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Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Madness of Malema

from Before It’s News

malema12In the fashion of racial madness likely to determine the fate of Afrikaners in South Africa, the ANCYL has announced a mass action against 'the oppressor-colonialist-imperialist' that will occur on October twenty-seventh and eighth. The sudden and unexpected arrival of military equipment shipped into South Africa from neighboring Zimbabwe is yet another indication that, for Afrikaners, the threat of UHURU may be at hand. 

The concept of a violent, nationwide purging of Afrikaners (oppressor-colonialist-imperialists) is openly advocated by Julius Malema and other members of the African National Congress - including Nelson Mandela. Malema and his intellectually and morally depleted followers employ 'social justice', 'economic justice', 'climate justice' and a host of other illusory concepts to rationalize and validate their destructive intentions for colonialist-imperialist-oppressors.

In contrast, the ANCYL makes no attempt to disguise its intended use of violence to fulfil the agenda of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR). That agenda is the force behind uprisings across the globe - including the United States.

Malema and his followers are precisely tracking the dictates of Dr. James Cone's Black Liberation Theology - the theology Obama practiced for twenty-plus years. Black Liberation Theology is a component of Black Nationalist ideology. In short, the 'religion' of Black Liberation Theology denigrates oppressor-colonialists to the level of vermin while Black Nationalism rationalizes exterminating that vermin "by any means necessary".

The NDR agenda is foreign to a large percentage of those people targeted for extinction, especially in the United States. That agenda is in-line with the demands of countless Black Nationalist organizations. Those demands include reparations, full redistribution of wealth, the advancement of Socialism and Communism, the creation of nations under the exclusive control of Black Nationalists, the destruction of the oppressor's means of oppression and a host of unearned benefits.

Black Nationalist practitioners - like Van Jones, Julius Malema, Barack Obama, to name a few - have neatly snuggled their NDR agenda within the Progressive Movement; this concealment avoids the unnecessary disdain some oppressor-colonialists might feel towards an ideology advocating their extinction.

The unabashed praise of Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and other notables provides some insulation to the ANC from the consequences of on-going 'colonialist' genocide. Recently, the first lady had a pleasant meeting with Nelson Mandela, the iconic head of the ANC who, in his prime, and beyond the world's purview or concerns, was involved in the murder of countless oppressor-colonialists - Mandela and Obama have much in common

Now that the Afrikaner population is sitting at stage six of the eight stages of genocide, all that remains is a single, explosive interlude to finalize the 'purification' of the African continent and the extermination of 'colonialist-imperialist-oppressor-racists' - This outcome meets or exceeds the expectations of Dr. Khalid Muhammad who, like Obama, modelled his ideological madness after the Black Nationalist artistry of Malcolm X.

Given that Malema shares a kinship with mass murderer Robert Mugabe - who violently purged 'colonialists' from Zimbabwe - and Hugo Chavez - who owns his own legacy of madness, is it any wonder Malema is eager to etch his name in the history book titled, "Madmen And Their Evil Deeds"?

Within the moorings of the concept of UHURU is the tragic reality that, since the day the ANC began destroying South Africa, the Afrikaner population has been systematically and horribly liquidated. All things considered, the mass ravaging of South Africa's 'oppressor-colonialists' on the 27th would merely be an expansion of efforts already well underway and not an expression of hastily planned insanity.

No. Even in a world of moral misfits, the issue of Afrikaner genocide cannot long be concealed nor its consequences to those committing the act, restrained. 

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