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Friday, 3 February 2012

State sanctioned farm murders in South Africa

anc_dees-300x266HT: Censorbugbear

Transvaal Agricultural Union deputy chairman, Henk van de Graaf, lodged a formal genocide complaint against the ANC government of South Africa at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.  Mr van de Graaf addressed the European Parliament’s international conference yesterday, attended by 50 European parliamentarians.

Van de Graaf noted that the ANC are encouraging farm murders in a deliberate atmosphere of violence.  The ANC continually spread lies about farm workers being poorly treated as excuse for the never-ending onslaught on white farmers.  Evidence for these false claims of poor treatment are never provided, because it doesn’t exist.

Six farm murders occurred in January 2012 alone – see: Reflections of a blood-spattered and cursed land and Crime worst for Whites.

Mr van de Graaf was interviewed by Nick Griffin MEP and also by Vlaams Belang.

Interview by Nick Griffin


Interview by Vlaams Belang

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