of capitalism driven by the state which is in turn governed by a tiny band of highly educated, patriotic, honest, absolutely corrupt-free, disciplined and visionary elite. Today, that country that is smaller both in size and population than Sokoto state is called a tiny titan; it punches far above its weight!

Where, I cry, are our own thinkers, planners and executors of the ideas we have for building great African societies? First of all, what are the ideas that we Africans have for building our countries? This is where everything starts: a good thought.

On what ideas is a country like Nigeria founded? From the way our country is run, it looks like this is anything- goes- place. It is a place without rule or order. Do anything you can and anything you please to grab as much as you can. If you like keep your loot here or better, hide it in safe havens abroad. Even if a country is founded to be a rouge haven, there must be guiding rules for roguery so that every rogue can enjoy his loot in relative peace. But no. Dare to call for some kind of conference, whether sovereign or non-sovereign so that our governing elite can sit down and decide what we need to do as a people, and many who are afraid that an inconvenient rule may be made to stop looting may be thought of to spoil their own chance, will not like to hear that. And so we are stuck.

And that is the fate of many African countries. We are afraid of even thinking about the way forward. What a tragedy!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Africa, the untold truth

immigrants2From News24: MyNews24, J Nepgen

What most people in South Africa remain oblivious to are the millions upon millions illegal immigrant Africans living in Europe. Go to any big European city and you'll see desperate Black Africans trying to sell items of fake goods, or whatever else that could possibly get them money to send back home. The Mediterranean Sea has THOUSANDS of Africans per week crossing over to seek better prospects in Europe. I predict that we're to see ALL South Africans following the same path, unless we start dealing with these issues pragmatically we have standing thanks to extremists like Malema.

Oddly enough Dutch speaking Belgium has the most amount of immigrants. Twenty-five percent of their population. Of which Africans make up a healthy majority in that same number. What do we call these people - invaders, settlers? It seems that in South Africa government officials take full right to blatant racism, something a European politician would be locked up in prison for saying.

I just truly wonder why the stories of what racist politicians are saying is not demonstrated to the world! I also wonder why it's not common knowledge how tens upon thousands of South Africans feel so threatened that they've placed refugee applications into foreign embassies, awaiting, begging and pleading to be allowed out of this racism mess that the ANC seem so beset on creating. What would be great is to see demonstrations like never see before to voice the cry of anguished people living under a Neo-Nazi threat, this time only reversed, here in Africa.

The question is more, what is causing Africa's failure? Where its population have to migrate out of sheer desperation to elsewhere in the world? And why have the immigrants the ANC so willingly let into South Africa (thinking that they'd vote them in) voted against the ANC, following them getting voting rights!

Because Africa as a whole has dealt with 50 years of banging its head against a brick wall. Same as in my Mum's Ireland where post-liberation Irish voted in extremism to have the Catholic Church rule the Irish state and to cut off their nose to spite their face.  By refusing to do business there 500 year oppressive Colonisers, the Brits. While understandable, led to 70 YEARS OF HARDSHIP. Of Irish being forced to leave Ireland to move to Britain. Same story as Africa. And same story as to why African immigrants into South Africa vote against the new extremist ANC, who've forgotten the Freedom Charter.

I predict that the biggest threat to the ANC is progressive Socialism, as seen in Botswana and most of Europe and other successful world states. Of course the DA will CERTAINLY not give a damn to the biggest crisis answer - Progressive Socialism.
Because here's the sheer reality.  We're heading for economic meltdown.  What we need is an educated large middle class population with a huge buying power. Instead we're to have Extremist self-interested populists like Malema cause economic meltdown havoc. Because this country and well as most of Africa is too clueless to see the benefits of making sure every last criticise is given a fair chance to perform well to the benefit of the entire economy. I understand that Progressive Socialism is not understood in this "Bold and the Beautiful", "Young and the Restless" American media Capitalist educated population of ours.

But anyone with a tiny bit of sense will realise that Progressive Socialism as seen in Botswana and Europe will wipe out the racism out of this land. No, we're not talking Venezuela failed style of Socialism, but light touches of Socialism to equip all citizens to have buying power. And that Socialism by definition does not discriminate, and is our best chance towards a New South Africa, unlike the once White and now Black Nationalism rearing its ugly head under the helms of Malema and the rest of those Gucci cadres.

If you wish to see the end of all this South African strife and South Africa turning into another African casualty you'd realise that if every last member of our society was helped to become contributable members of society we'd see a new land, as successful and dynamic as every other well run country run under progressive socialism.

Botswana is one of the least corrupt nations ON EARTH! How's that for a shocker. Truly wish some dynamic political leader could seize the success stories of Progressive Socialism in action and make a society away from what we're heading to. Crime and criminals who get deceived into such lives due to their economic circumstances become our problem in this United States of Capitalist South Africa, where we're too short sighted to realise the damage of selfishness.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The hoax of farm murders

anc_dees-300x266Some psychopaths would like you to believe that farm murders are a hoax.  Whites aren’t being deliberately targeted on farms, smallholdings and in rural areas by gangs of savages.  The weekly reports of attacks, torture and in most cases resulting in murder, is all a fabrication.

The fact that nobody is able, least of all the South African Police Farce, to keep an accurate statistic of exactly how many thousands of people have been slaughtered in the most horrendous manner on farms and smallholdings seems to equate to a hoax in the “minds” of certain people.  Keep in mind that this is the same Farce which can’t account for 20,000 firearms.  The same Farce with criminals in charge (or have you already forgotten about Selebi?)  Or the recent events around tenders and Police Farce connections.

In the same country where the government openly lies about the pass rate of matriculants (final year of secondary school) to support their failing Outcome Based Education joke, corrupt government, provincial and municipal officials literally steal (embezzle is where you actually attempt to hide the fact you are stealing) money faster than they can conjure up new taxes for white citizens to support the cesspool of criminals and the esteemed president can’t keep his ANCYL poodle on a leash, we are to believe that farm murders are a hoax – because nobody has the actual count.

Well, if they embezzled less, I mean steal less, maybe the departments responsible for civil protection would be able to keep statistics on violent crimes, or at least murders.  Oh wait, they said they do.  Remember how they told everybody a year or so ago that the United Kingdom has more violent crime than South Africa?  Just a pity they didn’t tell you that in the UK you’ll get arrested for verbally abusing somebody in the street and that it would count towards violent crime.

So, you can’t count murders in South Africa.  The Police Farce employs known criminals.  But the SA government can tell you with certainty that there is less violent crime in South Africa than in the UK.  You don’t need to have passed a course in research methodology as a precursor to post graduate studies to figure out the logic doesn’t add up, never mind the scientific content.

The fact is I can’t remember a week go by the past few years where I haven’t read or heard about a murder on farmers, smallholding inhabitants or people living in remote rural areas.  Below is yet another example.

image0011By all means decide for yourself which is more credible.  The accounts you read on blogs like these from time to time of the horrific acts committed against these people, or psychopaths telling you it’s all a hoax.

From News24, Johannesburg:

An elderly couple was murdered on their Heidelberg farm on Saturday morning, Gauteng police said.

Constable Tikoane Sonopo said a towing service called the couple's son after their car was found overturned on the R42 road near Vereeniging.

The son went to his parent's Houtpoort farm just after 05:30 and found his 60-year-old mother tied up in the living room with multiple stab wounds. She was already dead.

He found his father, also with multiple stab wounds, dead on the bedroom floor.

Sonopo said the house was ransacked. A rifle and electrical appliances were stolen.

Police were investigating, he said.

Living in Jujuland

JujuThis is the future president of South Africa.  A racist, vile little hatemonger shouting for the killing of whites at political gatherings.  Yet another corrupt ANC comrade who whines about colonialism and capitalism, but has no problem wearing his Breitling watch and expensive suits while his idiotic followers live in shacks.

Shacks in squatter camps.  Squatter camps which didn’t exist 25 years ago, but the liberal sheeple of this world will tell you otherwise.  They will never be able to explain to you why the previous South African government spent millions in developing massive electrified fences on its northern borders to keep illegal immigrants out.  Which begs the question why millions would want to flee to South Africa when “Apartheid was the greatest threat to humankind”?  If you haven’t cottoned on to the fact that a lot of what you thought you knew about Apartheid was liberal left wing and communist propaganda, some of what is happening in South Africa today must surely give you a few hints that all was not so screwed up before as it is now.

For those of you not so familiar with South African politics, Julius Malema is often referred to as “Juju”

From The Witness, by Mental Health Practitioner

WHILE diagnosing a public figure from his or her public behaviour is unsound psycho-diagnostic practice, Julius Malema does demonstrate an almost full house of traits of what diagnosticians call a narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissistic personality dynamics centre principally around the individual’s attempts to shore up a fundamentally inadequate sense of self-worth. In its most flagrant forms, pathological narcissism is most recognisable by an overwhelming projection of a sense of grandiosity. Ironically, though, this assertion of grandiosity is usually a function of exactly the opposite in terms of the internal dynamics of the narcissist, i.e. an overwhelming and terrifying doubt — often only partially conscious to the narcissist — that he or she is of value to others. The narcissist’s defence is typically to assert forcefully, often inappropriately and damagingly, the opposite of this internal conviction.

In their daily interactions with other people, pathological narcissists tend to regard them principally as potential sources of narcissistic supply, i.e. as objects that are of value if they can confirm to the narcissist that they are powerful, influential, valued and competent. Hence, they are largely disinterested in people who will be unable to bolster their grandiosity and they tend to like to have nothing to do with those who are likely to criticise them or even to offer objective assessments of their competence or desirability.

Narcissistic traits are very common among prominent politicians around the world.

Developmentally, narcissism can often arise when the very young child is inappropriately and unconditionally affirmed for whatever he or she does, without discrimination, or when the child is very inadequately affirmed during his or her struggles to develop a sense of personal identity. Some researchers have also suggested that pathological narcissism can arise later in life if there is an inordinate change in the individual’s circumstances, such as a move from abject poverty or insignificance to overwhelming wealth or influence. They have called this acquired situational narcissism.

The diagnosis

The nine key diagnostic markers of narcissistic personality disorder and convincing examples where these have been on display by Malema, follow.

Narcissistic personality disorder is diagnosed in terms of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (IV), a handbook of definitions used by mental-health practitioners, by the presence of five or more of the following.

1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance, i.e. a sense of self-importance that is not matched by actual performance.

Evidence of Malema’s intellectual and performance capacity is not nearly as overwhelming as his claims to macro-economic policy development and judicious governance. He failed Grades 8 and 9 at school and has no formal tertiary training. While he appears to be a highly skilled demagogue in the mould of many ANC leaders, his technical capacity for skilled governance has yet to be seen.

2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love, i.e. they live in their own self-centred world and hate to be reminded that their fantasies don’t match reality.

After racially abusing BBC’s Johah Fisher in April, 2010, after Fisher remarked that Malema lives in an affluent suburb of Johannesburg, Malema was unapologetic about his actions. He accused Fisher of being disrespectful and of coming from a country that undermines the credibility and integrity of African leaders. But Malema’s narcissism is most evident in his insistence that Fisher apologise after the incident, despite the fact that the ANC and President Jacob Zuma condemned Malema’s outburst.

3. He believes he is special and should only associate with other special people.

Malema’s ready association with influential or powerful individuals, almost without reference to their associations or affiliations, suggests that to him, their power is their primary appeal. His endorsement of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and various leading ANC figures suggests a need for affiliation with power, with little regard to the integrity of that power.

4. Requires excessive admiration.

Malema’s hostile reactions to anyone who doesn’t provide the affirmation he demands, or who questions his integrity, and his relentless bids for greater political influence suggest his obsession with ever more political recognition and admiration. He very successfully secures this in the Youth League and this appears, in usual narcissistic fashion, to fuel further bids for recognition.

5. Has a sense of entitlement.

His claimed mission of advocacy for the poor from the luxury of his substantial Johannesburg home, his high-spending lifestyle and expensive fashion tastes (Breitling watches, etc.) and, more significantly, his outrage at any suggestions that these may be at odds with his apparently socialist ethics, suggest a sense of entitlement and a belief in his specialness. He is entitled to the luxuries that others don’t enjoy because he is special.

6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends.

Malema’s survival is due almost entirely to his nuanced capacity for populism, based in a largely illiterate, disenfranchised and loyal black populace. Whether this constitutes taking advantage of others or just ordinary politics is a matter of opinion. But he appears to have enriched himself far more substantially than any of those who have kept at the top of the ANC Youth League pile.

7. Is envious of others or believes that others are envious of him.

Malema has made regular public assertions that there are “agents” and other forces that he believes are determined to sink him. If he genuinely believes that any difference of opinion with his own is the work of a harmful external force, he need never take any genuine notice of the opinions of those others. This is a foolproof narcissistic defence: those who don’t agree are jealous or mischievous, hence we need never consider the content of their criticisms of us.

8. Lacks empathy.

In March 2010, Malema was convicted of hate speech by the Equality Court for telling a Sasco (South African Students’ Congress) meeting that the woman who accused ANC president Jacob Zuma of rape had a “nice time” with him because in the morning she had “requested breakfast and taxi money”. His repeated insistence on the singing of the “Shoot the Boer” song and refusal to acknowledge that it may be offensive to others suggest a limited capacity for empathy. At the very least, he appears not to have a sense of the potential impact of his utterances on the feelings of others.

9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronising or contemptuous behaviours or attitudes.

The media is littered with Malema’s contemptuous dismissals of those who are not in his camp, from political opponents to journalists, and extending to colleagues in the ANC who don’t share his views. His aggressive and angry outbursts suggest a poor capacity to regulate his rage at those who anger him, which is often a hallmark of somebody who is easily narcissistically wounded.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

TRP rips Michelle Obama apart on SA comments

american_flag-971804.jpegNot even FLOTUS gets a “get of out jail free” card.  Vintage Frank from The Right Perspective demolishes her comments on the “liberation movement” made whilst visiting South Africa.  He wants to know how a movement could be referred to as liberation when they were given refuge by the country responsible for the worst human atrocities known.  He calls her terminology a “communist technique”.

The ANC is described as what they really are – Bolshevik armed guerrillas.  He even mentions the ANC death camps, where the communists beat and killed their own kind when they didn’t want to execute terrorist attacks.

I don’t want to elaborate further – rather listen to reason and real knowledge of world affairs in action.  Pity we don’t have more of their kind in the west.


Friday, 24 June 2011

The fattening effect of the South African gravy train…

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Blacks didn’t need World Cup

HT Exzanian

300Giving their all 'We forget at our peril how by-laws were changed, people removed, schools destroyed, hawkers made to disappear and tax laws altered to make sure Fifa was happy'. (David Harrison, M&G)



The Fifa World Cup cost South Africa about R120-billion. We will be coughing up at least R100-million annually to service the stadiums, our beautiful cathedrals of self-enslavement. Set the cost of the Fifa World Cup against our development needs, and you can't but conclude that we didn't need it, nor could we afford it. So why did we go all out to host such an unnecessary event?

Anyone who has doubts about just how bad things are for the majority of South Africans should read Trevor Manuel's National Planning Commission report on the state of things. Education for black people has basically gone to hell. Even the allegedly improved matric pass rate is a ruse, because the "67.8% pass rate hides the fact that only 15% achieved the pass rate mark of 40% or more. This means that roughly 7% of the cohort of children born between 1990 and 1994 achieved this standard". In a normal country with a caring politics, such a report would have led to the fall of a government.

It gets worse. Manuel tells of shocking death rates, unimaginable inequality, an appalling state of healthcare and high rates of theft as a result of corruption. In short, our country, perceived from the bottom, is in a permanent state of crisis. The black majority is left outside the democratic experiment. Why would a nation engulfed by such challenges choose to take money away from hospitals and schools to host a party?

This conundrum is partly ans­wered by the euphoric piece our former president Thabo Mbeki wrote for Bloomberg news: "We were convinced that, were we to win the right to host the soccer World Cup, this would make a decisive contribution to the achievement of the goal of vital importance to all Africans, of destroying the demeaning stereotype of a hopeless continent."
The hopelessness of being black is overwhelming. So powerful is the desire to be acknowledged by the white world that we blacks will do anything to get the nod. Our beloved Desmond Tutu shared Mbeki's sentiment that we blacks needed to do all we could to show that we were human too. He said it didn't matter if after the World Cup those stadiums were white elephants.
We forget at our peril how by-laws were changed, people forcibly removed, schools destroyed, hawkers made to disappear and tax laws altered to make sure Fifa was happy and its profits guaranteed.

Now we must look beyond the social and financial costs of the World Cup and focus on what it promised the abandoned black child in search of approval from its indifferent white father. The success of the World Cup moved our former philosopher-king to enthuse: "A giant step forward has been taken towards achieving the goal of destroying the age-old negative stereotype of Africa and the Africans. Similarly, as Africans we have also made an important statement to ourselves that we are as capable as any in the world to organise for success that brings a sense of fulfilment to billions."

The World Cup was indeed organised for the delight of the (white) "world". We blacks could now walk the talk. Ostensibly, we had shown the doubting Thomases that we were human too. This is pathetic self-delusion. In spite of more than 500 years of denigration, oppression and enslavement -- which continues without so much as a "sorry" -- we believed that if we could demonstrate our humanness somehow, the white world would get it. This is a case of powerlessness that begets well-deserved contempt.

When I look at the World Cup and how we valorise the temporary psychological satisfaction it brought us blacks it reminds me of my own childhood on the farms of the old Transvaal. Our parents, who were virtual slaves, competed among each other for the approval of the baas. The things our parents did at times were downright embarrassing.

Blackness is an amputation, a lack that can be fulfilled only by white acknowledgement. Even ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema's ramblings against "bloody whites" must be understood in this context.

The tragedy of it all is that whiteness has already stymied our efforts to be seen as human. We perform this futile exercise again and again, with the same results. Even as a proponent of black consciousness, with its promise of a self-validation that requires no external source, I know we blacks are defeated before we start -- and this makes me sympathetic to our black follies.

Andile Mngxitama is the editor of New Frank Talk, which in conjunction with The Bioscope will screen Tin Town, about the people evicted for the Fifa World Cup, on Saturday June 18 at 5.30pm at The Bioscope at Arts on Main in Jo'burg. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Mngxitama and Denis Beckett.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mike Smith on Sharpeville and Cato Manor

Get the facts on “Sharpeville massacre” at Mike Smith’s blog.  He provides excellent background on the Cato Manor incident which preceded Sharpeville.  It’s a good read folks…


Continue reading here…

Friday, 17 June 2011

Malema calls for land seizures

LA Par6223762.jpgBy Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times

June 17, 2011

Reporting from Johannesburg, South Africa—


ANC Youth League President Julius Malema, right, addresses a crowd outside a Johannesburg court in April. Malema denied that singing the anti-apartheid struggle song, "Shoot the farmer," incited violence against whites. He is now calling for seizing land from whites to redistribute to blacks. (Alexander Joe, AFP/Getty Images / June 17, 2011)


Julius Malema, the ambitious, firebrand leader of the South African ruling party's youth wing, Thursday called for the nationalization of mines and seizure of land without compensation — policies the government has repeatedly ruled out in the past.

Speaking at the African National Congress Youth League's electoral conference, Malema said the youth league had put nationalization and land seizures on the agenda. He has also pushed bank nationalization in the past.

Malema faces a leadership challenge, but is expected to be reelected and his nationalization drive will probably gather steam in the lead-up to next year's ANC national conference, which sets policies for the party.

"Our calls for mines to be nationalized and land to be expropriated without compensation is currently our most important issue," he told delegates in a 90-minute speech.

Malema, flanked by President Jacob Zuma, said past efforts to redistribute resources from the white minority to the black majority had failed dismally.

"The struggle for land reform and transfer of land is long overdue and should be speeded up to avoid the conflicts that characterize many post-independence African states," he said. "We refuse to continue living like we are in a colony. The only solution available to us now is expropriation without compensation.

"We have demonstrated, through sound political and ideological arguments, that mines in South Africa can be and should be nationalized," he added.

South Africa currently derives most of its export earnings from mining, including of platinum and gold.

Government officials, such as Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Mines Minister Susan Shabangu, have taken pains to reassure investors and international markets that nationalization of mines will not happen any time soon.

Supporters tout Malema as a young Nelson Mandela, based on the former president's rebellion against ANC leaders in the late 1950s to push successfully for the party to take up arms against apartheid.

Yet it was Mandela who abandoned nationalization after his 1991 release from prison, because of warnings that investors would abandon South Africa, which he believed would have been catastrophic for the country as it tried to move past the poisonous legacy of apartheid.

Malema's economic policies put him closer to Zimbabwe's leader, President Robert Mugabe, who in 2000 ordered seizure of farms from whites without compensation, a policy that has caused the collapse of the nation's agriculture-based economy. Mugabe's government also passed a law in 2008 to force international mining companies to hand over 51% of their assets to Zimbabweans, and in March, firms were ordered to submit plans on how they will meet the requirement.

Malema attacked critics who described him as reckless.  "What is reckless about calling for changing property relations to favor the working class and the poor?" he said. "We should be the voice of farmworkers, of garbage carriers, of street sweepers, of manufacturing workers, of the unemployed reserves of workers. We should be the voice of all people in informal settlements and underdeveloped areas."

Malema has kept Zuma guessing on whether he will support him for a second presidential term, with media reports that the youth league leader and allies are part of a faction planning to oust Zuma at next year's national conference.

But on Thursday he pledged his loyalty to Zuma — just two weeks after commenting that former President Thabo Mbeki, Zuma's archrival, was the best leader the ANC ever produced.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

White farmers ‘being wiped out’

Sunday Timesfrom The Sunday Times

Dan McDougall in Ceres, Western Cape

THE gunmen walked silently through the orchard. Skirting a row of burnt-out tyres, set ablaze months earlier to keep the budding fruit from freezing, they drew their old .38 revolvers.

Inside his farmhouse Pieter Cillier, 57, slept with his 14-year-old daughter Nikki at his side. His 12-year-old son JD was having a sleepover with two teenagers in an adjoining room.

As the intruders broke in, the farmer woke. He rushed to stop them, only to be shot twice in the chest.

In his death throes he would have seen his killers and then his children standing over him, screaming and crying.

The attackers, who were drug addicts, simply disappeared into the night. Cillier’s murder, at Christmas, was barely reported in the local press. It was, after all, everyday news.

Death has stalked South Africa’s white farmers for years. The number murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994 has passed 3,000.

In neighbouring Zimbabwe, a campaign of intimidation that began in 2000 has driven more than 4,000 commercial farmers off their land, but has left fewer than two dozen dead.

The vulnerability felt by South Africa’s 40,000 remaining white farmers intensified earlier this month when Julius Malema, head of the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) youth league, opened a public rally by singing Dubula Ibhunu, or Shoot the Boer, an apartheid-era anthem, that was banned by the high court last week.

Malema’s timing could hardly have been worse. Last weekend in the remote farming community of Colenso, in KwaZulu-Natal, Nigel Ralfe, 71, a dairy farmer, and his wife Lynette, 64, were gunned down as they milked their cows. He was critically injured; she died.

That same day a 46-year-old Afrikaner was shot through his bedroom window as he slept at his farm near Potchefstroom. A few days later a 61-year-old was stabbed to death in his bed at a farm in Limpopo.

The resurrection of Dubula Ibhunu, defended by senior ANC officials as little more then a sentimental old struggle song, has been greeted with alarm by Tom Stokes, of the opposition Democratic Alliance. He said the ANC’s continued association with the call to kill Boers could not be justified.

“Any argument by the ANC that this song is merely a preservation of struggle literature rings hollow in the face of farming families who have lost wives, mothers and grandmothers,” he added.

He was supported by Anton Alberts of the right-wing Freedom Front Plus party: “Malema’s comments are creating an atmosphere that is conducive to those who want to commit murder. He’s an accessory to the wiping out of farmers in South Africa.”

Rossouw Cillier, Pieter’s brother, bristled as he pointed to the bullet holes in the panelled kitchen of the farmhouse near Ceres in the Western Cape. “They shot him through the fridge from the back door — the bullets came straight through here, into his heart. He never had a chance,” he said.

A successful apple and pear grower, he believes his community is living on borrowed time: “More white farmers have been killed than British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, we are at war here.”

His brother’s farmhouse is now shuttered and empty. “I can’t spend time here. We’ll have to sell. This farm has been in our family for generations but it must go. Who’ll manage it? The children will never come back here. They held their own father as he died in front of them. Will they ever get over that?”

As we walked across the orchard, fruit destined for the shelves of Tesco and Sainsbury’s in the UK was still being picked. A tractor passed a 10ft cross erected in honour of the murdered farmer.

“It lights up at night,” Rossouw said. “My brother was a religious man. It’s all that’s left of him here.”

Across South Africa many farmers feel endangered. In Northern Province a tribute has been created beneath an enormous sign with the stark Afrikaans word “plaasmoorde” — farm killings. Thousands of white wooden crosses have been planted across a mountainside, one for each fallen farmer.

Recently the government’s department of rural development has been airing proposals to nationalise productive farmland as a “national asset”. Critics claim it is designed to deflect criticism from the ruling ANC’s failures.

“It’s a lot easier talking about nationalising farms than building decent houses, making clean water come out of taps or honouring promises to redistribute farm plots to millions of landless poor,” said a spokesman for AgriSA, the farmers’ union.

On the outskirts of Ceres there are few groceries in the township store — tins of pilchards, baked beans, some dried biscuits. A group of teenage boys sit on the burnt-out remains of a Ford Escort. This is where Cillier’s killers gathered, in a shebeen, a drinking club, where they fortified themselves with cheap hooch before they set off to rob him. They escaped with nothing.

According to Rossouw Cillier the most telling detail is that his brother was unarmed when they attacked. “If we brandish a weapon, we’ll go to prison, not them. What did they gain from this murder? It was an act as pointless as their lives.”

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Rainbow that never was

deklerk-mandela-1FW de Klerk, who sold out his own people to communist terrorists in 1994, suddenly seems worried about the state of the “Rainbow Nation”.  Now he wants to attack Zuma for openly supporting that excuse for an animal capable of walking on its hind legs aka Julius Malema and his “Kill the Boer” songs sung at political gatherings.

De Klerk and Meyer, along with the rest of the sorry bunch of Afrikanerbond traitors, enriched themselves in the deals struck with the ANC long before the 1994 elections.  They all made sure they are well looked after, so I guess South Africa turning into a cesspool of criminal thugs and corrupt government officials is not that much of an issue to them.  It just happens to be bad news for those sold out.

Here follows an article from The Windsor Star where de Klerk expresses his concern.  However, I want to focus your attention to the sound clip after that.  A sound clip of Dave Stewart of the FW de Klerk foundation as guest of The Right Perspective.  Now listen carefully how this man attempts to bullshit his hosts.  He must have thought these Americans couldn’t possibly know anything about South African history.  And if they knew anything, it was probably the propaganda sold to them either before or after 1994.  Before 1994 by the communist ANC thugs and their useful liberal idiots.  Or after 1994 by the media and Afrikanerbond cohorts about a “Rainbow Nation” and how they averted a blood bath in 1994.  De Klerk and his buddies seem to forget about the most horrific crime statistics in the world bar a few Southern American drug lord run countries.

F.W. de Klerk, the former South African president who negotiated the end of apartheid with Nelson Mandela, has accused President Jacob Zuma of fomenting racial divisions.

The last leader of white South Africa launched an unprecedented attack on the conduct and policies of his successors in a speech that reflected deepening divisions in the so-called rainbow nation.

Mr de Klerk, 75, said there was no justification for Mr Zuma's outspoken acolyte Julius Malema, the ANC's Youth League president, to sing Shoot the Boer. Mr Malema calls the song "a legitimate struggle" anthem but is facing a hate speech charge for singing it. "The historical context is irrelevant," Mr de Klerk said. "It would be equally unacceptable for Afrikaners to sing Boer War songs calling on people to shoot the English - or for Americans to sing World War Two songs about killing Japanese people."

He said Mr Malema's claim that white farmers were criminals who stole land was also unacceptable and it was even more unacceptable for Mr Zuma to share a stage with him but not condemn his "racist" comments.

"Malema's behaviour is irreconcilable with the constitution that the president has sworn an oath to uphold," said Mr de Klerk. He warned South Africans that the consequences would be "dire" if they ignored such pronouncements. Mr Malema's comments about whites stealing land has provoked fear among farmers of Zimbabwean-style land invasions. Mr Zuma did not contradict Mr Malema, although other officials said the remarks did not represent government policy.

Mr de Klerk also accused the ANC of seeking to enforce black domination over the racial minorities and erode South Africa's liberal constitution. Cronyism, corruption and "divisive racial politics" were rife in government, he added.

"I believe that we are approaching a pivotal point in our history where all South Africans of goodwill, regardless of their race, circumstances or political affiliation will have to rally around the constitutional rights, values and vision upon which our new non-racial democracy has been established," he said.

Mr de Klerk said the ANC was seeking "massive and forced redistribution of property and wealth from the white minority to the black majority".

"Whites, Coloureds and Asians would be corralled into demographic pens in all aspects of their economic and professional lives according to the percentage of the population they represent," he said. "The prospects of South African citizens would once again be determined by the colour of their skins - and not by their skills, their contribution."

Dave Stewart, the executive director of Mr de Klerk's foundation, said he had taken a necessary risk in his speech. "He is an elder statesman and feels he has a duty to uphold the values he and Mr Mandela worked towards," he said.

Zizi Kodwa, a spokesman for Mr Zuma, said Mr de Klerk had been misled by headlines. "Mr Zuma takes former president de Klerk very seriously but for him to just respond to headlines without checking the facts is very unfortunate."

Rainbow NationNow listen to Dave Stewart.  He laughs when John of Staten Island calls the ANC government a bunch of communists.  He then says South Africa isn’t run by communists.  NewsGuy then mentions the ANC tripartite alliance with the South African Communist Party (and COSATU).  Now Stewart suddenly changes his tune.  His FW de Klerk foundation now suddenly wrote articles to warn South Africans of this threat.  The same threat which didn’t exist 15 seconds ago.

John mentions an article from The New York Times from 2002, stresses how even a liberal paper writes about nostalgia for Apartheid amongst all race groups.  Poor Dave returns to the only retort he knows, which is laughing.  But we know this from liberals, don’t we.  They’ll either laugh, interrupt you or start calling you names.

Dr Lets Pretorius from Boerevryheid then cites some statistics of the “New South Africa”, or the “Rainbow Nation” as it is often referred to.

The Rainbow that never was.

Friday, 10 June 2011

‘Only a life lived for others…’

Only a life lived for others is worth living.  So proclaimed one of the greatest minds of our time.  In my opinion it is quite significant that a man with such enormous mental capacity should use simple, common words to describe the value of life.  Or rather its contribution to this world.  And yet, captured in that simplicity, lies a truth so great that it is more often than not too great to see.  Maybe we have “progressed” so far that we value life differently now.  Maybe we have a different view of what adds value, what contributes to the greater good of man.  Or maybe we have become so trapped in chasing what is best for us, that we don’t stop to think of what might be good for others.

One person who understands the value of life, is Lita Fourie.  She runs the Tabita charity in South Africa.  She helps victims of farm attacks to cope with the trauma of vicious assaults, torture and attempted murder.  Apart from raising awareness of the horrible crimes committed against farmers and others living in rural areas, Lita raises funds for those in need of expensive medical treatment following such attacks.  Many years ago Lita’s own parents were brutally murdered after being tortured on their farm.

Recently she organised the planting of additional white crosses at the White Cross monument, also known as Plaasmoorde (farm murders) monument.  These crosses represent the latest farm murder victims.  Below are some photos of the event:









Thanks Lita, for caring about others.

Thanks for helping those in need.

But most of all, thank you for reminding us all about life lived for others.